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Blood, Sweat & Horses - Best Medieval Games


The Witcher series gave us a wonderful story in a Slavic setting, with jokes below the waist and a bunch of bed scenes. Dragon Age showed the fantasy of the Middle Ages in full glory with all our favorite setting features. And Gothic led away in the direction of the dark world of magic and criminals. All these games are great, but they have one "but". They do not represent the Middle Ages in a realistic way, embellishing it all with dragons, magic and other flavorings of fantasy canons.

And how sometimes you want to spend an evening in the era of knights and tournaments, without any witchcraft and magic. In the world of gaming, there are enough just such projects dedicated to the theme of the real Middle Ages. There are even too many of them, but in terms of the quality of execution, most of them can be compared with the teeth of a peasant of the XIV century.

In the new video, Alice will tell you about the best games about the Middle Ages that fit their setting down to earth. Recreate this era realistically, but with a dose of romance that attracts us so much in this harsh time.

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Author: Jake Pinkman