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Attacks on Huawei Continue


The trade war between the US and China continues. The governments of these countries do not care that more and more companies are drawn into it, while the losses of others continue to grow. This is not the main thing, in their opinion. For their attacks, the Americans chose the leader in the development and production of electronic devices and gadgets - Huawei. The blows fall on her one after another. Let's talk about the latest restrictions imposed on a Chinese firm.

Huawei may be left without ARM processors for smartphones

The past week has been a nightmare for Huawei. Many companies began to terminate contracts with her after she was blacklisted by US businesses.

However, such a turn of events did not become a sensation for the leadership of the tech giant, they expected something like this and were preparing for it. After all, this company is one of the few that produces its own chipsets. Even if Qualcomm and Intel refuse further cooperation, Huawei will use its own Kirin processors in production.


But these chips are based on the ARM architecture. Recently, one media outlet reported that ARM Holdings also intends to abandon further cooperation with Huawei. Then they really can't avoid problems.

The source of this information clarified the situation. ARM Holdings is based in the UK, but uses US technology to manufacture its designs. This means that it is also subject to the restrictions recently introduced by D. Trump.

As mentioned above, Huawei has long been waiting for something like this from the United States and was preparing for possible sanctions. She, for example, developed her own operating system, which could replace Android by the end of this summer.

In parallel, the Chinese are trying to attract application developers to cooperation, and one of these may be Aptoide. Now there is a theoretical chance of independence from Google.


Now there is an opinion that in the world of gadgets there is only a place for two operating systems: Android and iOS. Huawei doesn't think so. This enterprise has powerful reserves and resources that allow it to survive in conditions in which others cannot exist. The same goes for her new operating system.

However, experts note that if she loses the right to use the ARM architecture in her developments, then the development of next generation processors may experience difficulties. The firm may well use architectures from other vendors, such as MIPS or RISC-V. But it will take a long time to create a decent chipset, maybe years.

It is also unrealistic to buy chips from other Chinese companies at this stage. They all use ARM development, so they themselves are under sanctions.

Restrictions on the release of smartphones with microSD slots

Another piece of news that does not please not only Huawei employees, but also many ordinary users, is the information that the American SD Association has withdrawn permission to release the company's gadgets equipped with slots for SD or microSD memory cards.


Nowadays, there is a noticeable trend among developers of electronic devices, indicating the rejection of such slots and sockets. But it is not yet very supported by ordinary users. Therefore, the decision of the SD Association threatens gadgets from the budget and mid-range brands Huawei and Honor, which suffer from small amounts of internal memory.

The SD Association, which develops such slots, was one of the last to sever relations with Huawei due to pressure from the US government. The event was not advertised there in any way, but the name of the Chinese manufacturer suddenly disappeared from the lists of member companies with which it cooperates. It speaks for itself.


It is possible that the Chinese have long been developing a device that can replace the products of their American partner. Indeed, before that, another company from the Middle Kingdom - ZTE, which then developed the nanoSD technology or NM-cards, fell under similar sanctions.

However, the viability of the new technology has not yet been established. One thing is clear - Huawei will have to cut prices for cards and increase production to meet demand and maintain market positions.

Experts say that even if it has its own chips and memory card technology, the position of this manufacturer will be equally shaken, and large losses are possible.

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Author: Jake Pinkman