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Frustrated Fallout 76 Buyer Broke Gamestop


The new Fallout 76 has become a prime target for the hatred of modern gamers. But if often disgruntled fans of the series, disillusioned with the game, simply put zeros on Metacritic, sometimes brighter incidents happen. For example, a video is gaining popularity on the Internet, where a disgruntled buyer of Fallout 76 decided to issue a refund for a purchased disc in the Gamestop store. Instead of money, he was refused and without hesitation began to smash the store, delivering racks with games and leaving the store visitors in a state of silent shock.

On the recording, you can hear the seller refusing a request for a refund, referring to the internal policy of the store. The disc appears to have been damaged or the customer did not have the receipt with them, so the refund was declined. We are more likely to find out how things were in reality very soon. Not only did the disgruntled customer become a YouTube star, but it certainly caught the attention of the police. Popularity comes at a price, as they say.

We do not support such barbaric antics, but also, to put it mildly, are not enthusiastic about Tod Howard's new game. Read more in the Fallout 76 review.

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Author: Jake Pinkman