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Change the screen resolution


This article will show you how to change the screen resolution of your monitor.

Screen resolution is understood as the number of dots (pixels) per unit area. Therefore, the higher the screen resolution, the more of these same pixels will be on the screen and the higher the image quality. Therefore, most often it is recommended to set a high screen resolution on modern monitors. We'll talk about how to do this in this article.

Just want to note that the screen resolution is directly affected by the presence of a driver for the video card. You can check for the presence of a driver in this article - "Checking a device driver". If you do not have a driver for your video card, be sure to install it.

Now to the point. In Windows XP, the procedure for detecting and changing the screen resolution is slightly different from the procedure for subsequent versions of Windows. Therefore, in this article, we will first look at how to change the screen resolution in Windows Vista, and then - how to do it in Windows XP. If you have installed another operating system of the Windows family, then your actions will be approximately the same.

Changing the screen resolution for Windows Vista

To change the screen resolution, right-click on the Desktop and select " Personalization " (Fig. 1-2).

Fig. 1 Fig. 1

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