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Everything We Know About Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon


The Yakuza series has about 7 games and the same number of spin-offs, such as last year's Judgment. If we talk about the main series, it has always been a solid action game with elements of a fighting game. However, with the announcement of the seventh game, everything changed. Yakuza 7 tells a new story of a new hero in a new genre of action RPG for her. Many fans did not appreciate this decision, and it raised more questions on the topic, what will the new game be now? We've structured everything we know about Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon.

Dragon Quest about the mafia

After the story of Kazuma Kiryu was completed in the last part, he was replaced by a new hero, Ichibana Kasuga. Like Kiryu - a member of the mafia and also in prison. His family's patriarch offers Kasuga a deal: go to jail for murder committed by someone else, in exchange for fame and honor in the family when he gets out. Kasuga agrees and voluntarily surrenders to the police. However, after his release, he does not receive either fame or wealth, even worse, everyone pretends that they do not know him.

He makes his way to the patriarch, but there he catches a bullet in the chest. After our hero as V in the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer wakes up in the trash and discovers that the bullets were removed and the wound was sewn up. Trying to find his savior, he ends up in the Yokohama area [he is 4 times larger than Kamarucho].


Yakuza 7 is a full-fledged numbered part, which, according to developers, is a true continuation, although it is not related to the history of Kiryu. Seven games later, Ryu Ga Gotoku wants to prove that it can create something other than an adventure game. And although this may not be a very successful financial decision, the management fully accepted the developers' proposal to jump into a completely unfamiliar genre for the series. It is for this reason that Like a Dragon appears in the title, this is how the series was called all this time in Japan, and Yakuza is the name for the western version of the game. This is how the studio emphasizes that a new chapter in history is starting.


And it begins with a hero. Unlike Kiryu, Kasuga is not a tank or a martial arts machine capable of scattering a crowd of armed enemies. He is rather weak, so he is used to acting not alone, but in a team, this is what reflects the RPG elements. Kasuga himself is a weirdo and a geek at heart. So, in children, his favorite game was Dragon Quest and all his life he often imagines himself as a character in this game. Like the game, his life develops in a similar way, because he finds himself in a new city, completely alone, weak and abandoned in order to conquer it. It is the path from the very bottom to the top that will be the main motive of the game.

Now I'm not Indian cinema, well, maybe a little

In general, we are assured that this is also Yakuza, but only with a different combat system and new elements. The main and most noticeable change is combat. Specifically, Toshihiro Nagoshi, the head of the series, spoke about him.


Combat now resembles a turn-based JRPG in a team, where each strikes in turn. The closest analogue is the Persona series. However, Nagoshi stated that they are not fans of the slow and thoughtful pace and the quote: if you didn't know that this is a JRPG-style fight, you thought it was an action game. " And all thanks to the "Live Command RPG Battle" system. It means that you give commands to your teammates when the battle is in constant motion. In a standard JRPG, enemies and your teammates stand still, their actions are played only when you execute commands such as "Attack".

It makes more sense to say that Like a Dragon implements a battle system in which “characters move in real time” and “fight in a living city.”

Except for some bosses, when you encounter an enemy, the battle will begin exactly where you are standing. In other words, depending on how you face your opponent, your starting position in battle will change, which can either give you an advantage or catch you off guard when attacked like a rat.

A living city literally means what it means. If in the previous parts during the battle you are always surrounded either by walls or by a crowd of onlookers, imperceptibly outlining the boundaries of the arena. Here your movements can only be constrained by circumstances. If there is a trash can or a bicycle nearby, you can automatically take it and throw it at the enemy. You can crash into a signpost or fence. If a car passes by, it can run you over. But you can also grab a passing cyclist and use his steel horse as a weapon, throwing it at the enemy. Assessing your environment is another form of strategy.

Enemies always have different characteristics, so it is possible that by attacking one enemy, the other can react and interrupt your attack. Much also depends on the distance and behind your attack, you can also interrupt other people's attacks if you know how to strike multiple targets at once, or attacks with a large area of damage.

Especially for those who are used to playing comfortably, the game has automatic combat, where the most difficult work will be done by AI. And since the series respects its heritage, you will have the ability to Heat Action, when during the attack you need to additionally press one or two buttons to perform a beautiful finishing move.

Japanese lads

You can recruit different characters for your team, and call them using your smartphone. One of them is Koichi Adachi, a former detective, significantly demoted in rank, as he opposed the actions of the man who shot our hero. For this reason, he helps us in the ascent. Just recently we learned about the Oz mechanics. It is an element that reveals the relationship between the main character Ichiban Kasuga and his friends.

By deepening their connections, the capabilities of your friends will increase significantly, which will allow them to change jobs, learn new skills, and take new actions during an attack. All of this will benefit you in battle.


Kasuga can invite a friend to different establishments to strengthen the bond. For example, watch a movie or have lunch together. At restaurants in Yokohama, you can start a special conversation with a friend called "Table Talk" by choosing the correct answers in the dialogue. These table conversations will also bring you together.


As in Fallout New Vegas, as you strengthen ties with each of your friends, special quests that reveal the true nature of each character open up. By strengthening their bond, friends will trust you and open up to Kasuga in a variety of ways, including revealing their past stories, experiences, and troubles.

By completing Bond Dramas, which is what the Special Quets are called, and by deepening your bond with your friends, you can learn powerful joint attack skills called Bond Skills. The effects and appearance of Bond Skill for each character is individual, but each is the ultimate. Using these attacks correctly, you can crush formidable foes and powerful bosses that stand in your way.


RPGesh routine

The series has always been famous for the fact that you could score on the plot and entertain yourself with activities: karaoke, slot machines, video salons, and so on. However, they were all purely entertainment in nature, without forcing you, for example, to complete a game of Mahjong to advance the story.

In RPG format, side activities have become more rewarding, and you can improve your stats by doing different things in the largest entertainment district in the entire series. Each activity brings you a life experience: it consists of six parameters that represent the characteristics of the main character and his human nature: "Enthusiasm", "Mentality", "Cheerfulness", "Kindness", "Intelligence" and "Style".


Enhancing life experience brings various benefits such as getting a job through the Hello Work mechanic, interacting with people, gaining superiority in battle, and increasing popularity with women.

Experience is also accumulated through the choices made in events for side missions. Immersion in the world of the game, learning and interacting with the people you meet is the way to increase life experience.

Of the new side activities, I would like to highlight the "Ocean Qualification School". It is a continuing education center where you can take various exams to improve your performance. For example, exams on the history of Japan and the world.


But as an alternative, for example, going to the movies - there you need to keep Kasuga awake out of boredom. We wrote in detail about the activities here.

In addition to pumping everything and everything, Yakuza 7 is full of other RPG elements, for example, in some areas you will have enemies that you cannot defeat without pumping or loot, which is quoted as saying: “you can hang from head to toe in order to increase their characteristics. " But another remarkable thing is work. Yes, in Like a Dragon we can now not only live, but also work. Hooray. Probably.

Using the already mentioned Hello Work, you can find a job for yourself or a member of your team. But no, take it easy, my weary friends of life and work, the jobs in Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon represent the character class. For example, a national police officer will be a kind of analogue of a heavy knight: he is dressed in armor and armed with a club. Break Dancer is an easy character class that will allow him to make quick attacks.


A fortune teller through a crystal ball causes natural disasters, and aidal combines medium-strength melee and ranged attacks, as well as the ability of a healer. Over time, you can find new work for yourself and your partners. However, being in one workplace, you increase the rank of the character in this profession and make him stronger. Your working skills are combined with basic life experience, so your professional vocation takes on not only a metaphorical but also a literal meaning in Yakuza 7.

Yes, after analyzing the facts of Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon, we can say that in many ways it is a different game. But it seems to me that these changes are for the better. If we talk about the main Yakuza series, the developer has always been able to surprise us and I think he changed the vector of development of the franchise in time, leaving it the same Yakuza, but slightly different, just to surprise us again. Our site will be happy to write about new facts about the game about Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon and wait for 2020, when it will be released worldwide.

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