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Social network VKontakte is testing its payment service


The VKontakte social resource has launched a payment platform in test mode. Now VK has a service that was created to instantly pay for services or goods while inside a social network.

Community administrators can already use this feature. According to company representatives, money transactions are processed and credited instantly.

VK Pay

The new payment tool VK Pay is fully integrated with the social network. VKontakte does not plan to take commissions for making payments, at least not yet, but in the future the social resource plans to expand the service to the level of an e-commerce platform. Users will be able to pay for the things they need through their VK page.


The implementation of the new feature will be gradual. At the first stage, the owners of groups and communities will be able to use the tool for receiving money transfers. Thus, the payment service is aimed at entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses who promote their products through the social network.

Vkontakte Marketplace


At the same time, VKontakte plans to gradually expand its functionality to the level of a large trading platform, where the network's partner companies will offer their services to users. According to information from VKontakte itself, in the future it is planned to integrate VK Pay on the Internet resources of partner companies.

At first, buyers and entrepreneurs with a small turnover who sell theirs through the social network will be exempted from additional fees for all transactions: withdrawal, transfer and replenishment of funds. As the representative of the network clarifies, the social network does not yet prioritize the development of monetization of a new service, but focuses on its development and large-scale distribution to a mass user audience.

According to information from an unofficial source, VK will profit from large companies that will use the VK Pay platform on individual terms. Now the VKontakte payment service has set the following limits: for users, the maximum withdrawal amount is 200,000 rubles, while one transaction is limited to 60,000 rubles.

For reference. In 2015, the "Products" option appeared on the social network. VK administrators received the right to create their own sections within their communities, and later ordinary users received the right to create their own private showcases with the placement of goods and services. According to statistics from VKontakte, about 500,000 communities have started using the Products section since the launch.

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Author: Jake Pinkman