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Technology jokes on April Fool's Day


The first of April is called differently in different countries. Somewhere it's April Fool's Day, others call it April Fools' Day. However, the essence of the name does not change. People make fun of each other, play funny miniatures. Manufacturers of gadgets, technology developers, apparently decided not to stay away from this event and check users for a sense of humor. Below are the most interesting techno jokes.

Snake in Google Maps

Since yesterday, all users have the opportunity to play the Snake game, which is distributed in Google Maps. A selection of many cities is available. Among them are Cairo, London, Sydney, Tokyo, San Francisco, Sao Paulo and others.

To do this, enter this application, proceed to the menu. If anyone does not know, then these are three horizontal stripes located in the corner that is on the upper left. Then click on the "Play Snake" icon.


Google, in order to draw attention not only to the game, but to its structure as a whole, even developed a website that will continue to function for a long time. So at least they promise.

OnePlus Car Announcement

OnePlus produces inexpensive flagship smartphones, quite solid products. This did not stop her from starting to develop an electric vehicle of her own design. It is assumed that drivers will be able to equip the car with new functionality themselves, change parts that have failed, and make other repairs.

It is planned to use 3D printing capabilities for this.


The company has issued a special statement, which tells about some of the nuances of the "operation" of this vehicle. Use gestures to control it. This makes the process easier, despite the fact that it is not easy for beginners to steer. Here everything is simple: to turn right, you need to make a movement to the right with your finger, to the left - to the left, etc.

OnePlus Warp Car Charge provides the ability to charge the battery in in 20 minutes. Twenty of these devices can easily overpower a car battery.

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Author: Jake Pinkman