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Comedy Movies 2019: Top 30 Best. Part 3


What, what, but this spring is definitely not fun. Coronavirus problems have knocked out the last drops of positive from the people. As such, our Top 30 Best Comedy Films of 2019 will come in handy. We study the list, choose the film that interests you, cut it in and get a well-deserved boost of cheerfulness and good mood!

The selection was typeset based on the rating of the KinoPoisk aggregator. Over time, positions may change depending on the level of viewership.

21. Shaft (USA) 6.47

Begins the third ten best comedy films of 2019 with a picture from the streaming service Netflix, to which we have separate material under the heading "What to see from films". This is nothing more than a continuation of the adventures of a hereditary family of policemen, known since 1971, with an interesting surname "Shaft", which can be translated into Russian as "skating rink" (the one that is "asphalt", of course).

Although, in 2000, I remember, John Shaft Jr. left the police when a notorious villain, the son of the influential millionaire Walter Wade, was released and turned into a private detective.

But even earlier, his wife and child ran away from him. And that's true, who likes it when your car is fired upon by some abnormal. And if you consider that your hubby annoyed almost half of all the thugs of New York, and the other half was hired by the first half to fill up the impudent cop, then escape from this life, which is gradually turning into a life-threatening madhouse, was the best solution .

Moreover, John Shaft Jr. himself, and his wife, and his daddy John Schaft Sr. understood this.

But this 2019 comedy film tells not only about old people, but also about the newly minted Shaft, whom his mother raised away from his father. Years passed, the child of Shaft Jr. - JJ grew up and joined the FBI as an analyst. Like many, he is not devoid of ambition, but he does not try hard to stand out. But when his friend is found dead, and the police get stuck and try to slow down the case, he starts his own investigation.

But the years of upbringing without a father affect. He was soft, slobbering, indecisive, and too mired in “keeping the law” even when it comes to such an important mission as investigating the murder of his own comrade. The local bandits, from whom he decided to "take evidence", immediately felt it and sent the youngest home, breaking his nose and nearly shooting his ass.

Well, where to go? Willy-nilly, I had to seek help from an experienced dad. And he will put everyone on the ears at once. Well, he will conduct a crash course for a young fighter and parenting in one person with the youngest.

Correct. So as not to dishonor dad. And grandpa.

22. That couple more (USA) 6.44

The next comedy film of 2019 touches upon the issues of the personal life of the highest officials of the state. And the topic is being studied using the example of the US Secretary of State from a certain parallel universe, where it is not actors who want to become presidents, but presidents who want to become actors.

And, by the way, the secretary of state in this world is a woman, Charlotte Field, who looks suspiciously like Charlize Theron's "Explosive Blondie".

Fred Flarsky is an excellent journalist and sensationalist. At least he himself thinks so. It is a pity that his boss, who, after another scandal, took and fired him from the ranks of the staff of his rag, does not think so either.

But Fred was incredibly lucky. Invited by his friend to a social event where the very cream of society gathered, he suddenly encounters the same Secretary of State Charlotte Field, who was his nurse for some time in his youth. Since then, he is hopelessly in love with her, but where can he, an uncouth bumpkin to such a luxurious and sublime lady.

But the gaze of this lady accidentally falls on Fred, by the way, who is deplorably dressed not according to the dress code, and he suddenly thought that she recognized him.

It is. After a short conversation, she discovers that Fred is a journalist, and decides to hire him as a speechwriter, a specialist who writes speeches for dignitaries. The fact is that after a short tour in support of the protection of wildlife, Charlotte plans to run for president, since, as already mentioned, the current head of state has already gone into acting in his thoughts.

Just how will she and her environment react to the caustic and indigestible speeches that he will churn out for her? And how will people react to the fact that the most romance is happening between the future president and his journal?

And it will be. Believe me. Even despite the fact that she is all so glamorous and correct, and he is all so uncouth and on his mind. In a word - that two more.

23. Good Boys (US) 6.42

And again on our list of the best comedy films of 2019, a picture from the greatest video streamer of all time, Netflix. And there is also aseparate materialdevoted to it under the heading “What to see from films”. This time we will talk about a group of teenagers who fell to be invited to a "kissing party" while they know absolutely nothing about these "kisses".

The boys understand that once they kiss, they still have to learn. So why not now? And by chance, in their knowledge, they got involved in such adventurous adventures that mom do not grieve.

Despite the fact that the picture tells the story of the adventures of 12-year-old assholes, it will cheer up a moviegoer of any age, gender and race. Be sure of this.

24. Akimbo Cannons (UK, New Zealand, Germany) 6.40

Someone might argue that this comedy was released only in 2020. Amendment. She was released in our country in 2020. In England, where she is "from", her premiere took place in early autumn 2019. So, let's just start reviewing.

We have already discussed what rash spam with non-forest comments can lead to in the article dedicated to the coolfeature film "The Hunt", which is also a worthy winner of our "What to see from films" section. And here, too, everything happened just according to the scenario we described.

Well, or something like that.

Miles is an ordinary nerd, which is a dime a dozen around. In life, except for the fact that he looks suspiciously like Harry Potter, he does not represent anything at all. His job sucks, he has no friends, a friend sent and all that. In general, he lives the life of an ordinary cockroach. Eats, drinks, defecates, and at night crawls into his kennel to sleep, hoping for the next rainbow dreams of a sexual nature.

Although, sometimes he likes to spam in the comments on the network, posing as a very savvy dude in matters of bloody showdown. And he leaves these comments on a site dedicated to illegal games, in which showdowns happen not only to blood, but also to death. Participants of the forbidden show, who want to find out which of them is cooler, kill each other in real life online, but such utyrkas like Miles sit and stupidly troll what is happening on the screen in the comments like video broadcasting, omitting everything and everything that comes to them under distribution.

But at one fine moment his "critical statements" were noticed by the site's management and, breaking into his hut, screwed hefty large-caliber pistols into his hands, and then let his best hunter hit him.

Well, Miles, who's cool now? Run, utyrok, hide. And we'll watch you online. Well, as usual, everything is in your style and we will comment on it.

25. Doctor Who: Decision (UK) 6.39

This comedy film can be safely called the New Year's edition of the TV series "Doctor Who". Precisely "New Year", and not "Christmas", since its premiere took place on the very first day of 2019.

Once upon a time on Earth there was a battle with a demonic creature that came from heaven. The evil entity was overcome with difficulty, chopping it into three parts and burying each of them in different parts of the planet.

What prevented them from burning evil spirits in a fire or burning them with acid is a mystery.

But that's bad luck. If the messengers with the first two units safely reached the burial sites, then the third one was struck down by an arrow of bandits.

Centuries later, in our time, a couple of archaeologists, during excavations, discover the body of this very third messenger and extract a part of the unknown creature, which they put, for some unknown reason, under an ultraviolet emitter. One way or another, a part of the body of an ancient evil creature revived under ultraviolet light wakes up and, having teleported to itself both missing parts from burial places, grows together.

Like some kind of puppeteer, the creature clung to the body of one of the archaeologists, and planned something unkind. But from the depths of space-time on alarm, Doctor Who and company arrive on Earth and, recognizing the essence of the mutated creature by the DNA of the slime of the found creature, they are going to give him a fight.

But first you have to find it. In the meantime, you will find how to know that this space freak will have time to soak.

26. Venice is calling (France ...) 6.38

The next comedy film of 2019 will tell the story of a 14-year-old teenager named Emil, who is passionately in love with one of his classmates. And all would be fine, but he is terribly shy of his family and his low social status.

While his girlfriend Polina has rich parents, lives in a huge house and can afford whatever she wants, Emil lives in a family that can barely make ends meet. They huddle in some kind of hut, and with might and main dream of their home, which, apparently, they will never have. The mother works in a low-paid job and drives a working three-wheeled hole, which Emil is very ashamed of. Daddy got cut at all. And it was at this time that Emil was on fire to go to Venice to see his friend perform.

But, asking his parents for permission to go to the concert, he did not even suspect that his parents would take him on their own, on their own on a tear, to which their living, battered, trailer is attached. Oh, and he will endure on the way with his relatives.

27. Brownie (USA) 6.38

The next best comedy film of 2019 from the field of domestic, and begins with the most magical rite of expelling the brownie from the dwelling he has chosen. A hereditary sorceress throws the poor paranormal creature out into the street with the help of potions, spells and other magical tricks, and then accidentally slipping, crashes to the floor, on which she hits her head well.

At the moment the head touches the hard floor of the apartment, she has a vision that treasures are hidden somewhere in the hut. The witch understands that she will be able to get into the dwelling to "confiscate" these treasures only if the evil forces continue to live in the house, which will not allow anyone to move into this apartment.

Therefore, when she leaves, she removes the spell and lets the brownie back into the dwelling.

But things went a little differently than the witch had planned. A young mother and daughter, nevertheless, bought this apartment. And the brownie is in no hurry to throw them out of his den. Therefore, she decides to move to more radical methods. Or rather, more classical, concluded in trivial hacking and robbery.

But will the brownie let himself be robbed? Especially when new owners are on his side now?

28. Ode to Joy (USA) 6.36

Next in line is a 2019 comedy film starring Dr. Watson - Martin Freeman and the main Vizitersha - Morena Baccarin. Awesome comedy. It remains to be seen why it has such a low rating.

Freeman's hero is a librarian named Charlie, who suffers from a congenital condition called cataplexy and is caused by a deficiency in the human brain of the neurotransmitter orexin (hypocretin), which allows him to remain conscious, and not shut down, falling into a state of deep sleep.

Most often, cataplexics are cut out due to fear. But Charlie has a different catalyst. He falls into oblivion from a sense of joy. As soon as he experiences a feeling of happiness for someone or about something, he immediately falls into a hypersomnic swoon. Therefore, it is not surprising that a forty-year-old man does not communicate with anyone and does not get close.

But when the charming Francesca met on his life path, he could not resist. And fainted on the first date, which scared his new girlfriend into a state of panic hysteria.

29. Laundry (USA) 6.36

The next comedy film is as much comedic as it is dramatic. Throughout the film, the bosses of the "offshore business" Jorgen Mossak and Ramun Fonseca in a humorous style explain to the inhabitants the essence of the principles of their earnings offshore.

In parallel, everything is explained using a real example. Helen Martin, the wife of a man drowned in an accident, spent a long time and tediously digging into who was supposed to pay her insurance for the death of her husband. After all, the company, whose ferry capsized during the "tour", was insured.

It's just that this insurance was bought by another company, which, in fact, turned out to be a real dummy, from which roots stretch to scammers associated with the most powerful of this world, moreover, both politicians who are prohibited from engaging in commercial activities and mafiosi with entrepreneurs who launder money with the help of offshore companies.

As we said, everything would be very funny if it weren't so sad. The paradox, and only. But, all the same, I wonder if Helen will get to the very top, and, having got to the bottom, will she receive her legal insurance payment?

30. Murder Mystery (USA) 6.28

Last year, Adam Sandler starred in a couple of projects for the streaming service Netflix. And the comedy film, completing our thirty best humor films for 2019, is a picture in which Jennifer Aniston herself made a duet.

We also dedicatedseparate materialto this film under the heading “What to see”. And the film is about a married couple who, having been married side by side for 15 years, finally decides on a honeymoon in the Old World.

During the flight, they meet a money-bag businessman who invited them to spend time on a cool yacht in the company of relatives and on which, of course, the murder takes place.

And suspicion, of course, falls on our naive spouses. How they will be puffed up is, of course, a must see.


This concludes our review of the top 30 best comedy films of 2019. If you haven't had enough, our site has expanded top-100 best comedies of the80s, 90s, 2000sand2010s. Visit us more often and you will be in a good mood.

We say goodbye to you until next week, where we will discuss the best films dedicated to the apocalypse and post-apocalypse. All the best to you, strong immunity and more cool films and TV series!

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