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Should You Buy a Playstation 4 in 2018 - PS4 and PS4 Pro In-Depth Review


Being a gamer is an extremely expensive hobby today. Not only does it take a lot of free time to play games, but you also have to spend money on buying one of the game consoles and / or a powerful PC to play all the loud game hits. We already talked about what is better to play in 2018, and now let's dwell on PlayStation 4.

In this article, we will try to answer all the questions that a person who wants to buy a Playstation 4 may have. You will find out:

  • What is the console for
  • Where to buy a cheaper set-top box
  • What is the difference between the standard PS4 and PS4 Pro,
  • And much more

"This is for the player's". Should you buy a Playstation 4 for gaming

The most obvious answer is for games. Although Sony is positioning the device as a multimedia center, the marketing company emphasizes that the main asset of Playstation 4 is numerous and, most importantly, high-quality games. "This is for the player's" - says the advertising slogan of the console. And gamers will definitely not lose if they take the PS4 console. Since the launch of the Playstation 2, Sony has become the world's leading consoles with the finest exclusives developed by the in-house studios of the Japanese media giant.

Even despite the respectful age of the console, which is 5 years old, Sony does not stop bombing gamers with diverse and large-budget projects. In our God of War review, we've already covered why it's potentially the best game of the year. And soon Detroit Become Human is coming out, offering a completely different experience and guaranteed to be at least a quality project, judging by the studio's previous releases.

It is worth knowing that in addition to major hits, PS4 also includes many small projects from independent studios, including free games. In April alone, more than a hundred releases were released on PSN, which are published in the online store after a mandatory quality check.

Another point that gamers need to take into account, PS4 is the only console that offers virtual reality gaming. If you want, you will have to spend money on a VR helmet for PS 4, but you will get a unique gaming experience, thanks to which the same Resident Evil 7 will sparkle with new colors.

Playstation 4 buy

What else is Playstation 4 for?

Ok, we've figured out the games, but the PS4 functions are not limited to gaming. Thanks to its powerful technical stuffing, PS4 can become an interesting and best analogue of Smart-TV among similar devices, offering the following functions:

  • Media streaming
  • Fast browser with user-friendly interface
  • DVD and Blu-ray disc player, but if you need to listen to music, you might get in trouble because the device cannot see the CD

If you need to make a shared library of media content among smart devices in the house, in other words, when you need to create a DLNA server, then the console will do just fine. You can find numerous media servers in the PS Store, but the best choice is the classic PS3 Media Server, built in-house by Sony and packed with features.

Playstation 4 buy

Do you like watching online movies, TV series, streams from Twich? Then and here to buy a Playstation 4 is a rational decision. The console has all the streaming functionality, so sit comfortably on the couch, turn on the TV and enjoy the content.

It is worth mentioning music again, although official applications for remote listening to music on PS4 in USA do not work, you can connect a removable storage device to the console. The device supports major music formats and outputs deep and detailed sound.

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"Is it worth overpaying?" Difference Between PS4 and PS4 Pro

Due to technological progress, electronic devices quickly become obsolete and new types of technologies appear:

  • HDR
  • 4K resolution
  • Multisampling
  • Raytracing API

If that's the case, if you stay on PS4 for years, it's easy to miss out on a lot of current trends in graphics technology.

Sony Playstation 4

The release date of PlayStation 4 Pro took place three years after the original console premiered, serving as an intermediary between PS4 and PS5. Sony has tried to modernize the console and offer users a set-top box that matches technology trends and can compete against modern computers. And the Japanese media giant had a great idea.

Thanks to the advanced technical stuffing, the console has learned to play movies and TV series and large-budget game projects in 4K resolution.

Almost all major releases come in two modes:

  • Quality
  • Performance.

In the first case, you get native rendering of the image in 4K format, plus additional graphical effects are likely, such as improved textures and more particles on the tap. The second mode runs the game at 1080p, but with a higher frame rate, often reaching 60 frames per second.

But in the absence of a TV that supports the new aspect ratio, you can hardly feel the difference in graphics modes. The best example would be the recent God of War, which has the aforementioned two graphics modes, but on a simple HD TV the changes are minimal that you can watch on video. Therefore, if you want to buy a Playstation 4 Pro, it is a good idea to take care of purchasing a 4K TV in advance.

"The main question is the price". Where to buy Playstation 4 and how much you have to spend on games

In almost any large chain of stores, like "Eldorado" and "M.Video" you can buy a Playstation 4. As you can see from Yandex statistics, sales of a Playstation 4 with 500 GB start at a price tag of 18,350 rubles. Limited edition PS4 with a unique design, large hard drive capacity, Slim version and bundles with games will have to spend extra money and manage to grab the console before the "sold" logo starts showing off. Sony Playstation 4 Pro is sold at an initial cost of 26,990 rubles.

The cost of consoles in USA is too high, even taking into account the current ruble exchange rate. An additional option is to buy the Playstation 4 Pro version in the US for the standard price of $ 400. Please note that you have to pay extra for shipping and the benefits will become less obvious.

Sony Playstation 4

The last option may come to the rescue, but we highly do not recommend it - buy a supported PS4. Standard versions of consoles can be purchased for a starting price of 13,000 rubles. If you want to buy a used device, follow these three tips:

  • Be guided not only by the reviews or photos of PS4, but do not forget to personally check with the owner the documents confirming the legal purchase of the console
  • Check the appearance of the device, as well as the quality of HDMI and USB connectors
  • Please test Play Station 4 before purchasing, if possible

The most common argument against buying PS4 is the high cost of games compared to similar projects on PC, and the need to subscribe to Playstation Plus, without which it is impossible to play multiplayer projects. Of course, the price of 4000 rubles for new releases does not look very inspiring, but Sony regularly holds large discounts on high-profile novelties in the electronic store. Plus, Playstation Plus subscribers can count on 2-3 free projects every month.

And again, you can purchase supported games. If you are smart about buying video games, console gaming, even with a PS Plus subscription, will no longer seem too expensive.

The best console on the market and a must-buy for any gamer?

We will try not to be too categorical. Of course, there is the Switch with great exclusives and a unique concept of a hybrid of a stationary and portable console, or you can choose the Xbox One X, which delights multiplayer fans with hits like PUBG and Sea of Thieves.

But the high ratings of the latest Sony exclusive, a large pack of large-budget games coming out soon, multimedia capabilities, a correctly working support service and, most importantly, a low price, make the purchase of PS4 in 2018 a profitable decision.

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