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Inside # 2.01: iPhone 12; Galaxy Note 10 Lite; Apple MacBook


In this insider's roundup, we'll take a look at how the iPhone 12 is going to be equipped with an advanced processor. Then we will discuss the first images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite that have recently surfaced on the web. Finally, let's talk about the new audio technology that Apple intends to use in its next generation MacBooks.

2020 iPhone will be equipped with powerful processors

According to the Chinese Commercial Times, in the second quarter of this year, TSMC (one of the largest chip makers) will start producing 5nm chips for Apple's needs.

The latest products of the American company are equipped with the A13 Bionic processor. These chipsets are based on a 7nm process technology.

Insiders report that TSMC is now ready to launch trial production to debug and test assembled 5nm microcircuits. The main purpose of this process is to identify possible deficiencies and problems, and to eliminate them. It is also worth noting that if such a tech giant as TSMC is ready to launch a new product, then almost everything is ready for this. In order not to go into the intricacies of the design and architecture of modern chipsets, we will simply tell you about the nuances of their equipment.


When manufacturers move to a new stage of the technical process (at this moment the number in its name decreases), the number of transistors in the chipset increases. As a result, the creators of the novelty can go one of two paths.

First means reducing the size of the processor while maintaining the same performance or slightly increasing it.

The second way increases the processing power of the device while maintaining the same chip size.

In our time, both of these areas are viable. In the first case, you really get more free space for installing additional components. In the second, it becomes possible to implement more demanding software functions. Such processors are also distinguished by energy efficiency, which increases the autonomy of products based on them. This is facilitated by the ability to accommodate a larger battery.

Therefore, experts predict that the Apple A14 will have high performance. Yabloko now only needs to develop effective software for the optimal implementation of all this power.

It is already known that almost two-thirds of all new generation chips released by TSMC will ship to Apple. But not only this company will receive advanced chipsets. Some of them will go to China, to Huawei factories. There they plan to use them in the new Mate 40 line.

It is too early to talk about the capabilities of processors based on the 5nm process technology. They will become known after the first tests.

First Galaxy Note 10 Lite Images Released

Korean company Samsung has changed its strategy for the smartphone market. This is evidenced by the launch of light versions of devices Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10.

The first photos of the yet to be announced Galaxy Note 10 Lite have been posted online recently.


The new model is referenced SM-N770F. Its design resembles last year's Note 10 and Note 10+. There is a hole for the front camera at the top of the product screen. In addition, he received the S Pen stylus, making it easier to work with him.


The rear panel of the device is equipped with a square block of the main camera, somewhat reminiscent of the form factor of iPhone 11.


There are no comments on this leak, so it is not known about the modifications of the new item. Earlier it was stated that smartphones of this type will be equipped with Exynos 9810 chipsets. This is an advanced processor, its capabilities will be enough for the needs of light versions of devices of the Korean company.

It is not yet clear when the manufacturer will launch the Galaxy Note 10 Lite and Galaxy S10 Lite. This will definitely be before the start of sales of the Galaxy S11, scheduled for February this year. It is known that both new items have already been certified by the Bluetooth SIG, which confirms the assumptions about their imminent announcement.

MacBook will be equipped with new sound technology

Apple has received a patent for a new development for the audio capabilities of the MacBook. It creates the illusion of sound, supposedly coming from a third-party source.

The description of the new technology says that the user gets the impression that the sound surrounds him, and is not formed in the loudspeakers of the device.


It is assumed that this system was originally designed to reduce crosstalk that occurs in all electronic devices and can have different intensity levels.

Experts believe that the use of this technology can not only help to combat unnecessary interference, but also allow the American company to realize its ambitions for spatial sound in augmented reality.

The existence of such a method for obtaining sound effects became known at the beginning of winter, when Apple filed an application with the patent office. It is known that if the new technology is successfully implemented, it will find application not only in the company's laptops and tablets, but also in some accessories. For example, wearing headphones.

Its prospects are not yet clear, since many developments often remain only in the form of patent applications. It is clear that everything here will depend on the effectiveness of the methodology and the cost of its implementation.

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