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Top 10 Anime That Changed the World and the Way People Think


Art and creativity have always set new trends and changed people's worldviews. Animation, along with cinema, was able to change many aspects of people's lives, radically change their worldview, and largely due to the release of legendary TV series and anime films based on manga, light novels or computer games. Plots in Japanese animation have an infinite number of colorful characters, locations, eras and genres, so everyone is obliged to feel the most iconic paintings of Japanese art.

Eccentricity of love is not a hindrance! - Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! (2012)

This anime describes the story of a guy named Yuta who fell ill with the so-called eighth-grader syndrome (from Japanese - tunibyo), when teenagers live in a fantasy world and do not think about serious things. Having decided to move to an adult, full-fledged life, and even having taken the first steps in achieving this goal, his neighbor Rikka stands in the way of Utah, who, like him, loves to dream of an ideal life. She considered Utah her “brother in faith” and made him understand that a man should be able to fantasize and at the same time be good in real life.

In this series, many saw their childhood, in particular school years. He teaches to experience difficult periods of adolescence and the first true love. The work is undoubtedly worth the attention of people of any age group.

This wonderful world! - Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! (2016)

This work in every possible way makes fun of the obsolete anime genre with a transfer to another reality. This is a kind of comedy, mocking everything and everyone in the most sophisticated forms.

The plot revolves around a young hikikomori named Satou who, on one of the boring days, left the apartment and on the way saw a beautiful stranger who was about to get into an accident without hesitation rushed to save her. His attempt was unsuccessful and the hero dies himself after being hit by a truck. However, the story only begins with this, because he finds himself in a parallel world, where he meets another heroine named Aqua. The girl tells Satou that the demon king rules the new world and forces him to fight with his army together.

All this is accompanied by thick jokes, which will go with a bang not only to anime lovers, but also to those who like to watch something funny with their favorite drink.

Kuroko's Basketball (2012)

The series deserves a place along with the best anime about big-time sports.

The viewer is introduced to Kagami Taiga, a strong basketball player who dreams of becoming the best athlete in Japan. To do this, he tightens up his sports skills, builds up muscles, becomes courageous and when he comes into a team game, he understands that it is most important here to work as a well-coordinated mechanism in which the outcome of the game depends on the actions of each participant, rather than showing his strength and courage. This happened after he saw the excellent game of a weak guy named Kuroki, he managed to organize the work of the basketball team and lead it to success without having any special physical characteristics.

The series makes it clear that not everything in the world can be solved by force, sometimes it is enough to have the skills of coordination and teamwork. This theory is quite applicable to real life.

High School of the Dead (2010)

Unique in its genre, anime series depicting a zombie apocalypse is such a rare occurrence for Japanese animation. Here young and hot schoolchildren try to survive in a wicked world in the most interesting ways. The viewer will appreciate the lust, the spectacle, the blood that go well together in this post-apocalyptic adventure.

The main character, Takashi Komuro, leads a small group of survivors who are ready to turn the world of the apocalypse. He has a strong desire to protect his childhood friend Rei Miyamoto and together with their group they set off on a dangerous adventure collecting new allies and enemies not only among zombies, but also people.

Angel Beats - Angel Beats! (2010)

In this series, the main focus is on the climax, in anticipation of which all the trump cards will gradually unfold. This is what will cause the “wow effect” after watching. The main character, Yuuri, leads a detachment of long fallen people, which is nicknamed as the "Front from the world of the dead." Each person in this group during his lifetime led a dissolute life and once in another world they begin to fight with God's servants.

For fans of school comedies, even the first part of the series will be quite interesting, and the ending will be a pleasant addition to the overall picture of impressions.

Code Geass (2006)

Anime, after watching which the viewer will have many questions about all the intrigues and key points, because this deep and philosophical picture forces him to independently search for all the twists and turns of the plot. Politics, blood fights, all kinds of "skeletons in the closet" will certainly find their connoisseur.

The plot shows a certain future in which the British Empire captures Japan and imposes its own rules of existence. The main character, a student named Lelouch, during one of the brawls receives a magical power called "Geass", with which he could subdue any person. This power is used by a British student to destroy the British Empire, led by his own cruel father.

This interpretation is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known "Death Note", but has a deeper and more philosophical plot.

I didn't play - I didn't live - No game - No life (2014)

A popular anime title in which strategic thinking and cunning play an important role, all wrapped up in a fantasy wrapper. The series is kind, comedic, and sometimes epic.

The main roles are played by the sister and brother - Shiro and Sora, who devote their lives only to games, arguing this with the boredom of the real world. Once having received a letter with a proposal to be reborn in another magical world, the heroes do not hesitate to agree. Once in another dimension, they familiarize themselves with the local rules, which state that all conflicts and disputes should be resolved only by the game and the winner gets everything. The inseparable brother and sister liked this alignment and they decided to achieve new opportunities in it.

The series intelligently mixes humor and semantic load, which motivates to do things that a person has not dared to do for a long time.

Akame ga Kill! - Akame ga Kill! (2014)

The series fell in love with many as a drama because of the moments with the murder of some of the main and secondary characters. All the characters are bright and at the same time they look quite cliche, but this does not prevent the picture from conveying its message. This is a kind of Game of Thrones from the anime world.

Throughout the whole story, you can only empathize with the main character - Tatsumi, because the plot literally takes the viewer into his head. This guy from a small poor village sets out to conquer a big city in order to save his settlement from poverty. In the city, the boy meets many dangers and hostility from the local residents. However, once again falling into a trap, he is rescued by a detachment of urban murderers who cleared the city of evil spirits. As a token of gratitude, Tatsumi joins the group and helps her realize her good intentions.

As the story unfolds, his close friends will die, and in this plot fork lies the essence and meanings of the concept of friendship.

Steins Gate (2009)

Anime spiced with madness and madness that is expressed by cockroaches in the heads of the characters. These are strange, sometimes crazy people who, at the same time, are quite educated and are scientists

The events take place in a certain place called Akihabara. For the first time, the viewer is introduced to the eighteen-year-old scientist Rintaro, who managed to create the so-called “Laboratory of Time Problems” with which his good friends began to work. This device made it possible to send messages to the past and change the fate of people. Four amateurs using their knowledge and experience were able to create unique things. But one day fate turned to Rintaro not the best side when the sinister company SERN became interested in their creation.

This series is a fascinating sci-fi thriller from the anime world, fans of the genre will certainly appreciate such a deep picture.

Naruto (2002)

Many people watched this title until the last episode, and some stopped watching before reaching three hundred, due to the length of the plot. However, even those who are far from the world of anime know about the blond boy who dreamed of becoming Hokage.

This anime series teaches you to achieve your goals, to be partial even to unfamiliar people, and most importantly - to value friendship, whatever it may be. The story revolves around the three main characters - Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto - reveals in detail each character encountered throughout their history. This is a whole universe in which ninja with superpowers defend the honor of their villages, fighting in epic battles, and all this is intertwined with love stories, jokes and unexpected actions of people. With each season, the art becomes more serious, the heroes get life experience and with them the audience.

For those new to the anime world, Naruto will become a real guide, and for those who are familiar with this franchise it will never be superfluous to revisit it and rethink some of the moments again.

All of these titles deserve familiarization even for people far from the anime world. They captivate with their plot twists and turns, the epic moments of which even cinema has never seen and from which the blood runs cold, and most importantly - the semantic load and human relations.

Everyone can get a piece of meaning in any of these pictures, or just escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

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Author: Jake Pinkman