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Change the mouse pointer


This article shows you how you can change the display of the mouse pointer.

A mouse pointer, sometimes called a cursor, is a visible display of the position of the mouse on the screen. Usually the mouse pointer looks like a white arrow, but in different programs it can look anything (hand, scope, dash, etc.). In some cases, it becomes necessary to change the mouse pointer. For example, when showing a presentation on a projector, it is convenient to increase the size or color of the pointer to draw the audience's attention to it. In this article, we will explain how to change the display of the mouse pointer using the example of Windows Vista. Immediately, we note that for other popular Windows operating systems, this procedure is similar.

So, open the Control Panel (Figure 1).

Fig.1 Control Panel Fig. 1 Control panel

The Topic of Article: Change the mouse pointer.
Author: Jake Pinkman