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Review of the light version of the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite


At the beginning of this year, Samsung announced the Galaxy S10 Lite smartphone with virtually no advertising.

The model was deprived of some of the chips inherent in the flagship of the brand. This did not affect performance in any way, but allowed for lower prices for the device in the retail network.

At the same time, the device received some parameters that older versions do not have. Let's talk about this in more detail.

New design

Korean developers are heading for a design update. Their latest models such as the A51, A71, S10 Lite have received looks reminiscent of the Galaxy Note line. They all have a rectangular, angular body with a small selfie camera cutout at the top of the display.

The rear panel is surprising. It's plastic, which is almost unbelievable for a device in this price range. In addition, the plastic here is glossy, which retains prints well for a long time.


At the top of the rear panel is the main camera unit, which consists of three sensors and a flash. Its shape almost completely repeats the silhouettes of the American-made counterpart. Now the camera modules of many smartphones have received this design. It will be fashionable until someone introduces a new trend.

The downside of the model is the lack of a 3.5 mm audio jack for headphones. The device also has one speaker. It sounds loud, but not outstanding in quality. Also, there is no protection from water, which is not very important.

Display and processor

The device received one of the best matrices - 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus, covered with Gorilla Glass 5 with an oleophobic coating. It has a remarkable resolution of 2400x1080, with a pixel density of 394 ppi.

The product screen has no bends. This does not add visual impact to it, but it eliminates the careless touches inherent in smartphones with curved edges.

The display of the smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner. It works well, out of 10 touches 7-8 are effective.


The main disadvantage of the Galaxy S10 Lite matrix is the lack of a function to reduce display flicker. Some users' eyes can get tired quickly after a short reading.

One of the advantages of the model is the presence of a powerful filling. It is based on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Moreover, the latter volume can be easily expanded to 1 TB by using a microSD card.

The Adreno 640 chipset is provided for better graphics performance.

Such equipment allows you not to worry about the performance of a device that will "pull" any of the games at maximum or medium settings. At the same time, it will transmit a soft picture, without lags and brakes.

All applications and programs here work quickly and clearly. Experts see the main reason for this in the installation of a Qualcomm processor, and not Exynos, as in some of the company's flagships.

It should be added that the smartphone received an NFC module, which is useful when paying for purchases in stores using a contactless method.

Cameras: main and front

The main camera module consists of three sensors. The main one has a resolution of 48 megapixels and optical stabilization. There is also a 12MP ultra wide-angle lens with a 123-degree viewing angle and a 5MP macro lens.


Without going into the settings, the Galaxy S10 Lite will produce 12MP images. They have good color rendition and clear tones. After switching to 48 megapixel mode, the difference cannot be immediately determined. It will only be noticeable when zooming in on a PC.

Most experts agree that the smartphone has better photo capabilities than the A-line devices, but does not reach the quality of the top models.

This is expressed in a periodic lack of aperture, for example, when photographing in cloudy weather. Pictures come out too dark. In the dark, the resulting images sometimes lack detail.

Shooting movies is facilitated by applying Super Steady OIS. As a result, there is no shaking at all, the videos are consistently high quality.

For selfies, there is a 32 megapixel camera. It has about the same characteristics as the main one.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite got good battery life. For the first time in a similar series of devices, the developers used a 4500 mAh battery. It is not entirely clear how they managed to place such a battery in the thin case of the product.

As a result, the smartphone shows impressive results: one charge lasts for 29 hours of playing a looped video in medium brightness mode. When used as a gaming device, within an hour the charge will decrease by only 13%.


The average user will be satisfied with the autonomy of the device. It will be enough for a day even with intensive use of all the capabilities of the device. And if you refuse to work with instant messengers and social networks, then for two.

The S10 Lite has received a fast charge, which allows you to replenish energy reserves within a short period of time.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite will appeal to those who want to have a modern smartphone with a productive filling, devoid of any frills. It does not have wireless charging, moisture and dust resistance. These are minor drawbacks, which are fully offset by the reasonable price tag and the presence of a capacious battery.

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Author: Jake Pinkman