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Darksiders 3 First Evaluations - Strictly For Series Fans


Darksiders 3, the last big game hit of 2018, will be released tomorrow. And if you are still thinking whether it is worth taking the game at the start or is it better to wait for discounts, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the first Western reviews of Darksiders 3. Unfortunately, the miracle did not happen and numerous critics agree that the triquel is a game far from ideal and will mostly be liked fans of the original Darksiders dilogy.

On the review aggregator Metacrtic, the game received the most ratings in the PC version, and the average score stopped at around 72, which is almost 10 points less than the first and second parts of the series. In the reviews, the PS4 version of Darksiders 3 was rated even lower - at 64 points, which can be attributed to the release in April 2018 of the PlayStation 4-exclusive blockbuster God of War, which offers much the same gameplay, but at a slightly higher quality level. Overall, the reviewers praise the good story, hardcore, and excellent work of the artists. The disadvantages include outdated game design, bugs, and often complain about the fact that the game cannot cope with its own ambitions due to a limited budget.

The brightest excerpts from Darksiders 3 reviews:

God is a Geek - 90

Darksiders 3 is an impressive achievement that takes the once-defunct episode to a new level of quality.

App Trigger - 80

Darksiders 3 feels like a project held back by its own game design. But even though the number of mechanics and the structure of the world is incredibly scarce, each of the gameplay elements is deeply worked out, and the passage of the game does not suffer from artificial time stretching.

GamesRadar + - 70

Darksiders 3 can feel like a long-awaited return home for fans of the series, and the combat system will give you a sense of real delight. But all the advantages of the game are problematic to assess, since gamers will constantly have to wade through a heap of technical problems.

Darksiders 3

RPGamer - 60

Darksiders 3 is actually a good game that looks a bit pale compared to its predecessors. The combat system inspired by the Souls series does not seem to be a problem, more confusing is the noticeably less emphasis on Metroidvania-style exploration and the small number of puzzles, as in The Legend of Thelda.

Game Rant - 20

Darksiders 3 is a nightmare with an unpleasant protagonist, unstable frame rates and a whole mountain of bugs. The game is completely and irrevocably broken, but even when it works (which happens very rarely) it is an average hack-and-slash with rare decent puzzles.

As can be understood from the numerous reviews of Darsiders 3, at the start it is recommended to buy the game only for fans of the original dilogy, and everyone else is probably better off waiting for discounts. At least it is obvious that the game turned out much better than the same Fallout 76, which is undoubtedly pleasing.

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