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Opinion: Why the iPhone is losing ground


Apple phones are losing ground as the necessary devices in the life of ordinary people. What is the reason for this? Or does interest disappear, or money? It’s not the money that is actually missing.

The market situation is the result of a global trend. And it lies in the fact that consumers are more likely to buy mobile devices in the middle price segment.

Are the promises true?

A recent announcement from telephone manufacturers is about middle-class innovation. As you know, Apple does not have an assortment of the middle segment. Especially among new designs. Even when they say that the cost of a budget phone from the new series costs 65 thousand rubles and more, Apple has a different word for the market.


The brainchild of Steve Jobs is gradually moving away from the average buyer into the elite. In this regard, the following can be said. Last year, there were still doubts about the release of the iPhone X in USA. In terms of rubles, it cost from 80 to 92 thousand, or from 1,350 to 1,500 dollars. This is a luxury model. This year, the XS and XS MAX, while also luxury devices, are not considered a mass market product. Moreover, they cannot become by definition. But if we close our eyes to the price, a reasonable question arises. What's inside the devices?

What made Apple developers happy?

The answer is definitely not in favor of the company. When looking at the iPhone X and iPhone XS, the differences are hard to spot. Little has changed. For the first time in the history of Apple, the company itself is killing a product, namely the iPhone X.

He was removed from the official site. For another three months it will be sold in certain places. But in a direct comparison, the user does not understand how he differs from the new product. One point worth noting during a recent presentation.

On the one hand, it was even a funny moment. Apple has never spoken about specifications. And now they have signed on each slide:

  • Screen brightness.
  • Camera configuration.
  • Amount of memory.
  • Battery charge duration.

But these same cameras were on the iPhone X last year. And it's funny. Clarification is required immediately. Everyone understands that there are a lot of Asian novelties on the market. The same iPhones are assembled in China. Maybe it's time for fans to look at the mid-range? Indeed, a similar trend is now taking root. People are watching. And they do not look because they cannot afford an expensive purchase.

Do you need an apple phone at all?

If you arrange a blitz survey of those who can afford practically everything in this life, then their answers will coincide with each other. They do not find sensible arguments for the need to buy such phones. And convincing yourself of the mystery and sacredness of products is boring. They are right. After all, there is absolutely nothing in the iPhone. This is a common technique that costs significantly more than its counterparts. And if you look at the USA market, Samsung devices that can do more than the iPhone cost 35 even 38 thousand rubles less.


They have more memory. The last question in such a situation is the philosophy of the company's creator's dream. Since in the wrong hands it has come to naught. Yes, many people believe that the apple era is ending. And some believe that the era of the company ended with the death of Steve Jobs. The era of Tim Cook is unique. He leads the company to prosperity in terms of money. After all, Tim Cook is an accountant by training. There is little innovation here. During the years of Cook's leadership, not a single product came out comparable to the iPhone. This is a dead end road. Alas, the company is disappearing.


Everything in this world comes. And the best comes with the best people. He leaves with them. Owners of apple products should keep this in mind. Because of the many experiences of users of Apple phones, the history of the company is formed. And under the onslaught of criticism it overcomes the zigzags of life.

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Author: Jake Pinkman