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11 Anime That Will Make You Cry


Many animes often tell us about the rise of heroes, funny situations or everyday life, but there are also titles that focus on rather difficult topics such as death, disasters, separation. We decided to collect 11 anime that will make you cry. Yes, everyone has different feelings, but quite often these titles appear in such lists. And yes, there will be spoilers.

Let's Decorate the Promised Flowers in the Farewell Morning

Tear-inducing theme: knowing your child's death


The main character is a member of a race that does not age and lives for centuries. Her house is destroyed, but she is saved, and also finds a human child, whom she takes to foster care. Alas, she has to go through all the stages of growing up a boy, while she herself does not age. Everything is clearly moving towards the fact that the adopted son will grow old much earlier than his mother.

Your Lie in April

Tear-inducing topic: how to learn to overcome loss and move on


"Your Lie in April" tells about the gifted pianist Kosei, his mother, who taught him to play, dies and this becomes a trauma for the main character and leads to a nervous breakdown. He can no longer play the game. The world becomes disgusting and disgusting for him. In the future, he meets the talented violinist Kaori, who, with her enthusiasm, brings him back into action and inspires him to play again. He falls in love with her. However, he soon learns that Kaori has a fatal illness and she will die. This is damaging him again, but Kosei will have to accept this and realize that although Kaori dies, she brought light into his life and therefore he should not be sad.

Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Tear-inducing theme: death of a close friend


A group of best friends break up after a girl named Meiko dies. The group leader Jinda blames himself for her death, shutting himself off from society. The rest are leaving for new cities and different schools. But Meiko has returned as a spirit and only Jinda can hear her.

She returned to fulfill her wish, only she does not remember what that wish is. She knows only one thing, in order for it to come true, the whole company must come together again.

Plastic Memories

Tear-inducing theme: parting


The action takes place in the near future, where almost all people have been replaced by androids, which cannot be distinguished from humans. However, the lifespan of any android is short. In order to somehow continue it or just fix broken androids, a special technical department was created. The main character of the anime Tsukas works in it. He falls in love with the android girl, but he has to put her to sleep, as she loses control of her powers. This anime is about spending the last moments together.

Grave of the Fireflies

Tear-Inducing Theme: Survival After


World War II Grave of the Fireflies is a 1988 animated film by Studio Ghibli about the last leg of World War II. While Ghibli is best known for Hayao Miyazaki's bizarre films, Grave of the Fireflies doesn't share their mood. The film follows a brother and sister struggling to survive in the dire aftermath of war, including the harsh realities of starvation. The protagonist desperately tries to take care of his younger sister Setsuko and prevent her from dying ... to no avail. It is with the scene of the death of a little girl that the anime begins.

Clannad Series

Tear-inducing theme: relationships, depression, inevitability of death


The Clannad series is one big factory for generating tears from viewers. This is a visual novel that later developed into a spin-off anime series.

We have talked about both the anime and the novel more than once. The story revolves around Tomoya, a high school student whose mother has died and whose father is an alcoholic and gambler. He also forbids him to play basketball. During one of the arguments, his father injures him, and Tomoya becomes distant from the others, gets depressed and even thinks about a life of crime. But he is pulled out of this state by Nagisa, who suffers from an AIDS-like illness that has made her weak for life. Nagisa has incredible guilt over the death of his mother during the birth of her baby - and it doesn't make it any better.

Particularly heavy Clannad After Story. Pretty much a series about the inevitability of mortality. He talks about Tomoya and Nagisa's family life. They marry and have a child who inherits Nagisa's rare disease and dies. Overall, the entire Clannad series tells a great story of what it means to survive a tragedy.

Wolf Children

A theme that brings tears: life in a non-standard family


A college student falls in love with a man who is actually a werewolf. Together they create a family in which two cute half-wolf half-human children are born. Soon after, the father of the family tragically dies.

The mother, Hana, must raise and support the children herself, as they face the prejudice that wolf children will never fit into society.

Steins; Gate

Tear-inducing theme: an attempt to play with the inevitable


This anime, also based on the visual novel of the same name, tells about the time travel of the protagonist named Okabe. He finds himself locked in a temporary trap, trying to save his closest friends from death. Especially it causes a flow of emotions, as he tries to save his beloved from death, but each time he fails.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tear-Inducing Theme: Surviving Natural Disaster


Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is dedicated to fighting the elements and returning home after a strong earthquake in Tokyo. Mirai Onozawa and her younger brother Yuki encounter Mari, a single mother, who helps them return home.

The characters struggle to fight the disaster and mourn the tragic deaths of many loved ones, including little Yuuki. Mirai must then help her brother's spirit return home, where he can finally go to another world.


Tear-inducing theme: love through death


The story tells about the traveling puppeteer Yukito Kunisaki and the young woman Misuzu Kamio, who befriended him. They begin to converge, and at the same time, Misuzo develops childhood illness. As Misuzo's illness becomes more serious, her affection for Yukito increases. They understand what awaits them; fate will not allow them to be together.

Yukito and Misuzo's love will not falter. The anime ends with a heartbreaking scene where Misuzu dies in Yukito's arms. In his last sad promise, he vows that one day he will find her again, wherever she is, and break the curse.


Tear-inducing theme: a second chance at life


A certain soul gets a second chance at life, and is reborn in the body of a boy who committed suicide [for his environment, everything looks like he survived]. She has to cope with the depression and discouragement that pushed the guy to death.

This story sheds light on the boy's poor family life, intimidation, and the realization that the girl he admires is in fact a sex worker using men to live off of them.

A soul in a new body is trying to fix everything, and it is difficult to watch this without tears, according to many who watched.

Hopefully these 11 animes that will make you cry really can move you.

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