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PocketBook 632 Aqua: e-reader with water resistance


Many users, being fans of modern "chips" and "bells and whistles", impose additional requirements on readers that are typical for gadgets intended for something else.

However, manufacturers are sensitive to the mood of the masses and try to give their products technological attention. Many recent e-books are equipped with the latest functional word. But there are few among them who are not afraid of water. Let's talk about two such models.

Waterproofing two devices

The first e-books with moisture protection were invented by PocketBook. After that, many manufacturers followed in the footsteps of this company. Many now claim that their devices are protected from water, but in fact this is far from the case. Their devices protect only from splashes, there is no talk of full immersion in water.

Another thing is the PocketBook 632 Aqua 2 e-book (there is also a PocketBook 632 Aqua model), which is not afraid of being completely immersed in water. There is a difference between the two devices in terms of technical equipment regarding the degree of protection.


In Aqua 2 it meets the IP57 standard and is provided by the following factors:

  • using the tooling method in the assembly, which provides for the exact fit of all parts and elements of the body without gaps;
  • the presence of rubberized gaskets on all screws and protective components like a second case or cover, preventing moisture, dirt and dust from entering;
  • the use of a gel sealant, which is used to treat important elements, parts and microcircuits of the device.

The disadvantages of this approach include the increased thickness of the PocketBook 632 Aqua 2 due to the protection on the case, the presence of a plug on the MicroUSB port and a little difficult movement of the control buttons.


PocketBook 632 Aqua does not have such advanced protection. If he accidentally falls into the water, then you should immediately get him out of there. A short dive will not harm the gadget.

Reader's appearance

Its appearance does not distinguish the reader from analogues of other companies. It is compact, thin, lightweight. The outer surfaces of the product body are covered with a special velvety coating on plastic. This contributes to better contact of the device with the user's palms.

Four buttons are used for control, two are for turning pages, the third allows you to call the context menu. The fourth button is needed to exit to the main screen. Each user can customize the keys individually to suit their needs.


In addition, the body of the book is equipped with a MicroUSB port and a power button. The disadvantages of the device include the lack of a slot for a memory card, but the presence of 16 GB of ROM is enough. This is enough to download 20-30 thousand books.

It is also worth noting that the PocketBook 632 Aqua screen is slightly recessed into the case. This is to keep your device safe if it falls.

Screen, performance and autonomy

The reader is equipped with an E Ink Carta display, which is currently the most advanced. E-Ink helps protect the eyes with no flicker.

The screen of this book does not light up or glare in the sun. It received a resolution of 1448 x 1072 pixels and is touch sensitive. Thus, the device has dual control. Use the buttons to easily turn pages, and use your fingers to change the font size and highlight text fragments.

PocketBook 632 Aqua is equipped with a backlight that automatically changes color from cold white to warm red. This is done in accordance with the recommendations of the doctors. Colder tones contribute to the mood for a work rhythm. Gradually, during the day, the user's activity decreases, and at the same time, the colors of the backlight warmer, setting up an evening relaxation.

There is one more highlighting feature. It emits lateral radiation, and does not "hit" the eyes, which allows you to use the device in complete darkness without annoying others.


Linux is used as the operating system in this reader. This OS is known for optimal power consumption. It can do without an outlet for two months. In addition, the operating system allows you to read almost all existing formats. Among them are FB2, DOC, PDF, DVJU and others. The presence of Wi-Fi makes it possible to download the work not only using a cable, but also wirelessly.

Book-sharing is especially interesting - a functionality that distributes any work in a book among other user devices. If the 632 Aqua is not at hand, you can continue reading using your tablet or laptop.

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