Gamescom was canceled, the new GTA will not be so large-scale - game news digest # 3.04. Part two (Topic)

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Gamescom was canceled, the new GTA will not be so large-scale - game news digest # 3.04. Part two


Also in the news: Crusader King III brings parity, The Dark Pictures: Little Hope trailer, a 3D fan-made Knight City map, ray tracing in Minecraft.

Gamescom canceled, the exhibition will be held online

Previously, it was assumed that the fate of the Gamescom will be decided in May, but thanks to a new decree from the German government, everything was decided by itself. The country's government has banned any mass events until August 31 this year. Gamescom itself was supposed to take place from August 25 to 29. However, the organizers were ready for this, and even last month they said that if the live event was canceled, they could go online.


After some time, they themselves made a statement that the event will be held online. More details will be provided later.

Crunch culture disappeared from Rockstar; this will affect the size of the new GTA— Kotaku

In 2018, before the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, it became known that crunches are thriving at Rockstar. Jason Schreyer of Kotaku has done a whole lot of research on this. Now he talks about how things have improved in the studio.

He spoke to 15 Rockstar employees [both current and former] who talked about significant changes to the work environment.


For example, directors who encouraged the toxic crunch atmosphere were fired, including the heads of the studio in Lincoln and San Diego. Many developers now work on flexible schedules based on their own preferences and needs.

Also, in the conditions of remote work, there is no pressure on employees from the management, and they put their health above work. The developers also report that after the departure of Dan Hauser, the crunch before the release of the games will significantly decrease.

Plus, the company conducts training on sexual harassment.

Schreyer says that in order to reduce the pressure on employees, the size of the next part of the GTA, which is in the early stages of development, will not be as large as we might expect. They plan to expand the game in parts after the release.

Crusader King III Will Bring Gender Equality and Turn History

In Crusader King III, people who need historical accuracy and those who are ready to turn the tide of history will be equally appreciated. This information was shared by developers in their diaries. They say that the size and complexity of their game give players complete freedom to follow the original human story or not.

At first, the game is as close to historical reality as possible, but the player can change its course at his own discretion in the next six centuries. They will be able to do this thanks to the mechanics of gender, faith, culture, ethnicity, and sexuality.

  • Faith - you initially have access to all religions in the game. You can customize them to have different values, like accepting homosexuality or not. By delving into the settings, you can leave religious wars in the past, and not impose your faith.


  • Sexuality - heterosexuality is no longer the default setting, your characters can have different orientations, both homo and bi, or even be asexual. That said, there is a difference in play between sexual preference and behavior. The preferences of the hero themselves may not be judged, unlike the actions of the character. You can customize how sexual orientation is perceived by religion, as well as its prevalence in the world.


  • Gender balance - the game gives you the opportunity to determine the dominance settings of one of the sexes in the world or establish gender equality. Moreover, even if you choose the dominance of women or men, the influence of the opposite sex on the world will still be there. Indeed, as developers say, even in history, when women's rights were always limited, they had a great impact on the world and events. Therefore, your husband / wife will also influence the kingdom.


Crusader King III has no exact release date yet, but it should take place this year.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope - trailer for the new part of the horror series from Supermassive Games

Little Hope is the second chapter in The Dark Pictures' almanac of gaming horror stories from Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games.

The scene of this part of the series is the city of Little Hope, where a witch hunt was once conducted. The main characters are a group of students with their teacher, who are haunted by visions. They must flee the city by solving the mystery of these visions.

Since the last time, the game has a variable ending, it depends on our actions. The game again has a mode for two players, as well as a "movie party" - a mode for five people, which will allow you to control all the characters at the same time. The game also offers two new modes, one of which is the theatrical version of the game, and the second is the curator's version that changes the plot. It will open after completing the base story.

The curator himself will appear and give hints to the players if they so desire.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One this summer.

Fan 3D Night City Map

Cyberpunk 2077 is not out yet, and one of its fans has already assembled a 3D map of Night City, based on the artbook cover.

It was modeled by a user of the 3D Warehouse site under the nickname Derek B. However, given that the artbook had only a part of the map, this is clearly not the entire city that we will see in the game.

Recall that the Night City game will be smaller in size than the map in the last Witcher, but it will be more event-dense. There are six districts in Knight City in total, as well as the wasteland beyond.

Ray tracing is now available in Minecraft this week

On April 16, NVIDIA and Mojang began beta testing to bring ray tracing for Minecraft to its cube worlds for Windows 10.


. The technology is available in six worlds, which can be downloaded from the in-game platform. In addition, DLSS 2.0 will also be added to the game, which improves performance and picture quality. Everything runs on NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Nvidia says ray tracing looks amazing as there are soft and hard shadows everywhere, and global illumination makes the world look so much more realistic.


Tracing works for Minecraft Bedrock Edition where you can create new worlds with ray tracing. If you want to transfer your world from Java Edition, there is a separate cumbersome instruction for this.

To access the beta, you need to subscribe to it through the Xbox Insider hub.

That was all the big news at the end of the week. Keep calm and play games, and we'll see you next week ... In the next digests ...

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