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Digital detox without giving up your smartphone


In the technology world, where notifications are received every minute, it is difficult to refuse a mobile phone. The need to stay connected 24/7 and the desire to always be in the know lead to the fact that many people begin to experience a painful addiction to the flow of information.

According to various sources, from 40 to 50% of smartphone owners experience symptoms of nomophobia - dependence on a mobile phone. And although nomophobia is not a fatal phenomenon, it is extremely unpleasant, and getting rid of it may not be easy.

If you begin to realize that your attachment to your smartphone has become too strong, it is time to change something. A radical solution is to arrange a digital detox, that is, to exclude all means of digital communication from your life. Unfortunately, this will almost certainly negatively affect your professional and social life. Therefore, save this method for vacation, but for now gather your will into a fist and get ready for less dramatic, but still drastic changes.

Healthy start to the day

In order for the day to be productive, the first half hour after waking up should be devoted to a healthy start - exercise, soul, hearty breakfast and planning. It's good if at this time the smartphone does not distract you. Do not rush to grab onto it, barely waking up. News and messages can be read later, they still won't go anywhere. Start your day with some light gymnastics and your favorite music. This is exactly what will energize you before work.


When you are in a company, keep your hands away from your smartphone. Firstly, using a mobile phone while talking is a sign of impolite nature. And secondly, being distracted by calls and messages, it is easy to lose the thread of a conversation. If it's a business or friendly meeting, a family dinner, a date with a dear person, mute your smartphone and move it away.


Reading is a great way to develop your imagination and take a new step in self-development. If you seriously decided to restrict the use of your mobile phone, but cannot live without reading, switch from e-books to paper ones. Give your brain a break from the flow of news articles by choosing entertainment or educational literature instead. Although you are used to seeing a convenient compact reader in your smartphone, believe me - a traditional book is no worse.

Time to relax

Professional affairs should not invade your personal space. The end of the working day is the beginning of your personal life. Tell co-workers and superiors that you cannot endlessly sacrifice your family plans for work. But if work is something that you can't imagine existence without, set aside a clear time when you check mail, reply to messages and complete tasks. It will take all your consciousness and a timer to stay within the framework.


Leave only those programs on your smartphone that you need. Mercilessly remove anything that distracts or wastes time - most notably games, social media apps, and browser-based entertainment bookmarks.


Doctors do not recommend using smartphones and tablets half an hour before bedtime, as the display light irritates the eyes and interferes with normal sleep. Instead of flipping through your Instagram feed, read a book, listen to your favorite music, chat with loved ones, or just think about how you will spend tomorrow. Do not forget to set your mobile phone to silent mode so that it does not disturb you in the middle of the night.

Psychologists say that it takes a person three weeks to develop a new habit. Get ready for the most difficult period. If you successfully overcome it, you will understand what a smartphone is for you personally - an inexhaustible source of meaningless information or a faithful assistant in everyday life.

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Author: Jake Pinkman