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TOP 15 things that piss us off in games


We love to play. We love to play: at home, on the road, alone, with friends or family. It's part of our culture, but as often happens, even our love for video games has a lot that pisses us off. Introducing the TOP: 15 Insane Things in Video Games

1: Boring Final Bosses

What should be the final boss? A hefty or cool imba creature, the fight with which will give us the most beautiful and unforgettable gaming experience of the entire game, as it is its culmination, as in Undertale, God Of War, Shadow Of Colosus. And how often it happens that in the end we have to fight with the poor main enemy, which is not remarkable for anything, either falls from a couple of blows, or vice versa, it needs to be soaked for so long that it gets boring. Remember Batman Arkhem Asylem, where the pumped-up Joker becomes our enemy, which is no different from the game thugs that we beat before. Or Metro Last Light and GTA San Andres where the bosses didn't die from five direct headshots from a sniper to the head ...


2. Screensavers without pause and skip

We guarantee that everyone had a situation when there was an interesting or final cutscene and then suddenly you need to go to open the door, answer the call, save the baby from the burning building - whatever, but it must be done urgently, and the screensaver cannot be paused ... Why can't you be allowed to pause the game at this point? Who knows. But if you can't miss it, there is a separate place in hell for such developers.

3.Invisible textures

There is nothing worse than when your omnipotent hero is able to kill an entire army, but he will never overcome the texture of a stretched 20 cm high barbed wire, or jump over an anti-tank spike that is in his lap. It’s worse when you just run into an invisible wall.


4.Similar training modes

Who doesn't get bored of that eternal "press W to go forward", "press SPACEBAR to jump"? Are there really still people playing on this planet who do not know this? Many games today require no training at all, and good developers make the controls intuitive.

5.No quick save at any time

When the game consists of passing a level from one checkpoint to another, it gives tension, but sometimes the moments when you can't just save are enraged! For example, I played for an hour and then suddenly I need to quit the game and do other work, but figs you, the checkpoint is not close yet - play it out or forget about all the completed missions and achievements in the last hour. This is the thing that pisses me off in games.

angry gamer

6. Wacky translation

There is nothing worse than amateur or bad translations, which sometimes do not convey the essence of the task, or even interfere with the passage. It also pisses me off when you can't turn off dubbing or turn on the original language to experience the game differently. I remember as a child I played Spider Man The Movie with translation from Fargus. It was impossible to turn it off, and at one moment, when it was necessary to defuse the bomb, a voice from the megaphone says: "To turn off the bomb, try ..." and that's it, the phrase is interrupted due to clumsy localization. What? What should I try to turn it off ?! Well, you get the idea ...

7.Simulator of a bum or trash in a backpack

Yes, first of all this is a problem for gamers, when you do not understand why you stuff your pockets with rubbish in an RPG. But it’s also annoying when your entire backpack is full of imbue items and artifacts that you carry with you, and you have no room for a couple more ...

fallout 4 bugs

8.Strong partners are idiots

Lord, how often do we hear: "Our new AI will be the most progressive in the industry." As a result, we get a useless partner who runs into the thick of things, dies, and because of him we have to replay everything all over again.

9.Linear shooters

The concept of "linear shooter" implies an enclosed space, but this does not mean that there should be one "corridor"! Why not make some “corridors” to make it a little more interesting? Or at least make the "corridor" so that it doesn't feel like you can beat the game just by running through it without shooting enemies.

fps game mem

10.Explosion-proof doors

Oooh these great locked doors! Guess what unites Dovahkiin, who can knock Dragons from heaven with his screams, Batman with his liquid bombs blasting concrete and Isaac Clarke with a plasma fucking cutter? True, they can defeat an enemy of any size and strength, but all as one are powerless against the almighty closed door for which you need to look for a key.

11.Downgrade for sales

Everything is clear here - everyone wants to get more profit from sales by attracting a younger audience. But how absurd the same Battlefield 3 looked - a game about a real war, where after a rating downgrade, absolutely nothing happened to a person after a direct hit from such a shell.

Battlefield 3

12.Good Stealth

The next thing that pisses us off in games is bad stealth. In some games it is done well, and any shortcomings can be justified, as in Dishonored. But when, in a shooter that claims to be super realistic, like the last Metro, you breathe in the enemy's ass for a minute, pressing tightly against him - it's absurd. Games that have stealth look the same, but the mechanics do not provide for its use, the question is - why is it needed then?

13. Terrible optimization on PC

More than bugs, we do not like the crookedly ported console games to the PC in a hurry for the purpose of easy money. Remember the pain when running GTAIV 1.0, Gothic 3, Batman Arkham King on PC with their terrible optimizations? It's disrespectful when developers do this.


14.Piracy Defense Systems

We spent a lot of pain and nerves in the period of the "great defense against pirates", when the developers came up with such stupid protection systems that did not prevent pirates from hacking the game, but prevented those who bought it from playing. As an example - the second Assassin, who believed that you are a pirate if you do not have a permanent connection to the Internet. It's good that this is almost gone.

15.Artificially Long Games

It pisses me off a lot in games when they are artificially stretched out with missions like "go fetch" or capture one hundred and five hundred towers ... Far Cry 2 is an excellent example.


This was the TOP 15 Things that piss us off in games. See also other TOPs: the best games of November and the 7 most frightening locations from video games.

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