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June's Best TV Shows: New Seasons


The theater situation is unlikely to change for the better next month. Most likely, we will have to "sit on TV" until the middle of summer, until the pandemic begins to significantly decline. Therefore, our top 10 best TV series in June 2020 will come in handy.

In today's article, we will discuss multi-part projects that will acquire sequels in the first summer month. The numbers in the title indicate the rating of the show on KinoPoisk.

1. Rita (TV2)

Season 5, Monday June 1

Our top best TV series in June begins with a tape about the most ordinary average teacher of the most ordinary average Danish high school. The teacher's name is, as everyone probably guessed, Rita. She is in her early 40s and has three children, the youngest of whom is a high school teenager.

Being a straightforward soul, she molds the truth to the uterus right and left, and also does not let the unbelted children descend, which is why parents often complain about her. But since she sleeps with the director and at school is a cadre, rallying the entire teaching staff around herself, and also the only one whom the kids really respect, she has nothing to fear.

She is still young by her soul and habits, but someday she will have to grow up. And it will be very interesting and instructive to watch her “growing up”, as well as the everyday adventures of her children.

2. Dirty John (Netflix)

Season 2, Tuesday June 2

Continuing our top 10 best TV series in June, a thriller that tells about the dangers of online dating, which quickly turns into marriage. The fact that often behind the disguise of a very good and decent-looking person who is trying to gain confidence in you is a completely different type, cruel, insidious, or even with a curled up cuckoo.

The heroine of the first season, four times married and divorced before that, but, at the same time, a very successful woman named Deborah, after a long search on dating sites, finally was lucky to come across a pleasant, intelligent and interesting in every way a man named John ... She is a successful elite designer who doesn’t peck money. He, in principle, is also not poor. He works as an anesthesiologist, which also cannot but be considered a good job. Although, of course, he is far from her "financial level".

And everything went well for them, except for a minor hitch on the first date, and constant conflicts with her daughter, who, unfortunately, looked into the water.

The first eight-episode season has received its logical conclusion, from which we can conclude that the second will turn out to be a completely different story, which, by the way, can be seen from the trailer. The good news is that one of the main roles will be played by Christian Slater himself, who replaced Eric Bannu in this responsible post. Let's look forward to continuing.

3. Wentworth (SoHo)

Season 8, Tuesday June 2

Next on our list of the best TV series of June is a modernized remake of the “Prisoner” series, which was noisy in the 70s-80s, which accelerated so much that you can't stop it. As it became known last year, the 8th season is not the limit. The story of Australia's Wentworth Prison, which is corrupt from head to toe, will drag on for at least a ninth season.

The once begun story about the woman Bee Smith, accused of attempted murder of her violent hubby, who later became the main bosses in a correctional institution for the fairer sex, has long since passed on to other actors. But the problems remained the same.

Everything is as usual in the local slammer. A bloody hierarchy flourishes among the prisoners, they are divided into groups, sell rubbish, weave intrigues, arrange a showdown, and, of course, both overseers and the administration of the correctional institution are involved in their secret life.

It can be very interesting to watch this mouse fuss.

4. Lucifer (Netflix)

Season 5, Saturday June 5

The next series in June will take us into a universe in which Lucifer is tired of, literally: "To dance to my father's tune." He leaves Hell in order to live among people. Becomes the owner of one of the nightclubs and seems to have a good rest on his "vacation".

Living in the human world, it begins to soften slightly. For example, when they kill his acquaintance, whom he drew into the world of show business, he decides to find the customer of the murder in order to punish him in a devilish way, which speaks to itself about the search for justice, which means good deeds, which more and more pulls the Devil to the side good.

But underfoot the local police detective Chloe Decker constantly revolves, who, moreover, bothers him and tries to arrest him, is also able to resist his spell. Although, "to resist" is still an understatement. She does not feel them at all, which is very interested in Lucifer who came from the underworld.

After a series of bickering, he offers her his help in the investigation of the case, saves her life and, subsequently, becomes her partner. And if not for the angels from heaven, constantly forcing him to return to Hell and put things in order there, everything would be fine.

Oh, those angels. They are so clingy and stubborn!

5. Best in Los Angeles (Spectrum)

Season 2, Monday June 8

Next in line in our top 10 best TV series in June is a project that is a kind of cross between Lethal Weapon, which was closed last year after three seasons and the Bad Boys franchise, the third feature film of which was released in 2020. Or rather, it would be such a cross, if not for one savory "but". The main roles in the project are not given to the bad guys - the guys, but the bad guys - the girls.

In the center of the plot of the multi-part film are two female police officers, of course, partners - Sid Burnett and Nancy McKenna (the first even has a surname like Marcus from "Bad Boys"). It's not immediately clear which of them is the worst cop, since both are perfect for the role. They do not hesitate to circumvent formalities and violate certain rules in the investigation of cases assigned to them. The tandem of them is excellent.

If not for one snag. Burnett, the one with darker skin, who flew out of the OBN and thundered into the investigation department for some kind of joint, constantly returns to the case, because of which, in fact, she was expelled from the drug control department, which is very annoying your partner and others in the department.

At least, this was the alignment in the first season. What will be there in the second, only its creators know.

6. In isolation (History)

Thursday June 11

The next June TV series can be called "Fairy Tales of Vancouver Island" if they were not real. In fact, this is the most popular Canadian extreme show in which ordinary people can show off their skills of survival in the wild to the whole world. And if you consider that they themselves are not extreme survivalists, then everything becomes even more interesting.

Several teams, each of which are a couple of relatives, are thrown into different locations on the rather large island of Vancouver, which is located off the southwestern coast of Canada and is separated from the mainland from the east by the Georgia Strait, and from the south by the Selish Sea.

Being, in fact, without a livelihood, each couple must hold out on the island longer than other teams. Moreover, at the beginning, the pair must connect with each other. One of the two participants lands on the island in one place, and the other - in another. And while one patiently waits, the second must search for the first, overcoming the virgin impassable forest and showing the wonders of the skills of orientation on the terrain.

At any moment, as soon as it becomes unbearable, everyone can "press the button", after which the participation of him and his partner in the project stops. It also stops for the team in the event that one of them gets a tangible injury or gets sick. Those who have lasted the longest will naturally receive a huge super prize.

Moreover, such that some, even the most traumatized, do not want to interrupt their participation in the project. The spectacle is awesome. This reality show really deserves to be watched. This is not a fake Last Hero in a paradise lagoon.

7. Yellowstone (Paramount Network)

Season 3, June 21, Sunday

Continues the top 10 best June TV series of 2020, another milestone in the history of the Dutton family, owners of a vast ranch on the land of the Yellowstone parkland. The head of the family, John Dutton, suspiciously similar to the bodyguard of Whitney Houston's heroine, Frank Farmer from the film of the same name, is trying with all his might to keep the family land with him. But it gets harder with every season.

On the one hand, the Indians of the local reservation claim the Dutton lands. According to them, these lands belong to their tribe from time immemorial, and they are trying with all their might to alienate vast pastures in their direction. On the other hand, the Duttons are under pressure from local businessmen, who simply can't wait to build villas, mansions and other types of real estate on the territory of the ranch, which can then be sold for huge money. And oil producers are right there.

John Dutton has been doing his best for two seasons. Will it be enough for the third? We'll find out soon.

8. Christmas Land / Nosferatu (AMC)

Season 2, Sunday June 21st

Studio AMC, at the peak of the success of Netflik's "Stranger Things" and "Darkness", decided to release something similar itself. Moreover, if in OSD everything revolved around creatures infiltrating into our world from parallel worlds, and in "Darkness" people were thrown from one temporary layer to another, then there are moves from the first case and from the second.

The action revolves around several characters endowed with peculiar mystical abilities:

  • Girl Victoria can travel through reality finding lost items. Moreover, its power extends both to inanimate objects and to animate ones. In order to get to the desired point, it somehow evokes from the past a covered bridge over the river, destroyed 15 years ago. Crossing it, she finds herself in the right place next to the right thing (person).
  • The second heroine, endowed with superpowers, has the gift of foreseeing the future, in which she is helped by a mysterious bag of tokens with letters on them. Putting her hand up to the shoulder joint in a bag the size of a palm, she pulls out a handful of tokens, laying out which she sees an inscription saying what should happen.
  • The third hero is the antagonist of this June TV series, the sinister Charlie Manx, a child-abductor who looks suspiciously like Mr. Spock from Star Trek. Having kidnapped them, he moves them to a parallel world, to a place called the "Land of Christmas", although there is nothing funny about it, as you yourself have (or have not yet had time to see), no.

Those two who go first on the list, despite the problems in their personal lives, try to "punish" the last one on the list. Not as interesting as OSD or Darkness, but you can see it.

9. Chi (Showtime)

Season 3, June 21, Sunday

Next in our selection of June's best TV shows is a story about Chicago, not part of the polished and waxed universe of Chicago Firefighters. There is no time for gloss. It touches upon the problems of those living in the outskirts of the city, more precisely, in the southern part of it, where, by and large, only African Americans live.

There are many main characters here. And everyone has their own problems. And, of course, many people from childhood are faced with the question of backing down with the local drug dealers, chipping, sniffing, contacting bandyugans, or, nevertheless, finding the strength to take the side of prudence and try to achieve something in this life. At worst, for a start, at least get out of here, out of this local swamp, which at any moment can suck you in and spit you out into a correctional institution, or even into a cemetery.

As usual, cops roam the area with their problems. And as usual, they are looking for witnesses, scapegoats, whom they are trying to push in the head that they need to take the side of good, trying with all their might to make them snitches. They absolutely do not care that the guys can then easily fill up. They need to close the case. We will protect you, they say. Just tell us what we need. But, as usual, they do not protect.

Will any of the local guys manage not to get lost in gangs, and not become an informer, and break free, at the same time, into people? Hard to believe.

10. Dark (Netflix)

Season 3, June 27, Saturday

Someone calls the series "Darkness" Germanic "Very strange things." Only this is not at all true. The plots of the film are completely different. In "OSD" parallel worlds are intertwined, as it were, ours and the seamy one. In the same project, the "jump" goes through temporary layers spaced 33 years apart from each other.

Several teenagers from the town of Woodward go to the forest to the local cave labyrinth late in the evening. Near the entrance to the cave, a skirmish takes place between them, but it is interrupted by strange scary sounds coming from the dungeon. Everything could be attributed to someone's moronic jokes, but only something amiss began to happen with hand lamps. They blinked and decided all at once and together to pass out. Having shit in his pants, the punks rush headlong away from here. In a hurry, older teenagers forget about the smaller asshole who, happily lagging behind, remains near the cave.

Sharya in the dark, he wanders into the labyrinth and wanders there for a long time, after which, having got out and come to the town, he discovers that he has fallen into the past. In our time, the next day, everyone rushes to look for the kid. And this is not the first case of the disappearance of children in the district. The father of the boy who disappeared the day before starts digging and increasingly suspects that his son is lost in the labyrinths of the local cave.

Going deep into the maze, he also finds that narrow hole that leads to the point of travel in time, and also finds himself in the past. Their fate is not easy. Like many of those who remained in the dark in our time, and lives in remote layers for 33 years from the present. Moreover, sometimes these are the same people, both trapped from one layer to another, and simply living their own way.


That's all for now. In a week, we will discuss the top 10 best TV series of June 2020, which will be released for the first time or will appear on streaming services in early summer. In the meantime, we will wait for the end of the pandemic and the opening of cinemas. All the best, strong immunity and, as usual, more cool films and TV shows!

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