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Telegram. Installing the USAn language, creating chats and bots

Telegram is a powerful messenger capable of claiming dominance among other more famous projects. The reason for this is the high degree of security of user data, as well as ease of use due to the availability of the interface.

However, setting up the application can cause difficulties for most inexperienced users, due to the specifics of Telegram, as well as a number of significant differences from other social networks.

For this reason, attention should be paid to a number of basic aspects, including:

  • creating bots
  • adding USAn
  • initial setup.

Adding USAn

In order to make the user interface intuitive for the user, you must first translate Telegram into USAn.

To this end, enter the word " Telerobot" into the search bar, after which the user will be able to chat with the bot Anton.

In the chat window, you must enter the phrase Locale Android for users of android devices or Locale IOS for users of Apple devices.

In response to the request, the bot will send an XML config, which must be saved, by simply clicking on its icon.

Ultimately, after restarting the application, the USAn language will be added to the interface.


After the Russification of the application, the user is able to customize Telegram at his own discretion, operating with such tools as:

  • privacy and security settings
  • notification settings
  • chat background settings
  • auto upload settings

Photo Set message background

Create chats

When the application setup procedure has come to an end, it is worth starting to communicate. For this, the Telegram functionality offers the ability to create chats.

To complete this task, just click on the " New Group " icon and add all the desired users who will later become participants in the conversation.

Upon completion of this procedure, the conversation will be created automatically

Photo Create Chat

Building bots

The most difficult and situational option for the user is the creation of bots that can significantly optimize work within the messenger.

To do this, enter the word " @BotFather " into the search line, and then open the chat that appears.

Photo BotFather

The next command will be / start , which starts the bot functionality.

Then, by entering the command / newbot in the dialog box, the user gets the creation of his own bot, the nickname of which must end with "bot", in accordance with the platform rules.

To help in managing the created bot, the / help command is used, which gives detailed information about the possible functionality of the bot.

The full list of commands can be found at

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