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Red Dead Redemption's Biggest Mysteries


In the nine years since Read Dead Redemption was released, we have explored every inch of its grassy hills, deserts and snowy peaks. We discovered that Bigfoot is actually eating berries, stopped the cannibal who terrified Armadillo, and even helped our friend Seth find the treasure.

Well, how many more secrets could there be in Read Dead Redemption? Lot. The game still has a bunch of places, events and people hiding secrets, and Rockstar in no way wants to reveal details to us. Last week we talked about 10 unsolved secrets of Read Dead Redemption 2. Today we will continue the topic of unsolved secrets in the first Read Dead Redemption, which Game Informer also talks about.

Blackish Carnage

At first glance, Blackwater is a rapidly developing city, a stronghold of civilization, guaranteeing safety for its inhabitants. But digging deeper you will find that the city hasn't always been a vibrant metropolis. Newspapers circulating in Red Dead Redemption and overheard conversations hint that Blackwater's now-clear roads were covered in blood in an event called Blackish Carnage.


However, we have very little information about such a major tragic event. However, we know for sure that there was a shootout in the city between a group of criminals and legalists, and after the smoke died down, 37 people died. If anyone knows how it started or why, they don't talk about it. So far, "Blackish Massacre" sounds like an interesting part of the city's history. Before the release of the second part, it was assumed that in the sequel we will witness this carnage, but, alas.

Strange Man

We briefly mentioned the Strange Man in the past. In the first RDR, John Marston met him as he stood in the middle of the field and yelled at him. The man in the top hat will tell Marston about his worst acts from the past, as if he knew him by heart. In addition, he talks about them so impartially, as if he was a witness to them.

A strange man will start giving us quests, checking our moral compass. Moreover, all his tasks are rather dubious. So, he asks for advice to a “friend” who wants to deceive his wife or invites us to rob a nun who bears alms for the poor. He never forces John to do right or wrong, but simply observes.


During their last meeting, the hero's patience breaks, and he begins to shoot at him, however, the Strange man simply leaves, and the bullets fly through him. It's creepy that John himself will be buried in the future exactly at the place of their last meeting.

Landon Ricketts

In a small Mexican village, a legend is hidden from the whole world. When we first meet Landon Ricketts, John immediately remembers him from children's stories as one of the most accurate shooters in the entire Wild West.


He taunts us and our bad shape, but he can train us. After gaining his trust, Landon Ricketts teaches John a few tricks, and John's "Dead Eye" ability achieves deadly precision. So why is a man like Ricketts rotting in Mexico and what has he done to gain fame? This is one of the secrets in Red Dead Redemption.

Mysterious place

This location is so mysterious that it doesn't even have an official name. Wandering through the wilds near the Rock of Repentance, many stumbled upon a strange sight that defies explanation. Three rune-marked stones, facing the fourth, covered in deer hide. A round stone is resting on it, on which a human figure is drawn.

John cannot interact with any of these objects, and the location is not included in any quests, so only guesswork remains. Maybe it's a treasure map, personal history of the American Indians, a portal to summon demons, an indication of a hunting ground, a burial place, or, most likely, an object from a canceled quest. We will never know.

Abigail's offer

In Red Dead Redemption, after reuniting with John and en route to McFarlane Ranch, Abigail confidently states, “Then a gun was put to my head, or did you forget how you proposed to me?”


What this statement means and how John proposed to his wife remains a mystery to us. Was this, literally, the case when a girl was betrayed at gunpoint? Maybe there was some funny incident related to this or John himself put a gun to her head and offered to marry him? Who knows.

Haunted Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed was a thriving city until the railroad bypassed it in favor of Armadillo, destroying the entire local economy. However, it may turn out to be more than a classic ghost town.


The local in-game newspaper Blackwater Ledger has reported on supernatural phenomena and spirits in Tumbleweed on numerous occasions. Marshall Jones also informs the main character directly that this city is inhabited by ghosts. One could blame everything on the bandits who set up their base there, but someone also wrote on the back wall of the church the phrase: "The devil has already possessed the beast." So who knows if this is true or not.

In RDR, there are much fewer mysteries with the release of the second part, which shed light on them. Therefore, we again recommend that you read about the secrets of RDR 2 that have not yet been revealed.

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Author: Jake Pinkman