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Agony Horror Preview - The Ugliest Game Ever


Since childhood, religions have taught us one very important point: observe the laws of God, do not sin, otherwise you will go to Hell, Purgatory, Gehenna of Fire and you will be doomed to eternal suffering. And, honestly, if Hell really exists and looks as creepy as in Agony, then this can convince anyone to follow all the laws of God.

A company of Polish developers led by Tomasz Dudkiewicz tried to make one of the creepiest games in history. And we can already say that they have succeeded in this business, but at the same time they have not forgotten about the interesting gameplay. For details, check out our preview of Agony.

A bit of history

Tomasz Dudkevich is an unknown person in the gaming industry and has established himself as just a good graphic designer. So there was no reason to be surprised when in 2015 he launched a page on Kickstarter asking to sponsor the development of Agony, and the players did not reciprocate. The game did not collect even a hundredth of the finance that was required for development.

Agony madness

All the more unexpected was the re-announcement of the game, in which the developer asked 66 thousand 666 dollars to develop an updated version of the hellish horror. And he even raised three times that amount for Agony! And the whole reason was a much clearer gameplay concept and, most importantly, a noticeably increased list of developers.

The Agony team has grown to include more people who have put their hands on The Witcher series and many other hit games. All this significantly increases the chances that we will get an interesting horror and makes you wait for the release date of Agony.

Agony altar

The Story of a Tormented Soul

The developers are extremely reluctant to share the details of the Agony plot. Let's hope they're just preparing a really interesting story and don't want to spoil the players. According to the brief announcement of the hellish horror, it is known that we will play for the soul that is trying to get out of Hell.

Agony demon statue

The main character in Agony has the ability to take over any souls lost in the game world. It is likely that in addition to recognizing our own biography, we can touch the stories of other people who were sent to Hell for sins on earth. In general, there are all the makings to get a truly memorable script.

You have never seen Hell like this in games

It's hard to get rid of the thought that Tomasz Dudkevich and the other developers of the game do not suffer from mental disorders or do not use something stronger when you look at the trailer for Agony. The grotesque design of locations most of all evokes associations with human entrails. And the picturesque expanses of walls pulsing like veins, adorned with human body parts, bones and giant teeth, can cause gag reflexes in almost any person.

Agony Hell

About demons that combine naked human sexual characteristics with tentacles, a claw-shaped head and other "beauties" - we'd better not talk at all. And as if this is not enough, the developers are eagerly seeking to shock the player. Gamers who supported the developers with a dollar could download Agony, where only the first level of horror is available.

So, at the 10th minute of the game, one could meet an insane man who was building a wall from dead babies (!), whom he crushed their heads with a stone.

Agony demon

DOOM with hide and seek

Popular horror movies like Outlast and Amnesia have taught us one thing: we are a weak-willed mattress who prefers to hide for hours under a table, instead of giving battle to a fearful man. In Agony, fortunately, we will not only have to hide from especially terrible demons, but even give them a fight. For this, a system of settling into other souls was introduced.

There are three types of souls known in Agony for 2018: martyrs, ethereal souls, and demons. The gameplay for each soul has a strikingly different gameplay and will help not only fight demons, but also solve puzzles, and travel the world. So, you see a river of blood and you can't swim across it? Indulge in the soul of the martyr, as one of his traits is the ability to swim. And this is just one of the few examples of the use of alien souls in gameplay.

Agony evil demon

In addition, it is worth talking about another feature of Agony - even if you are the most terrible gamer on the planet, you will not be able to die in it. Try to die in Hell, yeah In Agony, death is just a new beginning, you gain a spiritual shell and to continue the game you can move into any soul you meet.

Ready to embark on a hellish journey?

In that case, you'll have to wait. Initially, the developers planned the release date for Agony on March 30, 2018, but ten days before the scheduled date, they announced the postponement of the game indefinitely. For this reason, Steam even blocked the ability to download the game Agony. Tomasz Dudkevich & Co assured that the release was postponed due to additional polishing of the game and fixing bugs.

Agony demon attacks

Well, if this is really the case, then this is a commendable act and will not be superfluous for Agony. We all remember the recent release of Kingdom Come Deliverance, which was riddled with bugs, many of which simply prevented the game from passing.

In the meantime, you are waiting for the release of a devilishly terrible horror, we invite you to pay attention to Far Cry 5, on which we wrote a lot of material, where we collected all the facts about the game.

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