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Elon Musk presented the technology of connecting the brain and computer


One of the main generators of the modern technological environment, Elon Musk, presented the development of his little-known project Neuralink - a brain-computer interface with which information can be read. The technology includes three equally important parts: the main chip, thin sensors in the form of threads that are connected to it, and a robotic mechanism that conducts their direct introduction into the brain.

Unknown project

The startup Neuralink, or Elon Musk's company, is not as well known as other, more widespread projects of the creative entrepreneur. The company has existed for only two years, and until the last moment almost no one knew anything about its developments in the field of intracranial implants.


These technologies are not new. They already exist, besides, there are also robotic prostheses controlled by the brain. However, such mechanisms are far from perfect. Due to the rigidity of the same chips and other components, the quality of the conducted signal suffers. In addition to this, scar tissue is often formed around the implanted implant, which acts as an obstacle to the free passage of the electrical impulse.

How it works

Neuralink technology implies the implantation of ultra-thin sensors in the form of polymer threads into the brain. Their thickness is three times less than the finest human hair. Such filaments record the activity of certain neurons, and also conduct signals to the brain. There are 3072 electrodes on 96 of these sensors. The main advantage of the guide wires is flexibility, due to which the brain tissue is not injured.


Polymeric flexible filaments-sensors are connected to a chip whose tasks are to read and amplify brain impulses. A working prototype of such a model transmits signals via a USB cable, although the startup, along with its mastermind Musk, promise to come up with a way to receive data in the form of a device that can be placed behind the ear.

Neuralink also took care of the "machine" with which such a structure can be implanted into the brain. The robotic apparatus simultaneously functions as a microscope and a sewing machine. In a minute, the device is able to implant 6 threads, while bypassing the blood vessels.


In 2020, NeuraLink plans to practically connect the brain to a computer by performing an operation on the first volunteer. To do this, the startup turned to the American authorities to issue a permit. The experimental operation assumes that the company's first client will be implanted with sensors with sensors in the brain areas responsible for coordination of movements, limb position and touch.

How to beat artificial intelligence

The technology developers hope that the brain-computer interface they have created will have wide practical use and will help people with various neurological disorders. Elon Musk looks at the still more global and sees a wider purpose of technology, considering it the main goal - to provide a direct connection of the human brain and artificial intelligence.


The entrepreneur believes that the connection between a computer and a biological brain will create a real super intellect inside a person. According to Musk, this is the only way that will allow such a brain to process large amounts of information and thus keep up with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. At this stage of development, such an intelligent add-on in the form of computers and smartphones already helps in solving many problems, however, so far interaction with it using voice commands, keyboard and other analog interfaces is slow and not always effective.

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Author: Jake Pinkman