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First Details of Diablo IV - Third Person View and Dark Style Returns


The announcement of the mobile game Diablo Immortal at Blizzcon hurt Blizzard's reputation, and all fans of the series were worried about only one question: "where the hell is Diablo IV?" We have two news: good and bad. Good - the editor of the Kotaku edition, Jason Schreyer, after talking anonymously with the developers from Blizzard, found out that the game actually exists. Bad - Diablo IV development is progressing, to put it mildly, with a creak.

The Blizzard team started to create the expected quadriquel already in 2014 under the leadership of the famous game designer Josh Mosqueira. The first concepts were completely different from the usual isometric Diablo: a view from behind, a high level of difficulty and a standard combat system for modern slashers. In short: the project most of all resembled the Dark Souls series, so much so that at one point the developers even wanted to release the project as a separate franchise.

The creation of the game after a quick start fell into a production collapse. The developers lost their enthusiasm and each new solution was given with great difficulty. Over time, it became obvious that the developers were not able to recreate the conceived concept at a competitive level, which is why the Blizzzard management sent all the developments of the stillborn project to the scraps and restarted the development of Diablo IV from scratch.

Diablo 3

Headed the creation of the new version of Diablo IV, Luis Barrig, previously noted for the development of one of the additions for World of Warcraft. According to Blizzard employees, the company's management is pleased with both the concept of the game and the Stakhanov's speed with which development is progressing. Diablo IV will be tentatively released in 2020, even despite the fact that the developers are still undecided about the camera perspective of the future project. However, it's safe to say that visually, the game will move away from the cartoonishness of Diablo III and will be closer to the dark atmosphere of the first two parts of the series.

Most of the controversy arises over the social elements in the new game. The developers are looking back at the Destiny series of shooters with PvP mode, co-op modes and hub cities. It is worth getting ready for the fact that the game will be even more tied to online microtransactions, because the article separately noted that the leadership of Blizzard, after the major success of Overwatch, wants to see the maximum profit from its new games.


Jason Schreier has found out more details regarding the new Blizzard games. For example, the developers are currently poring over another game for smartphones - an analogue of Pokemon Go in the World of Warcraft universe.

And one more, not very positive news. Blizzard investors are deeply unhappy with Blizzard's perfectionism, where developers spend ten years developing a single game. It was the pressure of investors that caused the departure of former Blizzard CEO Mark Morheim, who, according to company employees, thought more about the quality of games and the comfort of his employees, and only last about money.

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