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The five weirdest gadgets you never knew existed


Many of the high-tech gadgets that used to be found exclusively in science fiction films have long been released as young startups or even large projects.

Not every futuristic device can be found on the free market, but their mere existence gives hope for a progressive future.


The Flying Backpack may soon add to the list of individual vehicles. The device takes off thanks to jet propulsion. At the same time, it is possible to control the direction and speed, which reaches 320 km / h.

The first models of gadgets hovered in the air for only half a minute, but modern JB-11 devices, manufactured by the American company JetPack Aviation, can fly 30 km without refueling. Average journey time is 12 minutes.

There is a more powerful New Zealand counterpart from Martin Aircraft. On 45 liters of gasoline, it can fly for up to half an hour. With a maximum load of 120 kg, the device develops a speed of 74 km / h.

Only organizations cooperating with manufacturers can buy jetpacks and learn how to operate them. The gadgets have not yet entered the free sale.

Underwater drone

Flying drones are no longer surprising, but their followers, descending into the depths of the sea, are a completely new class. One of the most outstanding models is the FIFISH P3, aimed at diving, underwater fishing and swimming.

The drone is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera, with which you can shoot 4K video with an overview of 162 degrees. A powerful lantern with a brightness of 4,000 lumens is responsible for illuminating the depths of the sea. The gadget is capable of diving to 100 meters and moving at a speed of 5.5 km / h in the absence of current. Control is carried out by the included remote control, the captured image can be displayed on the screen of a mobile device.

The time of active work without recharging is 2 hours. You can purchase such a device for $ 2,000.


ZUNGLE glasses, which replace a wireless headset, look no different from a regular accessory providing sun protection. Sound waves are transmitted through the temporal bones, which are in contact with the arches. Music stored on your smartphone can be streamed to the ZUNGLE using a Bluetooth connection.

The controls are located on the bow of the glasses. It is also important that with such a headset you will not be isolated from external sounds. This allows you to listen to music unnoticed by others and at the same time have a conversation with a person walking next to you.

The gadget can be ordered on the official website of the company for 115 dollars.

Smart bed

The development of the company Sleep Number allows you to make your stay much more comfortable. The double smart bed adapts to the individual preferences of each owner. You can turn on the heating of the legs, adjust the position of the mattress, as well as the degree of its softness. There is also protection against snoring: when capturing characteristic sounds, the system smoothly raises the human body 7 degrees up.

The bed setting is carried out through the mobile application. There you can also find the manufacturer's recommendations. It is still possible to purchase such a device only in foreign countries for $ 1,699.

Interactive refrigerator

In the not too distant future, home appliance stores may have storage devices with operating systems and Wi-Fi. LG unveiled Smart InstaView refrigerators featuring a 29-inch touchscreen display. With a couple of touches, you can make the screen transparent and see the contents of the unit.

The display allows you to find interesting recipes, as well as other useful information, play music. In select countries, you can order home delivery of groceries using Smart InstaView. A convenient menu shows the list of products stored in the refrigerator and their expiration date. The device immediately notifies you of the need to get rid of spoiled food.

Cons: The minimum cost of the device is $ 7,000.

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