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Top 10 Best Blue Lagoon Movies


We decided to devote this top entirely to films in the style of "Blue Lagoon". In each such film, girls and boys must be on an uninhabited (or at first glance) island and, in the future, a romantic relationship must be established between them. Not necessarily such a relationship should end with a wedding, the main thing is that the process of their relationship and island assimilation will be covered.

This means it will undoubtedly be interesting. Especially when you consider that our heroes are absolutely not adapted to life outside civilization.

1. Blue Lagoon (1949) 7.22

Despite the fact that the first film adaptation of the 1908 bestseller of the same name by Henry De Vere Stackpool was a silent feature film shot back in 1923, we decided to start our list with its sequel - a 1949 film that can be found on the net today, but , unfortunately, no USA translation.

In this version, a fire occurs in the galley of a ship crossing the Pacific Ocean, as a result of which two children - boy boy Michael Reynolds and girl Emmeline Foster find themselves forgotten on a burning and sinking ship. Fortunately for them, one of the sailors immediately turns out to be Paddy Button, who lost consciousness from the fact that the debris of the ceiling fell on his head.


He evacuates children from a sinking ship on a dinghy. In the dense fog and shroud of smoke, the survivors could not find the boats with a crew. No one responded to their voices for help. But no sooner had the children with the brave sailor-rescuer become humanly frightened, as in the morning their boat was nailed to a desert island.

Despite the lack of the benefits of civilization, the life of the children was fine. Until the sailor, who loves to pour it into the collar, sipped the brandy from the found barrel, and he was not "bitten by a squirrel". Drinking in the company of a human skeleton found in a cave, he suddenly dreamed in a drunken stupor that the dead man's skull had risen and began to talk to him. It was then that the child's teacher's heart could not stand it.

In general, the children, having buried the poor drunkard, were forced to grow up on the island themselves. Until they got to puberty and had the expected sex.

In each version of the "Blue Lagoon", someone comes to the island for a couple. In this interpretation, they were visited by a ship with enterprising businessmen, who, for promising to take a couple from the island, asked to get pearls for them. And while Michael was diving, unclipping his leg, the ship of the "entrepreneurs" fell, taking with it a charming savage - Michael's friend - Emmeline. How it all ended, see for yourself, we will not spoil it.

The modern viewer will not like the film. Everything is very naive. And there are no strawberries. The quality also leaves much to be desired. The VHS rip that is currently surfing the net is of disgusting quality. You can see it, of course. But only an ardent fan of the genre will survive until the end of the film.

And if we consider that the roles of 15-year-olds in the film were played, for some reason, by 20-year-old Jeanne Simmons and already 26-year-old uncle Donald Houston, then the film looks like complete absurdity. Therefore, it is better to go straight to the most successful film adaptation, which is considered ...

2. Blue Lagoon (1980) 7.12

The version with Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkinson is considered the most successful, not only in our opinion. And if Atkinson was already 18 at the time of filming, then Shields had not really turned 15 years old, which undoubtedly fueled interest in watching films about romantic teenage love among fans.

But the girl is no longer used to acting in "adult" films. Recall that at the time of filming the film "Pretty Child" in 1977, she was only 12. And, meanwhile, she was already filming in bed scenes, earning her first 28 thousand dollars for participating in the project.

Here everything develops in almost a similar scenario, but the main characters behave more realistically, and the very atmosphere of the film disposes of this. It can be seen that director Randal Kleizer did a good job.

Here, the boy Richard (not Michael!), the girl Emmeline and the ship's cook - paddy Buttons were saved from the flaming ship. This Paddy, in order to throw back his hooves, did not need even a skeleton to be scared. In a drunken stupor, he simply swam to a neighboring island and cooled down there. In this version, the children of the sailor were not buried. They also grew up, love happened to them and they also eventually had offspring.

Let's not turn the review into a spoiler, let's just say that in this version, the writers dragged the natives with their bloody altar, making the interpretation more like Robinson Crusoe. Otherwise, see for yourself what happened.

3. Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991) 6.79

This film, although it is a kind of continuation of the story, in fact is all the same, albeit a "curve", the adaptation of Stackpool's "Blue Lagoon". And this story continues, most likely, the 1949 version. When the parents and the child were found, the boat was equipped with shade, and there were also supplies in it. This is more suitable for the 1949 version, since in the 1980 version the sailing was spontaneous, and there was nothing in the boat except people at all.

When the bodies were examined, it turned out that the mother and father had died, but the child, the boy, turned out to be alive. But since there was a plague on the ship, the only woman was evacuated from it on a boat along with two children, a little girl Lily and Richard (Richard again!), Who was christened the baby on the ship.

Thus, the baby was never destined to get to civilization.

The sailor, who was given to the woman to help, even on the boat began to be excessively skidded in the wrong direction, and the woman was forced to calm him down with an oar, as a result of which the gallant sailor died, and his corpse swam into the open sea.

The Trinity arrived safely on the same island. The woman soon died, having previously enlightened the kids a little about what awaits them in the future (in the biological sense) and how to treat it all. And again - life on a paradise island together, again love, and again unwanted guests in the form of a ship of travelers who needed to replenish their supplies.

With him, Richard will undoubtedly have graters, since one of the crew will definitely like a young half-wild girl performed by a young Milla Jovovich. How it will end - you will learn from the film itself.

The critics did not like the film very much. It was nominated for a whopping five raspberries, but the audience, judging by the rating, perhaps, can only agree with the nomination for "Worst scenario, which really came out the dumbest. Did Mom and Dad save the child from the island at the cost of their own lives in order for this child to be brought back to this damn island? It's just a mockery.

Well, the nomination for Milla Jovovich's Malina as the "Worst New Star" did not prevent her in the same year at the age of 16 from shining at Cuffs with Christian Slater, and after 6 years she won hearts everyone and everything, having played excellently in The Fifth Element (1997) by Luc Besson. We are generally silent about the future career of a zombie killer of all times and peoples.

4. Turkish for Beginners (2012) 6.58

The film is a kind of continuation of the series of the same name. Here, as a result of a plane crash, four teenagers were thrown onto the island - a German woman Lena and members of the same Turkish family - Nedomacho Chema, his devout sister Yagmur and stuttering Kosta.

This is a comedy, so get ready that there will be much less romance, and it will be somewhat down-to-earth. And the events will unfold not only on the island side by side with the natives, but also in a fashionable civilized hotel, because here the romance will begin not only with the daughter who has got to the island, but also with the mother who is waiting for her salvation on the shore.

5. Paradise (1982) 6.29

This is almost one hundred percent interpretation of Stackpool's "Blue Lagoon", except that the sea here is replaced by a desert, the island is an oasis, and a shipwreck is raided by a caravan of local robbers, who really liked young Sarah, played by the beauty Phoebe Cates.

As a result of this raid, only a couple of teenagers survived - David and Sarah, and an elderly man who looked after them for some time until he was found and tortured to death by bandits, whose leader never stopped looking for young Sarah across the desert.

The camel plays the role of a boat here, which safely delivered them to an oasis on the Mediterranean coast. Here they equip their homes and get acquainted with a couple of monkeys, who will help them in everything from now on.

The film has everything that was in the previous "Blue Lagoons". Even swimming naked underwater. There is also first love, and first sex, and the unexpected birth of a baby. In general, what is not a worthy sequel?

6. Blue Lagoon (2012) 6.13

The newest and most recent version of Blue Lagoon came out 21 years after the famous Return to the Blue Lagoon with Milla Jovovich. Critics were so eager to shower both Return and Paradise with Golden Raspberries that the film studios did not try to return to this topic for a very long time. Until in 2012, one of the American TV channels did not dare to revive Stackpool's creation.

And just because it was a TV premiere, it was not showered with Golden Raspberries on Rotten Tomatoes. And all the prerequisites for this were there. Idiotic squeezed. Especially the moment when one fool was pushed, the second jumped down and cut the rope holding the rope without even checking the presence of the engine on the boat. And this is a person applying for college. Thinking like a monkey.

Here, romance is one hundred percent absent. The teenagers came to the island when they were adults, not children. There is no "puberty in paradise" far from civilization here at all. They lost their virginity long before they got to the island, which they told each other one evening. What can you do, the costs of modern civilization.

In general, why the film was given such a high mark is not at all clear. There is absolutely nothing interesting in the film. Well, okay. Put it, let it stand. We'll go further.

7. Love on the Island (2005) 6.09

In this film, a completely non-standard couple got to a desert island. He is the idol of youngsters, but he is so stupid that he does not even suspect that he is being led by the nose, and the island, in fact, is not uninhabited. On its other side, civilization is in full swing. But eighteen-year-old Jenny keeps it under wraps.

This is such love. The guy's leg is broken, but she loves him so much that let him at least bend without doctors, if only he would stay longer with her. But sooner or later her moronic secret will be revealed and how will everything turn out then?

8. Outcast (1986) 5.89

The only film similar to "Blue Lagoon", which tells about the romantic adventures of not youngsters, but adults. Moreover, they went to the island absolutely deliberately.

An Englishman and journalist Gerald Kingsland decided on a kind of ambitious experiment. He wants to live a year on a desert island with a woman willing to take part in his project. He publishes an ad to which adventure-hungry Lucy Irwin responds.

And here they are on the island. And at first everything goes fine. But over time, little by little, everyday problems begin to accumulate and pour over the couple's head, like a broken dam. One doesn't like one thing. Another, another. In general, life in paradise at speed turns into a terrible routine, which has no end and end.

From time to time they have guests, to whom they are jealous of each other, then something else. In general, they will last a year. But what awaits them at the end of this experiment, romantic love or an evil breakup?

We learn from the film, written based on the novel by Irwin herself. After all, this whole case, it turns out, was filmed based on real events.

9. Island of Luck (2013) 3.65

At the end of our top - a couple of non-standard paintings. The first is an example of how not to make films. The domestic comedy-adventure film directed by Kirill Kozlov simply enrages with its naivety and stupidity.

Here, on a desert island, overnight the host and three finalists of the beauty contest, which took place on the liner, from which they were thrown into this heavenly hole, appeared overnight. The dumbest pastime on a paradise island among beauties simply cannot be imagined.

Yes, you can defend this creation of cinema as much as you want, saying that this is humor of this kind, like - "not for everyone", trashy. But even for trash, the behavior of an adult man and adult women in this situation (we suspect they would not have behaved smarter in another with such a director) is simply amazing, causing a persistent rejection of everything that happens on the screen.

Why do people shoot such a mess? Of course, to make money. We filmed the garbage, spent 2 lemons of green, made a cool trailer, drew up standing posters, played awesome ads - and, on you. Raised two and a half times more.

This is how they have us, gentlemen. Who will compensate us for disappointed hopes and an hour and a half spent aimlessly? Nobody. And so we need it.

10. Devil's Island (2003) 6.42

At the end of the top - the opposite romantic story about the adventures of a young couple on the island.

And in fact half of the film the action really resembles the romantic "Blue Lagoon". Just married, newlyweds Juliana and Mitch arrive on an island in the middle of the lake to spend their honeymoon in a happy retreat from civilization. And all would be fine, but only the girl every day more and more it seems that she entered into a marriage with the devil ...

This film will surely please everyone and will be an excellent relief after any "highly romantic" Blue Lagoon. Paradise Paradise, but it's time and honor to know. After all, not everything and not always sugar in life! And in order to be ready for unexpected twists of fate and more picky in people, you need to watch films that bring you down to earth more often. It is sobering and normalizing.

All the best and more awesome movies and TV shows!

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Author: Jake Pinkman