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New first aid system created


A group of US engineers have been working on the design of the new system for several years. It will allow, in the future, qualified doctors to provide assistance to victims at a distance. More precisely, first aid will be provided by a person who is next to the victim. His actions will be directed by a doctor.

The system includes an augmented reality helmet and a drone. Using the first one, you can visualize a picture from the scene. The healthcare professional will communicate instructions and advice to the person caring for the injured person. The drone is needed to transmit all parametric data to the operator.

Situations often arise when a person or a group of people are injured while being far from the place of possible medical care. Those who are nearby come to their aid. Almost always they are not doctors. They do not have the appropriate knowledge and training. The reality of harm from their actions is high. At the same time, telephone consultation is possible, but it takes a lot of time and does not allow the medical specialist to visually track the actions of the consultant.


Purdue University specialists rightly believe that the system they have created is more convenient and acceptable. Its application will take the remote instructing scheme to the next level.

According to their plans, the helmet, using the camera, transmits the image to the operator, who also works remotely. To improve the quality of the image, a stabilization system is provided. The operator receives video information on his touch screen. At the same time, if necessary, he puts various inscriptions on the patient's body, draws lines. It is also possible to show the simplest surgical instruments, indicating the rules and places of their use.

The instructed person sees all this through the helmet, and all information received is linked to the victim's body, regardless of his position.

The drone, at this time, constantly circles over the place of first aid and surveys it.


The doctor sees the whole environment and gets an idea of what is happening in real time.

Most likely, this system will find application in places where hostilities are being conducted, in the elimination of the consequences of natural disasters, man-made disasters. The US Department of Defense has already shown interest in this invention.

An agreement has been signed, according to which, in the near future, tests and tests of the system will be carried out in the state of Virginia. There are sufficient resources for this, since this is the location of one of the largest bases of the US Navy. Several simulations of combat conditions are planned, under which help will be provided to wounded soldiers.

Medical engineering specialists highly appreciated the chances of this project. According to them, the only thing left is its commercial component. Once all trials and tests are completed, approval procedures will be assigned. Most likely, other law enforcement agencies will show interest in the system, in addition to the Ministry of Defense. Not far off is the manifestation of interest in companies that specialize in the production of such products.

Technological advances have long been used in medicine. VR-technologies are actively promoted in surgery and traumatology, tomography, ultrasound research.

Virtual reality allows remote operations with their online broadcast, making various simulators for students, exoskeletons and glasses for patients with disabilities.

We are now witnessing yet another way to use this achievement.

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Author: Jake Pinkman