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Top 100 Best Games of All Time (90-81)


We present the second part of our series of materials, where we tried to select the top 100 best games of all time. Let's note right away that the order of positions in the top ten is not so important. Each game has earned a flattering reception from critics, several Game of the Year awards and has acquired an army of loyal fans who are ready to provide a whole list of arguments that their favorite game is worthy of reaching the top positions of the top.

90. Alien Isolation

Big budget horror in the gaming industry is an endangered species today, so we consider it a real crime to pass by Alien Isolation. The game is not without flaws, but the creation of Creative Assembly does its job perfectly well - the horror based on the movie saga by Ridley Scott is really scary.

It's so scary that after a long game session in Alien Isolation you begin to regret that you will have to make your way to your own bed without a proper flamethrower and a motion sensor.

But the ability to scare is only one of the advantages of this truly huge game. In an amicable way, the gameplay is surprising, which, unlike the primitive Outlast, offers not only holding your breath to hide under dusty tables (where without it), but also to give battle to an alien xenomorph. But the main victory of the developers is the visual, meticulously repeating the retro-futuristic design of the original 1979 film, which was hung with a nice VHS filter.

89. Life is Strange

Life is Strange is one of those games that, by the very fact of its existence, divides gamers into two rival camps. The first camp is supportive of the game, and gamers from the other (often without even playing) condemn the project of the French studio Dontnod. Pretty teenage girls as the main characters are already like a red rag for a solid layer of gamers. And if you ignore Life is Strange for this reason alone, you risk missing out on one of the best games of recent years.

Although the plot of the game is focused on teenage problems, the script is written so skillfully that the story of Max Caulfield is really capable of touching the heart, and the visual demonstration of the so-called "Butterfly Effect" is worthy of respect.

At the same time, no one forgot about the gameplay, which was noticeably different from Telltale's creations. Especially worth noting is Max's ability to rewind time to correct fatal mistakes.

88. Castlevania Lords of Shadow

The relaunch of the legendary Castlevania series was criticized by numerous fans even before the release of the game, often not disdaining strong words. The original Japanese series about games in the platformer genre was decided to be transferred to the slasher tracks, and besides, they entrusted the development of the little-known Spanish studio MercurySteam. But Konami's risky decision fully paid off and we got one of the best Action-Adventure games.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow used the mechanics of the original God of War trilogy as a basis, that is, the game could be conditionally divided into three sections: exploring locations, fierce battles and solving simple puzzles.

At the same time, none of the mechanics sags and is additionally enriched with new elements as you progress. However, can you expect anything else from a game that was developed under the supervision of Hideo Kojima himself?

87. Far Cry 3

Everyone remembers 2012, when Far Cry 3 was released? Then the grass seemed really greener, the towers were more interesting, and Ubisoft proved to be true masters of the shooter genre. Far Cry 3 dazzled with endless tropical expanses and did not just give the same longed-for freedom that was cultivated back in Far Cry 2, but did not forget the most important thing - to give a worthy motivation to explore the world.

Far Cry 3 has no unnecessary elements, this is the perfect sandbox, where, if you use a minimum of effort and scoop up a pile of sand, you can find a dozen gems.

And besides, this sandbox is really fun to play. Shooter mechanics, stealth, hunting, opening new areas on the map - almost every element was perfected by the developers and rewarded the player with useful bonuses. The only thing that the third part loses to Far Cry 5 is the richness of the simulation of the living world, but this defect is more than covered by a plot that not only tells, but also clearly demonstrates what madness is.

86. Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

When it comes to shooters and madness, you can't just take and not remember the game, the slogan of which is the eloquent "Urine of the Nazis". Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus is perhaps the industry's best synthesis of old school and new school shooters. From old school, the developers borrowed an endless, adrenaline-filled action game where you can arrange a bloodbath with two shotguns at the ready. At the same time, Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus has not forgotten about the newfangled trends and pleases with a detailed plot, colorful characters and spectacular cut scenes.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus has a special charm and in many ways a unique, Tarantino-style hooligan plot, where real drama, grotesque madness and a pinch of good humor are mixed in a single mix.

Sometimes, from the twists and turns of the scenario, you want to stand up and applaud the developers, and make the game higher in the top 100 best games for PC and consoles, but ... the passage of Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus has an unpleasant feature to end at the most inopportune moment. The game is criminally short and with a clear backlog of a sequel, which, judging by disappointing sales, may never be born.

85. Fable The Lost Chapters

After the release of the game, the creator of Fable The Lost Chapters - Peter Molyneux - has rightfully earned the title of the main storyteller of the gaming industry. And no, we're not talking about fables about trees growing in real time, but about the game Fable itself, which is a truly fabulous adventure that is expressed in every aspect of the game, right down to the title. Fable The Lost Chapters has not aged at all even after 14 and offers a real opportunity to live in a virtual fantasy world.

Moreover, in this regard, the creation of Peter Mulnye has in many ways surpassed the series of "The Elder Scrolls". Before our eyes, we see the formation of a protagonist from a vulnerable boy to a legendary hero covered with scars and gray hair. Did we say a hero? Here everything depends on the player, no one bothers to commit a massive genocide of villages, offend children and at the same time grow demonic horns.

Fable The Lost Chapters is a game of possibilities, and you can completely forget about having an epic storyline while doing side activities like getting married and buying real estate.

84. Shadow of the Colossus

Continuing our top 100 best games of all time, a truly cult project - Shadow of the Colossus. Moreover, it should be noted right away that this game, being treated kindly by critics, and deserving countless rave reviews from fans, is in many ways an arthouse creation. A thing “in itself”, not trying to imitate anyone in the gaming industry. This can be both a boon and a minus. It all depends on the point of view of the gamer.

The plot in Shadow of the Colossus seems to be in tandem with minimalistic desert locations and is extremely stingy with explanations. At first, it may even seem that the script was created just to link the idea of destroying giant colossi, each battle with which is a real puzzle and mini-masterpiece.

But in fact, oddly enough, it is the script and, in particular, the last 15 minutes of the game - this is the main asset of the developers, allowing to build "Shadow of the Colossi" in the golden fund of the gaming industry.

83. Detroit Become Human

The personality of David Cage is rather ambiguous. This eminent Frenchman can be called equally as one of the most talented directors in the gaming industry, and one of the most mediocre screenwriters. However, in Detroit Become Human, the script flaws are no longer so obvious, but the direction has become one step closer to the famous Hollywood work, which allows Cage's new project to be ranked in the top of the best games. Even more, Detroit Become Human is the best in the interactive cinema genre.

Nobody expected any revelations and philosophical messages from the plot, revealing the hackneyed theme of humanoid androids. There are no pianos in the bushes and the actions of the characters are more or less meaningful - and thanks for that.

Another thing is the very scope of the project, here it is obvious that Cage received a blessing from Sony and a giant case with money for the game's budget. Detroit Become Human has an obscenely huge number of plot forks, and there is a risk of not seeing even half of the content in the first playthrough.

82. Celeste

But not only blockbusters are the price of the gaming industry. Never forget the indie scene, which proves that there is no need to spend tens of millions of dollars to create high-quality, in many ways brilliant games. The most important thing is perseverance and, of course, innate talent. One of these games is Celeste, a hardcore platformer with one of the strongest storylines in gaming history.

The scenario is largely philosophical, but it is revealed without any problems with at least a minimal interest of the player: the girl Madeline, in an attempt to find her place in life and cope with depression, decides to do at least one significant feat in her life: to make the most difficult climb to Mount Celeste.

And this is the case when the scenario is organically combined with the gameplay. For example, the player will actually have to fight the inner demons of Maidlin. Just don't expect it to be easy, because, as Cicero said: “The greatest victory is the victory over oneself.”

81. Inside

We decided to finish our second part of the top 100 best games of all time with another indie masterpiece - Inside. But unlike the same Celeste, the creation of developers from the Playdead studio, both visually and in terms of audio design, can compete on equal terms with the main blockbusters of the gaming industry.

Photorealistic picture and believable surround sound, together with enveloping ambient music, provides an incredible level of immersion in this dark and brutal world in the spirit of the best works of the Dystopia genre.

Inside's gameplay doesn't offer anything new: throughout the entire game we solve simple puzzles, but the abundance of various game situations makes the developers wonder at their resourcefulness. However, do not forget that Inside is primarily an interactive novel with stunning art design and an unforgettable atmosphere. A unique game with a shocking ending, where the interpretation of the plot can be a suitable topic for a separate thesis in philosophy.

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