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Which anime to watch in spring? Spring 2019 anime. Part two


We keep telling you about the new titles so you know which anime to watch this spring. Read the first part of our spring 2019 anime list if you haven't already and drove on.

Bakumatsu: Crisis / Bakumatsu Age Guy 2 - April 4th

The era of Bakumatsu is a time when the hearts of young people worry about the future of their country. Shinsaku Takasugi, a Choshu mercenary, sneaks aboard the state ship with his comrade Katsura in search of a mysterious "chronometer" device capable of controlling time. He fears that the government will use him for evil, and that the "chronometer" does not fall into their hands, Takasugi decides to destroy this artifact.

Alas, he is stolen before he can do it. The thief's tracks lead the heroes to the seat of the Kyoto government. When they arrive in the capital, it turns out that the power has been overthrown and now everything is ruled by the deity Susanoo. The previously familiar streets of the city have changed beyond recognition. However, the mission of the heroes remained the same. They decide to "restart" time and prevent this from happening.

Diamond no Ace: ActII / The path of the ace: The second act - from April 2

Eijun Sawamura is entering his second year at Seido High School. After his team passed the Fall Qualifiers and the Janga Tournament, they secured entry into the Cauchian National Tournament. This season, we will finally know if the team can fulfill their dream of becoming a national champion, and if the Seido school will succeed.

RobiHachi / RobiHachi - from April 8

If you first read the title as RobiHachi, then this is the norm. The action takes place in the future in Neo-Tokyo, in the courtyard of 51 years of the galactic era, which begins with the first meeting of people with alien life. Since then, there has been a technological breakthrough on Earth. Humanity has become part of the intergalactic community and actively travels through space.

The main character of the anime - Robi goes in search of space Paradise, a planet called Isekander, where everyone finds happiness. However, a guy named Hachi, the complete opposite of Robie, sneaks onto his ship. They both set out to conquer the vastness of the galaxy.

Hangyakusei Million Arthur 2 - from April 4th

After King Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone, a huge amount of energy was released that divided the world into a million universes. Each of these worlds had its own Arthur with his Excalibur. However, all of these universes are constantly in motion, and several of them have crossed. Thus, several Excaliburs appeared in one world at once. Arthur alone is not enough to destroy the threat, so the very first Arthur collects Arthurs from different universes in order to destroy the Excaliburs with a large team.

Namu Amida Butsu !: Rendai Utena / Long Live Amitabha: Lotus of Utena - from April 8

Thirteen Buddha's friends are back in business. One of the princes named Shake managed to become a true enlightened one - Nyorai, who put an end to the war and saved the world. Much time has passed since then. The world has changed, it is close to decline and is sinking more and more into darkness. Mara is to blame for everything - the personification of darkness and decline. He more than once tried to interrupt Shake's enlightenment, made an agreement with the demons in order to avenge his defeat. Fortunately, Shake is not alone; together with him, a team called "Thirteen Buddhas" will have to fight demons, as well as two well-disposed deities who are ready to stand up to protect people.

This is how a new era of struggle between Mara and Buddhist deities begins, which will affect the world of people.

Mix: Meisei Story / Mix: Meisei Story - from April 6

This is a story about two brothers who study at Meisei School. She was once very famous and prestigious in the sports environment. Alas, now she is going through hard times and has long left the sports Olympus. Now the team is thriving with venality and the power of authorities, but not healthy sports competition. How can real talent develop in such an environment? This is what the story of the main characters will tell about.

Kono Oto Tomare! / Hold this sound - from April 6

Another musical anime on our list of spring 2019 titles. Takezo is the head of the school's koto club. He urgently needs to find participants in the circle, otherwise he will face closure.

Hooligans burst into the club like evil and smash it. They would have destroyed the tools too if they hadn't been chased away by a guy named Kudo Chika, a local badass who is rumored to be nasty. It turns out that he is about to join the koto club. Takezo is shocked, because Kudo himself scares him a little because he constantly gets into fights. The head of the club is afraid to trust him a koto, but it seems he has no choice and agrees. Or should you trust him?

That was all the funnest anime coming out this spring season. We will look together which of them will turn out to be top-notch, and which will be outspoken prodigies.

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