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20 Movies You Forgot to Watch in 2017. 2nd part


Part two of our roundup of the best movies of 2017 you probably haven't seen. In it, we will continue to introduce you to the films of 2017, which passed by the general public, but in vain

By the way, if you haven't seen our top has the first part , where there are also a lot of good films. And if such a movie did not give you enough, then how about imperishable masterpieces of cinema ?

Woe Creator

Based on the true story of Tommy Wiseau, creator of "The Room," which was voted the worst film in the history of the film industry.

Why watch: The story of The Room is perhaps even stranger than the Tommy Wiseau film itself. Therefore, there is no better director than a great film storyteller, James Franco, who was able to make a great and really funny film based on what happened in reality. Franco not only acted as a director, but also played the role of Waiso himself.

Fatal temptation

During the Civil War in the States, the girls of one of the local closed boarding schools in Virginia find a wounded soldier in the forest. The peaceful life of the girls' school has been disrupted, although there are only 5 female students left in it. From now on, a game of jealousy and betrayal is played here.

Why watch: Any Sofia Coppola film deserves a book about it. "Fatal Temptation" is one of the director's best works. The film is based on the book and is a remake of Clint Eastwood's 1971 film Deceived. Coppola's version with Colin Farrell, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst and Elle Fanning is truly intriguing and opens up new perspectives on the gender dynamics depicted in the film.

Quiet Passion

This is a portrait film about the famous but mysterious life of the poet Emily Dickinson.

"We don't know how high

Until we stand up to full height

Then - if we are faithful to the drawing

We reach the stars with our head.

Heroism would become everyday

Which Sagas We Sing About

But we compress the size ourselves

For fear of becoming King. "

These are the masterpieces that Miss Dickinson wrote.

Why watch: Yes, it sounds kind of boring. It seems about the private life of the poetess. "Quiet Passion" is a quiet film without big plot twists and turns. But for fans, Dickinson is a standout movie starring Cynthia Nixon. Director Terrence Davies gives us a deep insight into what a great poet's life could have been like according to his own vision.

Ghost Story

After the husband of the main character (Rooney Mara) dies in a car accident, she is left alone. Rather, it seems to her that she is alone, because her husband has not gone anywhere. He turned into a ghost and observes the actions of his wife, but he cannot help her in any way and looks indifferently at her suffering. One day a new man comes to the house, and the wife of the ghost leaves the house, but the ghost cannot leave the house ....

Why watch: Quite a simple fantasy-drama film directed by David Lowry with Casey Affleck as a ghost. But although it is simple, it is inexpressibly gentle and truly "fantasy".

Glass castle

Jennette grows up in a dysfunctional hippie family who only do what they move from place to place. The father is an alcoholic, and the mother does not care about her children. One day children leave their parents ...

Why watch: Based on Jannette Walls's memoir, The Castle of Glass leaves a very emotional impression. Film director Destin Cretton is again on top, raising the issue of independence and how we run away from our parents' influence or do we accept it. With one exception: in this film, the parents are too eccentric. Brie Larson, Woody Harrelson, Naomi Watts show their best work in the new film.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

In the XXVIII century, Valeryn and Laureline, being practically FBI agents at the intergalactic level, save the planet from evil.

Why it is worth watching: The long-awaited "Valerian", a French science fiction film, although it has not turned into another "Star Wars", in any case, fans of fiction should watch it, even if you have no others the reasons for watching other than the fact that the director of "Valerian" was made by Luc Besson, and Cara Delevingne has become a talented actress.

Stories of the Mayrowitz family

The meeting of unfriendly representatives of the Mayrowitz family after one of the exhibitions of the famous member of their clan Harold does not promise to be "a walk in sunny weather". Moreover, it turns into a real nightmare.

Why Watching: The Stories of the Mairowitz Family is unfortunately another great movie buried on Netflix, but worth finding, if only because Adam plays there Sandler. In addition to the excellent cast: Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, the film examines the issues of what a person leaves behind in this world. What is its impact on the world. The film also has enough other semantic load, so it can be called metasmantic.

Get me Roger Stone

A documentary about the life and work of Roger Stone, one of the most influential figures in North American politics, a Republican lobbyist, strategist and conspiracy theorist, who advised Richard Nixon and helped Donald Trump build his political career.

Why watch: The video interviews featured in this documentary about Roger Stone may not tell anything new for those familiar with this political figure, but for people who are not even knew about its existence, it will be quite interesting to look at what is happening within the American political system and to find out how President Trump is connected through Stone with ex-US President Richard Nixon.

Personal shopper

Maureen Cartwright (Kristen Stewart) works in Paris as a personal shopping assistant for the German model Kira. Kira sends another task for Maureen in the form of SMS, to go to London, but Maureen's twin brother unexpectedly dies, and Maureen herself begins to receive mystical messages on the phone. The girl thinks that it is her brother's spirit trying to make contact with her, so she refuses to leave Paris.

Olivier Assayas, the film's director, knows how to work with actors. This is probably why he managed to make this psychological thriller not a film about ghosts, but about a strange story of grief that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Blade Runner 2049 - Most Underrated Movie of 2017

The sequel to the 1982 sci-fi movie Blade Runner, the new film follows events further down the line of the future. The replicant hunter accidentally stumbles upon a big secret that can shock the public. This leads him to go in search of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), who went missing 30 years ago.

Why Watching: Although it cost the filmmakers $ 150 million and became the sequel to one of the most outstanding sci-fi movies ever released, Blade Runner 2049 has collected only $ 90 million at the box office.

Despite this, the film deserves more attention. This is a very well-made, interesting detective, disguised as an epic adaptation. He's much more intelligent than meets the eye.

And he looks absolutely incredible in the literal sense. A futuristic setting, a majesty of the setting of the future, complemented by excellent acting by Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Mackenzie Davis and Sylvia Hooks.

You should definitely watch Blade Runner 2049. As with the first part, the second part was underestimated again. But she has every chance of becoming a cult cyberpunk again.

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