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Samsung News: Galaxy Fold Sales, New Camera Sensor, First Galaxy S11 + Press Render


Towards the end of the year, electronics manufacturers are pursuing an active policy: they conduct sales, announce their new products, talk about plans for the future. In one of the leading positions, the Korean Samsung ends 2019. In terms of the number of products sold, it is one of the market leaders, its engineers are constantly developing new technologies, implementing fresh approaches to creating brand products. Despite this, the company is not going to slow down. This is evidenced by the latest news from the camp of the South Korean manufacturer, which are collected in this review.

Half a million Galaxy Folds with flexible display sold

Samsung Electronics President Yang Song recently announced during TechCrunch Berlin that the company was planning to sell 500,000 Galaxy Fold devices, but has already sold a million of them. Later they found out that the head of the corporation was mistaken, but this is not important here.

It is worth recalling the chronology of events preceding the emergence of the trend focused on the demand for products with flexible displays. The first work in this direction began at Samsung and the Chinese HUAWEI. The first tests of the model, which cost US $ 2,000 in early 2019, revealed a number of shortcomings. They were associated with the fragility of the display's folding mechanism.

In this regard, the manufacturer was forced to stop selling Galaxy Fold and send it back for revision. The process took several months. The company's engineers carefully approached this issue. It was found that most of the complaints were related to problems that arose after removing a thin film from the screen, which is a structurally necessary element, and not a protective material, as some users believed.

They removed it, after which dirt, dust or moisture got into the hinge mechanism, which led to the failure of the device. The screen of the model was modified, making it impossible to remove this film. There is also information about changes in some of its parameters.


This fall, Galaxy Fold sales resumed. Despite the high cost, the model is quickly disassembled, the demand for it is constantly growing. Surely the planned milestone of 500 thousand units sold has already been overcome, although there is no official confirmation of this yet.

Recently there have been rumors and some confirmed data on the development of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It is highly likely that it will be presented to the public in the second half of 2020. Not much is known about the device itself.

Insiders claim that he will receive a hinge not in the vertical, but in the horizontal plane. Something similar has already been demonstrated in the device of another manufacturer - Motorola Razr. The Korean developer is planning to improve the hinge model, making the gap almost invisible.

There is also information that the Galaxy Fold 2 will receive a different camera, which will be placed under the display. It is possible that we are talking about a new sensor, the resolution of which will be 108 or even 144 megapixels. This will eliminate the panel cutouts. Such a move will make the model correspond to two modern trends at once: it will be bendable and with a screen without cutouts and holes.

Samsung develops 144MP camera sensor

Every year the requirements for the photo capabilities of mobile devices are increasing. This is partly facilitated by the developers themselves, equipping their new products with more advanced cameras.

Recently it became known that the Korean manufacturer will equip its Samsung Galaxy S11 model with a camera with a 108 megapixel sensor. However, this is not the limit. One prominent source of inside information, Ice Universe, recently revealed that Samsung is developing a 144MP sensor based on a 14nm process.

This means that the company's engineers have mastered a new technology, since the existing one allows you to create sensors with a resolution of 10 to 100 megapixels.

It is also said that using a 14nm process will reduce power consumption. This will increase the resolution of newer cameras without affecting smartphone battery life. This means that their capacity and dimensions will remain the same or grow without changing their dimensions.


The energy savings are said to amount to 42% compared to what is currently available.

Nothing is yet known about the details of the new project. Samsung has not reported anything about the 144-megapixel camera. However, recently, at a technical conference, representatives of a Korean company talked about optimizing the 14nm process for use in the field of image processing.

The number of pixels in the sensor is important, but not critical. To obtain high-quality images, you need to have technologies that increase the degree of data processing and the image itself. Samsung is probably already working on this.

Official Galaxy S11 + renders have appeared

It is known that the Samsung Galaxy S11 and S11 + will be shown for the first time on February 18, 2020. So far, there have been many leaks posted regarding these smartphones. They talked about the date of the start of sales, technical characteristics, design of new products, but there was not a single official confirmation of this information.

And now it happened. The first official render of the Galaxy S11 + has appeared online.


It is not yet possible to obtain complete design data for the new item, but there are several details confirming early leaks. For example, you can see that the sensors of its main photomodule are located in a row, and one of them is a periscope.

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