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Wayve AI learned to keep a car on the road in just 20 minutes


London-based startup Wayve has trained artificial intelligence to keep a car within a single lane.

The technology is called Reinforcement Learning. At first glance, it seems that there is nothing surprising in it, but it is worth noting that in practice it takes only 20 minutes from launching Reinforcement Learning to a positive result.

Wayve engineers achieved this achievement thanks to a deep learning algorithm, which is in many ways similar to the AI technology of Google DeepMind. DeepMind's tutorials and demos are game-based - Chess, Go Checkers, and Atari console games. The British startup has taken to the practical development of the DeepMind concept, convinced that it can take it beyond entertainment and apply it to real life scenarios.

After painstaking work, Wayve managed to develop an algorithm capable of driving a car in non-critical scenarios. The artificial intelligence's only job is to keep the car on the road. The AI learned this in just 11 training episodes. All the time, there was a person in the cab of the car who stopped the car at the right time or corrected the movement with the help of the steering wheel. After another 20 workouts (in total, it took about 20 minutes), the AI was able to independently adjust the movement of the car, and it did it more smoothly than at the beginning. The experiment was carried out in different weather conditions on different country roads.

The result is great considering that even the most advanced DeepMind solution requires millions of trials before the AI can begin to cope with its task.

Founded in 2013, the startup is still at the funding stage. As the company publicly demonstrates its successful technologies, in the near future it will most likely fall under the tutelage of 1-2 large investors from the auto industry. The startup says it is currently working on adapting its solutions for more challenging driving conditions. Ultimately Wayve wants to provide automakers with lightweight, adaptable designs. Wayve's AI technologies are unique in that they don't require expensive hardware. For example, the technology described in this article uses a single lens.

The Topic of Article: Wayve AI learned to keep a car on the road in just 20 minutes.
Author: Jake Pinkman