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Clicks and extraneous sounds from the computer. Causes and solutions


Sometimes the computer starts to play with unusual sounds. These can be periodic clicks, or new unnatural rustles can be heard in the system unit. It is quite clear that such "oddities" cannot be ignored and it is necessary to identify their causes. So let's take a look at the most common causes of clicking and unusual noises and how to fix them.


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Clicks can emit both the system speaker and external speakers. At the same time, the system speaker rarely creates problems, but its external counterparts are quite capable of noise "provocations". If the clicks disappear when you disconnect the external speakers from the device, then the problem is most likely hidden in them.

Hard disk

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Clicks with the same frequency and amplitude can be emitted by the hard drive if its mechanism is malfunctioning. This can be drive wear, incorrect head parking, damaged discs, and so on. If the sounds come from the HDD, then it is urgent to look for ways to save information, because the end time of such a hard disk is absolutely unpredictable.

Power supply

Clicks in the power supply, accompanied by a system malfunction, require immediate inspection. Otherwise, there is a high probability of destroying not only the installed OS, but also the computer as a whole. In the absence of proper experience, independent repair of this unit is strongly discouraged. And the most important reason is its subsequent safety, because soldering just one wire to the wrong place can lead to a short circuit, the consequences of which may be the inoperability of the PC, and, even worse, a fire in the room.



Coolers can also make noise. Noises appear when imbalance occurs, the lubricant dries out, blades are damaged, clogged with dust, and so on. Having identified the noisiest specimen, you can try to lubricate it, unless, of course, there is no mechanical damage.

Loose wires


The wires disconnected from the factory loops may well cause noise if they touch the cooler blades. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully clean the system unit from dust and after carrying out such a procedure, always check the integrity of the wiring harnesses.

After such a check, the broken components should be repaired. It is best to contact a specialized service center. If the components cannot be repaired, they must be replaced.

These are the reasons for the occurrence of extraneous noise can be observed on a personal computer. If they are not ignored, the computer will last longer and be less expensive to use.

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Author: Jake Pinkman