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The Best Female Video Game Characters of the Decade


The past decade has given us many great playable characters that will forever remain in our hearts. As a distinctive feature, in the 10s, fairly realistic female characters appeared in games, representing individuals with their own history, experiences, problems and character. We went through more than one test with these heroines and felt a huge range of emotions that left a clear mark on our gaming memory. For International Women's Day, we decided to remember the coolest and best female characters of the past decade from games. This includes not only the main characters, but also minor ones. We chose according to many criteria, such as: great story, development, acting and personality.

Clementine - The Walking Dead Series

The Walking Dead series introduces us to Clementine when she was a small and frightened girl hiding in a tree. She had to grow up in a very harsh world, but was very lucky to meet Lee, who replaced her father and conveyed some of his kindness. Subsequently, she herself will become the one who protects the innocent and saves. As Clementine transforms into a seasoned, risk-taking person, it's not hard to see why she is one of the best female characters of the past decade.


Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn

The story that develops around Aloy in the game does not allow her not to be a difficult character. Being from childhood an outcast of her tribe, which was raised by another similar outcast, this helped Aloy acquire a clear concept of morality, which is manifested more than once in her desire to find out who she is. She is a tough pragmatist, but not devoid of compassion, strong-willed and determined, but not prejudiced.


In the cruel world of the future, full of a large number of those who want to impose their own rules of life on her, she will not listen to anyone.

Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth possesses incredible strength, which they have been trying to control all their lives. In many ways, the game deceives us at first, presenting a classic picture with a plot a la princess in trouble, and a strong dude goes to save her. But very soon everything becomes different, because it turns out that it is in the hands of Elizabeth that the worthless life of Booker DeWitt. Time travel history allows us to see Elizabeth at different ages in her life and see how her sense of morality adapts to the world around her, while DeWitt's somewhat two-dimensional personality simultaneously softens and exacerbates everything.


Madeline - Celeste

Madeline is the most significant female character of the decade, at least for those struggling with anxiety and depression. Her stubborn determination to reach the top of Mount Celeste, despite the fact that Madeleine's part tells her she can't do it, is a great metaphor for overcoming self-doubt and self-criticism.


Ultimately, Maidlin inspires, not because she destroys her demons, but because she accepts them. When she finally stops running away from the evil part of herself and instead unites with her, she becomes stronger.

Ellie & Riley - The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Ellie is a violent teenage girl living in a post-apocalyptic world. In the main story, everything revolves around her relationship with Joyle, but in the DLC we are shown her relationship with a friend named Riley. Riley has a strong spirit, which is so necessary in the new cruel world. Left Behind explores the differences between two girls and their closeness as they face the inevitable end of their relationship. The DLC also reveals Ellie herself in a new way.


Yeoh Florence - Florence

It's hard to imagine that a game for phones can get into such a top. But what to do, Florence is a special mobile game, which, thanks to its visual style, reveals to us every string of Yeo's soul - her heroine. Together with her we go through a touching story about family, friends and love, and we sincerely worry about her.


Jane Shepard - Mass Effect

First Human Spector, Team Leader of Normandy and Savior of the Galaxy. Shepard goes beyond most of the silent RPG heroes, playing a huge role in the story as a person, not an avatar of a character. Voiced by Jennifer Hale, she portrays her to us at the same time as a dangerous Space Marine and a vulnerable protagonist, faced at first glance with an irresistible. Together with her, we saw incredible battles, great story stories and participated in emotional moments with friends, allies and even lovers.


Lara Croft - Tomb Raider Reboot Series

Few of the characters in the game of the old days were able to transform as much as Lara Croft. In the new series of games, she has ceased to be a "doll" created to amuse the male audience and has become a real full-fledged person. Now she is struggling with difficult life situations that shape her worldview. As she reflects on her life, she shows us extraordinary empathy. Undoubtedly, she has disadvantages as a messiah complex, when she is sure that only she can save the world, plus Lara loses her character a little in the last game, but we must give her credit - she has come a very long way of evolution.


Kassandra - Assassin's Creed Odyssey

There are many legends about the mistress of the eagle. Someone says that she is from the family of Spartan kings, and someone - that she is a goddess. And I think it's impossible to say better.


Honestly, she's my favorite. Probably among all the best female characters in the entire decade, I have not experienced such an emotional closeness in a game with anyone as with Cassandra. Firstly, the developers themselves tell you directly that you should play specifically for Kassandra, and not for Alexios, who looks more organically in the role of Demos. Voiced by Milissanti Mahut, this Spartan mystery is simply inimitable - she is daring, sociable and funny, and how boldly she can flirt with other characters is a separate story. I enjoyed spending 100+ hours of playing with her.

Glados - Portal 2

Gorgeous and inimitable, brilliant and sarcastic - there are many ways to describe Glados, but it all comes down to the fact that she simply has no equal in charisma. She was so liked by the players and developers in the first game that in Portal 2 she was given one of the key roles in the plot and showed us her origin, as well as the root of her bad character. Using Glados as an example, we analyzed the criteria for how to create a good female character in games and we recommend reading it.


Ciri - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ciri is a character who must face difficult choices and destinations throughout the game. Endowed with the power of the elder blood, he becomes a person whose fate never depends on her. But at the same time, she finds the strength to accept her fate, challenges her and even emerges victorious. In many ways, she is wiser than the same Geralt, who is constantly trying to escape from fate.


Lily Bowen - Fallout: New Vegas

Any other partner of the Courier could be here, or even the Courier itself, but Lily Bowen is one of the most tragic companions that players will find in the Fallout series. The awkward and scary Bowen is actually a grandmother who, under the influence of FEV, turned into a super mutant. Her brain condition presents a difficult dilemma: keep taking medication and lose the memory of her grandchildren, whose voices are ringing in her head, or refuse to keep the memory of her loved ones, but ultimately go insane. Either way, this heartbreaking story makes it special.


Max and Chloe - Life Is Strange

Two friends, whose fate is entwined. Life Is Strange is not just a story of teenage problems, but a tale of two dissimilar people who bring rays of light into their lives. Max is shy and diligent, while Chloe is a cocky rebel. Moreover, each of them is ready for a lot for the second.


Senua - Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Senua is an ancient Scandinavian warrior who fights mental illness. She battles her own psychosis, which she considers a curse caused by demons. One of the voices in her head actually speaks to the player throughout the game, and it is often unclear if the things she sees are real or the fruit of her illness. It is clear that Senua was written with due respect for such a delicate matter.


I'm sure the new decade will bring even more cool female characters in games, and some of the old ones, I think we will see in the future.

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