Dragon Age 4 confirmed and hints at BloodBorne 2 - this week's game news digest from CADELTA. Part two (Topic)

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Dragon Age 4 confirmed and hints at BloodBorne 2 - this week's game news digest from CADELTA. Part two


Also read today in-game news about things like the first Just Cause 4 scores, how Germany wants to ban esports, and more.

Weird Just Cause 4 Ratings

The ballad about Rick Rodrigis came out and its assessments are ambiguous. Meanwhile, how everyone evaluates the game is a very wide spread. That journalists, that gamers gave the game 10 to 5 points. On Metacritic, the score is now from the first - 7, from the second - 8. And if you go to Steam - there is a positive rating of 42%.

The game is praised for its large open world, which is pleasant to explore, the mechanics of weather disasters, transport, for a variety of weapons, storyline and humor. First of all, they criticize outdated graphics and bugs. Well, let's wait a little longer.

Just Cause 4

Early estimates of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden are no better than

A turn-based strategy game with a touch of XCOME has also received criticism. Even the positive reviews noted shortcomings such as performance problems and the fact that the heroes smear. Yes, this is one of those strategies where you can miss with a 95% hit rate. The advantages include a beautiful picture, a good plot, lore, unusual anthropomorphic characters and voice acting.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

Dragon Age 4 Confirmed

However, it will not be released soon. The developers announced the game at The Game Awards, but the game is now in its infancy. That is, only in the head or on paper. Its release will take place only in 2021. In truth, the developers do not yet have the very name of the game, although we and they understand that this is Dragon Age 4. But there is also a downside to the medal. The continuation of Dragon Age depends on Anthem's sales, because if the project does not pay off, there will be no money for further games.

Fortnite kills Unreal Tournament

This was announced by a representative of Epic Games. Three years ago, the studio began making a sequel to its iconic Unreal, but development stalled due to the commercial success of Fortnite. Today, all resources and man-hours are spent on supporting the battle royale. Yes, the studio recently agreed with GOG to remake the classic Unreal games in their store, but the fact remains that those who want to see Unreal must wish Fortnite to fail.

Unreal Tournament 3

Hidetaka Miyazaki hinted at the sequel to BloodBorne 2

The first part of this game was once the best PS4 exclusive. Since then, everyone has been waiting for a sequel and looking for hints of it. It was even rumored that development had been paused in order to create Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Fans were very excited about the Easter egg in Deracine - there was a doll, in the description of which there was a hint of the continuation of BloodBorne. At a recent meeting with gamers, Hideteke was asked head-on about this doll. Miyazaki replied that the Easter egg is just a tribute to their favorite project, but when BloodBorne 2 comes out, he still cannot say. The main thing for us is that the game will be released.

BloodBorne 2

Germany proposes to ban esports

Peter Beuth, the German Minister of Sports, said that such a thing as e-sports should be eradicated, since it has nothing to do with real sports. He believes that the movements of the fingers on the keyboard and mouse cannot be attributed to him. For Germany, the main thing is to develop a healthy nation among its young generation, but a computer cannot develop health. Well, we are waiting for the proposal to ban chess.


Overwatch's Christmas Event Coming Soon

It starts on December 11 and will continue until January 2. This time around, you can get your dose of winter holiday cheer on Blizzard World. However, we will not see anything new except for skins, skins and emotions - the classic set. Probably just no ideas, all the creativity on Diablo Immortal was allowed, right?


This was all the gaming news of this week, stay tuned and read our last digest.

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