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Super spoiler. Issue 4. ”Reproduction” of the deceased wife and children? Easy!


Not to say that the film is stupid in its idea, but somehow everything here is not thought out and a little naive. And, most importantly, it's too simple. And the confluence of circumstances in the form of the death of the whole family just at the right moment looks like a delusional coincidence, far-fetched for the sake of the script. But, be that as it may, the hero Keanu Reeves needed an incentive to do what he was destined to do as planned by the writers, and he got it ...

Once again, we draw your attention to the fact that the name of our material is "superspoiler", which means that the theme of the picture will be fully revealed in it. Whoever will be interested in seeing this picture for the first time, it is better not to read this material. Those who fell asleep in the cinema, or who, on the contrary, like to read a short retelling before watching, in order to know what to be ready for, welcome to the fantastic world of Reproductions.

Where did all the mess come from

William Foster is a specialist who develops methods for transferring human consciousness from a living body to a machine (mechanical robot). The film begins with a new body arriving at the company's laboratory. This time it is Sergeant Kelly, who recently died on the line.

With the help of a kind of neuroprobe, which comes into contact with the still viable (according to experts) cerebral cortex, the neuromap of the deceased sergeant is recorded on a special massive "memory card", and this is done in a matter of seconds. Then a so-called "neuroimprint" is made, which can already be loaded into the synthetic brain of the robot. What scientists, led by William, are doing.


But after the transfer of consciousness and activation, the machine begins to behave inappropriately. She constantly repeats: "Who am I?" and begins to tear himself to pieces, kicking and pushing away with his hands the specialists trying to approach her.

In the end, William pulls out the main plug (as in "The Matrix") and the robot is deactivated. After that, William has a conversation with Chief Jones, who says that if there are no positive results in the near future, the project will have to be scrapped.

Foster goes home, where he is shown in what idyll he lives. He has a beautiful wife, Mona, who works in a private clinic. The eldest daughter is Sophie, the son of Mat (2-3 years younger than high school student Sophie) and the youngest daughter, Zoe, who is just about to go to school. Together they are going to go on vacation on a small yacht under the strange name "Unfaithful Slut" (can there be faithful slut?), Which was kindly lent by William's partner at work.

But on the way, an accident happens, in which only William himself survives from the whole family, and, oddly enough, he has no scratches. The wife and children are dying. Foster calls his partner Ed and asks him to bring the "mapping" equipment to the scene.

The partner arrives at the place where they shoot the neuromatrix of all the deceased family members on memory cards. After that, William asks his partner to get rid of the bodies and bring cloning equipment to his house.

What happened next?

And then there was something. A few hours later, Ed shows up on a truck loaded with cloning equipment and barrels of "ingredients to recreate living bodies." It sounds crazy, but to William's question: "What's in the barrels", the partner answers, we quote:


"Components, constituents, amino acids, fructose, catalysts, in short, here is a ton of base fluid, everything you need to create a body ..."

William notes that there are only 3 tanks for cultivation, but 4 are needed. Therefore, he has to choose which of the family members "not to resurrect". By drawing lots, he determines that he will reproduce everyone except the youngest daughter Zoya.

While the bodies are growing, he makes a kind of "cleansing of the minds" of Mona, Sophie and Mat, removing all memories of Zoe from them. He also cleans their smartphones, maintains their correspondence with friends and with his wife's work colleagues, impersonating them.

It turns out that Jones will end the project if William does not come to work and get down to business. The three hundred and forty-fifth must earn! This is what Jones and others like him call a machine - a robot that, during the previous experiment, almost tore itself apart. Foster is forced to go to work and find the reason why the synthetic brain does not behave adequately when the human mind is activated.

End reproduction

17 days have passed and all bodies have grown and developed by 100%. It remains only to take them out of the reservoirs and load neuro-prints into them. But then William starts to "glasses". But what if, when neuro-imprints are activated, clones of family members begin to behave as inappropriately as 345.


But then it somehow dawned on him that just the entire vegetative system, sharpened by the control of vegetative functions (the work of the heart, vascular organs, etc.), is not adapted to the machine, and you just need to adapt it. But in the case of humans, that is, with the activation of a neuroimprint in the body of a living person, everything should work 100% perfectly.

It is. His family comes alive and everything is fine. Minor nuances, such as short-term memories of Zoe and some kind of accident, do not count. They can always be cleaned up, which he does in the case of Sophie. But for this business his wife fired and he is forced to reveal to her the harsh truth.

When she tries to be indignant, he confuses her with the question: "What would you do in my place?" And Mona has to shut up.


Realizing the catch in the case of the activation of a human neuroimprint loaded into the synthetic brain, William writes a special algorithm, after which the human neuroimprint will begin to perceive the machine body as its own.


But he is in no hurry to test it on someone else's brain, although an excellent body was recently brought to them. Closing himself in the toilet, enduring hellish pain, he drives the needle of the neuroprobe into his eye and makes his own neuroimprint, which is going to be loaded into the car, that is, in 345th. After being in the body of the car personally, he will certainly figure out what's what and will not behave inappropriately.

But Jones is running out of patience. He declares to Foster's home and demands to return objects 346, 347 and 348 to his laboratory, that is, the clones of his wife and children, whom he so successfully resurrected, as well as to give him an algorithm by which a human neuroimprint works in a machine without failures. Along the way, he admits to Foster that their private shop does not belong to any biomedical company. They just want to learn how to load the mind of a specialist into a car in order to then hand over (sell) the technology to the defense industry.

Yes, it turns out that Ed handed him over to his boss with giblets, and this is regrettable.

Stunned William goes for a memory card on which the algorithm is recorded, and when he comes, he injects Jones with a syringe with some rubbish, from which he must disconnect for a while. And to make it “turn off” faster, he kicked him in the head with a heavy flash drive with an algorithm to be sure.

After he gathers his cloned family, together they get into the car and dump away from the saddle.

Unexpected outcome

It turns out that bugs are automatically implanted into all clones from birth, and the Jones Six set off in pursuit. When it comes to the Fosters, the family rushes into their wife's clinic in order to burn the bugs with an electric shock.

Then they go to the port, from where they are going to escape by water in Ed's yacht. While William rummages on the yacht in search of the keys to the Unfaithful Slut's engine, Jones's henchmen arrive and take the cloned family waiting in the car to the laboratory.

There is no way out, after a while William Foster also pulls up there. Johnson demands an algorithm or threatens to crack down on the scientist's wife. He kills Ed as a warning. Then William agrees and begins to work on the algorithm, while secretly uploading his neuroprint to 345.

Everything ends as soon as his cloned mind comes to life in the machine. The robot with the consciousness of William Foster effortlessly deals with all the sixes of Jones and with Jones himself. Before he dies, the real William offers him resurrection in exchange for a deal. Jones agrees.

From now on, an idyll has reigned. Jones is leading a resurrection project in which a robot with the mind of William Foster is the key figure. Foster himself and his family hang out somewhere on warm beaches. Plus, in the end, it turns out that he nevertheless raised a body for his youngest daughter Zoe.

Curtain and applause.

Questions, questions, questions ...

It turns out that you can read a person's consciousness in a matter of seconds. Very interesting. Although it should contain huge amounts of information. Then you throw off the game on a flash drive, so it rocks for a minute. And here everything - in a matter of seconds, once - and you're done. The same is with the "disk image" or as they call it here - "neuro-print". It turns out that deploying it onto a synthetic brain is a matter of seconds. What do you want? It's fantastic!

But this is not the only thing that causes the naivete of the creators of the masterpiece. Here are some other questions that I would like to receive answers to.

Data transmission

The infa is read only from one place - from a point behind the eye. Is there some kind of connector for the probe needle? How is reading and transmitting data even possible? To do this, you need to indicate the path - from where and where. And here the path is from everywhere. That is, the probe is something like a compressor - it sucked in everything, and you're done. And then how to work with this small heap? Everything is somehow incomprehensible ...

Soul or neurochemistry? Of course - neurochemistry!

At first, a very deep conversation takes place between William and Mona, in which she insists that a person has a soul, and he says that a soul is just a combination of actions and events, that is, in his words, it is simply “neurochemistry ". After Mona he throws a meaningful phrase: "How would you not confuse good with evil!". So what? Why was this "high" conversation?

According to the film, it turns out that William is right and his soul is just not. But, it is not clear, did he confuse good with evil? How to interpret the end of the film? After all, he launched the process of "transmigration of souls" into operation ...

On the dangers of traveling on a rainy night or How to get rid of the bodies of relatives?


Why go to rest in the night and in the rain? To ditch a family on the way? Probably it is. In another way, the writers did not find how to kill family members.

Everyone died in the crash, and Kiyanka Reeves survived. Damn, well, naive ...

It was very difficult for the hero Kan Reeves to get rid of the bodies of his relatives, so he asked his indistinct partner Ed, who looked like a rag. What the hell is this? Will it be easier for him to get rid of the bodies of his comrade's relatives?

Equipment delivery questions

How did it happen that Ed single-handedly put a truckload of equipment and "consumables" in William's private house, and he got nothing for it? Excuse me, from everything it is clear that the office was serious. And any serious office has serious security. But, apparently, they only guard the front door. From the rear - steal multimillion-dollar equipment - everyone doesn't care.

A ton of nutrients and reservoirs. How Ed loaded it all into one mug, can anyone explain? They probably had to be turned off, removed from their pedestals (or whatever) in laboratories, lowered into the parking lot, or what? And all alone. To load to them all wires, hoses, other sheds, computer equipment through which all this is controlled ...

"Hey, Vasya, bring me a couple of tanks for cloning there, and a couple of barrels of amino acids, please!" "Yes, of course, Petya, what a question, I'll load it up and come!" Well, just some idiocy ...

On location and energy consumption

Where did William find a place for a laboratory in his house? But that's okay. How did he power all the equipment? After all, the power grid of a private house is simply not designed for such a load.

"Vasya, where to stick the tanks?" "Petya, why are you stupid, there is a socket on the wall on the right!" “Ah, yeah, I see. So there are three tanks of them. And also to connect pumps and computers and all sorts of sensors! " “Well, you do! And what do you need tees and carriers for? "

Agree, sheer nonsense!

Battery Theft

How, sorry, did William manage to steal, as the policeman put it: "cars from all over the block" have batteries? After all, now just touch the car, the signaling starts screeching so that you will be tied up at the moment. Apparently, the car alarm does not respond to the Fosters. They have innate immunity. Even so, how long will it take to remove 20 batteries from cars and secure them home? Until morning, for sure. Wouldn't it be easier to wait until morning and go to the store for a generator? Or, if you really want to buy a generator or rent it at their local Avito there? Naive and complete idiocy.

Interesting, but Keanu himself could not tell the director that he was filming complete nonsense? He was probably embarrassed. Not everyone will be able to say to a kind interlocutor: “Hey, Vasya, your snot on the side of your nose is dry!”

On the issue of deleting "some" memories

How can this be done? How can the memory of her daughter be erased from a mother “without pale”? It is necessary to delete all memory at once from the moment of her birth, because all her thoughts during each day are connected with the child. How, excuse me, to remove the time when you were pregnant for 9 months or your daughter was just born and you were inseparable with her?


No comments, I think.

Other questions

It is very improbable that for 17 days it is possible to hide the disappearance of 4 people. And the fact that with the current variety of cloud services, the dad is able to delete all the pictures of his daughter that he does not want ... Yes, he will not even enter his kids' smartphone without a password or fingerprint.

It is highly improbable that such a complex biological creature, like a human, can be grown in just 17 days. About birds, even a chicken in its "tank", that is, an egg, grows for 22 days.


It is highly improbable that the robot used for the consciousness transfer experiments was made of bulletproof alloys. In Hollywood films, for some reason, it's always like this - if a robot, then you can't take it with a bullet. All this is complete nonsense.


But, meanwhile, if you don't think too much, the film will pull more than a five. If only because of the central idea of the transfer of consciousness and the strange, albeit predictable, ending. A robot double (in consciousness) of a person, resurrecting people. Hmm. It even sounds strange.

On this strange note, we will say goodbye to you until our next release. Until then, all the best and more strange and not disappointing films for you!

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Author: Jake Pinkman