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New films and series. Premieres from 11 to 17 July


People have not yet gotten enough of Marvel's "Spider-Man", and Summit Entertainment is in a hurry to please us with a new masterpiece. This time it will be the next creation of Luc Besson "Anna", judging by the presented trailer - an action movie of pure blood. Fans of TV series will see the premiere of the final season of Force Majeure.

But let's start as usual with full meters.

New Movies

In addition to Besson's Anna, we will be presented with three more films shot in Hollywood, both separately and in collaboration with filmmakers from other countries: a couple of horror films and a good comedy action movie. It has also warmed up on the USA "front", although domestic filmmakers will please us, for some reason, only with an old film, shot in cooperation with Latvians, the world premiere of which took place last year.

But let's be consistent and start with the main anticipated film of this week ...

Anna (USA, France) IMDb 6.80

It's nonsense that in the USSR (as, by the way, in USA), only senior officers are taken to the military academy, who curry favor at least to the rank of major. The heroine of the film - a girl of not very good behavior Anna Polyatova - as it turned out, she studied at such an academy as a child!

Events are developing at a time when no one even dreamed of cell phones and the Internet, back in 1987. Anyuta is a terrible drug addict, and the coincidence of circumstances forced her to enlist with her friend (although at that time the concept of “recruiting” was not in use in our country, as, in principle, it is now) into the Soviet Navy.

Everything falls into place when Annie opens her laptop and starts filling out some forms there. Apparently, about joining the service. Laptop during the USSR? Clear! Yes, this is, as they like to say now, an alternative universe!

It is in this universe that the newly-minted "Milla Jovovich" Sasha Luss is capable of making combat tricks that are incompatible with the physics of our universe. She, a girl, on a jump, weighing 60 kg, throws a hundred-kilogram men left and right, sending them one by one to a knockout.

PHOTO of re-throwing

About birds, if your body weighs much less than the body of your opponent, you will never throw it over by grabbing your neck with your legs over yourself, like an unfinished somersault. You yourself will spread about it. This is from the laws of physics in our universe. And if a man just strains his back and does not want to bend like an idiot playing giveaway, you just hang on him. This is from the laws of the logic of our universe.

But everything looks very good here. A new find by Luc Besson, like Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element, and jumps, and jumps, and waves his arms, shoots, kills, in general, only that is not a fantasy. You can take a look, definitely.

Ali, steering wheels! (USA) IMDb 5.9

Actually, the film is called "Stuber". The taxi driver's name was Stu, which is abbreviated to Uber as Stuber. Dave Batista, center forward of Guardians of the Galaxy, starred in the movie, watch the trailer.

The film could be safely called a parody of "Accomplice" with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx. Only if a hired killer sat down in a taxi with an African-American driver, then a policeman sat down with an Indian (or Arab) driver. And, as they say, rushed!

Hopefully, what we were shown in the trailer is not the best of the movie.

Production (USA)

A kind of "Blue Lagoon" quickly ends before it even starts, when a girl, to whom a teenage survivor has been hooked up for three days, explains to him that there is still someone else living on the island.


But the teenager, as usual, does not immediately believe in all these stories. And when he is convinced of the correctness of her words, he strives with might and main to help the girl who has lived here all her life as long as she can remember to escape from the cursed island.

What kind of salvation there will be, we'll see in cinemas. We really hope for an interesting plot. Just not in the spirit of the hateful "Robinson".

The dead don't die (USA, Sweden) CP 6.0

As it turned out, in the film, the dead can still die if (as is traditional!) they are shot off the head they cannot think of.

It remains to find out two things, how the process of thinking takes place in the head of a dead man, if his brains have long turned into slurry and drained into panties, and how the dead will digest the bitten off and carry useful substances through the body when all that is left of the stomach and blood vessels have already soaked all the same panties. But that's okay. Most of all, the unreasonably high rating of the picture strains, the impression is that it is artificially wound. Indeed, in the film:

  • No plot. It just happened what happened, everything went on as usual and died out as stunted as it began.
  • No acting. Bill Murray is there like cardboard. Wanders across the screen, barely dragging his legs. But if everything is clear with him, old age is not a joy and all that, then what is with the great underdog Adam Driver? The whole film mutters something the same, a protocol mug, in short, complete despondency. With Tilda Swinton, something happened with something. No one expected a moron turn. Even, in our opinion, Tilda herself.
  • Stupid jokes. Mentioning during the film that the director (that is, Jarmusch himself) gave the script to one actor, and not to the other, it looks like mediocrity and inability to come up with something new and extravagant. The hackneyed reception not only does not look funny, but frankly infuriates. Maybe it was fun for the actors themselves to act in this nonsense and read these stupid and sucked out of the finger dialogues, but for a simple viewer ...

If you have the time and desire, you can go to this "masterpiece" of a recognized genius who gathered a bunch of talented actors and made them appear in a worthless parody in equally worthless roles.

The rest will join in watching Jarmusch's stupid author's creation on torrents. And it will be right. It is clearly not worth going to the cinema and the money given.

Sworn to Darkness (England) CP 4.2

Everything is as usual. In a black-and-black house, a black-black-haired aunt made black-black obscenities. And after that, the black, black-black essence that took possession of the aunt finished everyone off (including the aunt) and is still hovering around here.


And at regular intervals sends other nuns to the next world. And by the way, everything, as it turned out, took place in the monastery!

This is what a Catholic monastery should be like, where to God, in order for him to love his followers more than others and grant them the right to pass to heaven, it was necessary to bring bloody sacrifices? What nonsense? Excuse me, but what, the nuns don't read the Bible? And, after reading, they do not understand that they are being led by the nose and misled with all these rituals and other nonsense?

The Mother Superior believes that if the nuns in the world face the death penalty, then what is the difference, in principle, they die there, or kill them ... In short, you will see for yourself. Ahinea is still the same. Just neighing and spitting.

Handsome with experience (France) IMDb 5.2

Everyone in life has to retire at some point. This also applies to the Casanovs, who lived their whole lives at the expense of rich girlfriends, whom it was easy to hook up.


But the retirement life of one such experienced "smut" cracks when, overnight, it turns out that he now has no home, he also does not have work skills, and all his former friends have long since died or are dying.

And what to do? Well, of course, remember the past and try to shake the old days as once. Only the proportions are no longer the same, the belly has grown, and it was as if someone had taken the photograph and replaced it with a completely new one. Or rather, the old one. With disgusting bags under the eyes and all other age-related paraphernalia.

Well, who will bite into such a curtain? Or will you have to bow to your sister and give free lessons in Casanovism to your tribesmen?

Corrupt (England) IMDb 6.2

To be involved in the black corruption affairs of the powers that be, especially after having just left the slammer, having rewound a decent amount of time, isn't that a mistake?


But excuse me, where is the mistake here if Liam didn't do anything? It's okay, at first everyone says so, and then - to the court and to the slammer.

But not this time. This time Liam will fight for freedom. And how. And starting to stir up shit at the top, he will get to the bottom of even more interesting affairs. For example, who, when and why sewed his father.

Here already begins to smell of blood feud ...

7 reasons to run away from society (Spain) IMDb 7.3

While our aficionados are waiting for the next issue of USA Brief to be released, Capella Film distributor decided to distribute a collection of Italian short films in our country.


All stories are dedicated to exactly what the title says. The assembly lists 7 reasons why a normal person is better off avoiding society. And for each reason, its own short film was shot. Judging by the high rating, Western moviegoers liked the collection. I wonder how our audience will react to it?

Apparently - not very good. Especially considering the devil-may-care attitude of the distributor himself, who did not even create a duplicated trailer. Probably a pity for money.

Runaways (USA)

The pop songwriter Alex is so popular and delightful that even the hitman who ordered him couldn't finish him off.

Yes, the film is full of marasmus. Now Alex will run away from other killers along with the first killer hired over his head. In short, the killer on the killer and the killer drives. Such a spreading hut.

And since not a single animal was hurt during the filming of the film, it means that all our heroes - sexy Nastya, killer Styopa and vociferous Alex, will remain intact.

Fish and Chip. Bad Friends (Canada) IMDb 5.1

When nothing new from the cartoons is planned for the week, at the end of the week, as they say, the wise gudgeon is a fish.


Although this one, judging by the zakardonnom rating, is not at all wise. Rather, he is not wise. The graphics of the cartoon are worse than our smeshariki, the faces of the characters are disgusting, and the unfinished friends themselves are kind of escaped.

We can only hope that the kids who are led to this masterpiece do not understand all this.

New series

Yes, dear fans of television series. The long-running project "Force Majeure" is finally coming to its not very logical, but - the end. The showrunners of the project pulled rubber until the three main actors left the project at once - Patrick J. Adams, Megan Markle and Gina Torres, which is why the 8th season significantly dropped in views and the 9th studio was removed only because the project had at least some logical conclusion.

Let's proceed to a more thorough review of new products in accordance with the schedule of their release on TV screens.

Outpost (The SW) CP 5.0

Season 2, Thursday 11 July

No one expected The SW to extend this slightly naive story for a second season. But, as it turned out, it happened, and now we have to wait again for the whole season, when the main character will overtake the blond idiot to take revenge.


At the end of last season, so many naive things happened, including the postponement of revenge and the escape of the blond, that it’s time to grind our teeth from anger, stupidity, naivety and inconsistency of the plot.

Interestingly, in the continuation of the story, the main characters will continue to dull in the same spirit, or will sober up, finally?

Sweet bitterness (Starz) CP 6.6

Season 2, Monday July 15

The adventures of the newly minted waitress in the big city, or, to be more precise, in one of the expensive restaurants in the big city, continue.


Everything is like in a good "Downton Abbey": intrigue, undercover struggle, gossip, romance, etc. Only all this happens between cooks, bakers, waiters, in a word, among the representatives of the lowest caste of restaurant workers.

The first season was pretty good. Let's see how our heroine will move up the restaurant ladder of success in the second season. Is it possible to work on the director?

Pearson (USA Network)

Premiere Wednesday July 17

Everything in the life of the main character of the film - lawyer Jessica Pearson - was good. Until she pokes her nose into big politics.


Although, lawyers are no stranger to lying and dodging. But there are such predatory fish in this ocean that it is better to be prepared for the unexpected.

And they will not keep themselves waiting long. And there will be a lot of them, since the series will not do with a couple of episodes. There will be 10 episodes in the starting season, so you can not count on a quick result.

Even by the most conservative estimates, the dramatic adventures of a lawyer will last for two and a half months. The main thing is to keep it interesting.

Force Majeure (USA Network) CP 8.6

Season 9, Wednesday July 17

The USA Network TV channel considered the attempt to restart the project with three new actors unsuccessful. And although at the beginning of the 8th season in terms of views, the series fell slightly, by the end it came in "a much worse condition." Experts predict a further drop in the rating of the project, and therefore decided to "close the shop" until the tape rolled into complete despondency and is not interesting to anyone.

So, we are watching the final season and will be glad that at least they decided to shoot it.

And, yes, as expected, it will be the shortest of all, including the starting one. The end is the end. What else can you say. Just to round it off. There is no time for fat.


On this force majeure note, we will finish our next prime minister's schedule. Disney's The Lion King will be the highlight of next week's program. Among the series we can note the "Paper House" from the Italian TV channel Antena 3. In the meantime, we will chew popcorn and watch Bessonovskaya Anna. And, upon coming home from the cinema, we get even more cool films and TV shows!

The Topic of Article: New films and series. Premieres from 11 to 17 July.
Author: Jake Pinkman