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How Fallout 76 Players Entertain Themselves


Believe it that time passed so quickly, but Fallout 76 was released six months ago. It would seem that only recently everyone was throwing mud at the game, but after all this time, people are still playing it. Todd Howard recently stated that they knew the game would not be "sugar" or even "sugar substitute." However, the revealing thing about this game is related to its fans. Since they found different ways to entertain themselves in Fallout 76.

Since there is literally nothing to do in the game, Fallout 76 fans keep themselves entertained and thus find the game interesting. You could just call it the quintessential Stockholm Syndrome, but give them credit for their creativity. Today we decided to tell you exactly how Fallout 76 players entertain themselves.

Players become bosses

When there is no content in the game, you need to create this content. One player in F76 got to high levels and decided to become a boss for other players.

A gamer under the nickname SatelliteJedi has been playing Fallout 76 since the beta version. During this time, he discovered almost everything in the game and there was no entertainment content left for him. As the player himself says, the rocked characters in virtual Virginia have nothing to do. He posted in a thread on Rddit that he decided to become a strong in-game boss and invites others to organize collective raids on him.

For his character, he came up with a story that before the war he was the president of an arms company, and after the bombs fell, he became the head of the gang. He attacks the survivors and takes away their weapons in order to sell them later. He describes his boss as “the bad guy that the good guys have to defeat.”


He created his own bunker in which the daredevils await. In it, the gamer set a bunch of traps through which players must get through before fighting him. The player is also guarded by three bodyguards. And I must say - it was a success. A lot of players who decided to challenge him poured down to him. SatelliteJedi recalls that once a group stormed his hideout for eight hours. And there was a team that simply launched a nuclear warhead into his villainous hideout.

Everything seems to be fine, but no. The full implementation of this quest is hindered by the poor PvP system, which makes it difficult for players to engage in combat.

Cannibal Society

Suffering from boredom, the initiative group of players decided to create a full-fledged society of cannibals. Recently, the Polygon website even devoted a lot of material to them.

Cannibalism has been a part of the Fallout world since the first game released in 1997. Now that cannibalism has become an integral mechanic in F76, a player named Chris Graul founded the EATT [Establishment of Appalachian Taste Testers], which has become a haven for all lovers of flesh-tasting in the game.


The EATT philosophy says that human flesh is the tastiest and therefore being a cannibal is akin to being a hedonist. These guys even have their own code: "There are no those who do not harm you."

The idea of creating a settlement for cannibals was inspired by the White Glove Society from a quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Recall that in this quest we learn that cannibalism flourishes among the management of one of the casinos, this secret society is called the "White Glove".

The founders of the society not only united like-minded people, but also created a real paradise for the members of this "club". So, in the settlement of cannibals there is a real fight club. Players fight while spectators place bets. Although the members of the club do not eat each other, this is an exception in the arena, and the loser will be eaten.


EATT has a comedy club where players can read stand-ups, an advanced trading system, eateries for hungry travelers. But perhaps the most remarkable thing is the hunting. This is a high stakes game where there are 5 to 9 hunters and one volunteer. In it, hunters chase an unarmed player in order to devour him, and he must run away from them and hide for 10 minutes.

Members of the community also like to hunt hostile players and set traps for them.

Specific tastes

Another Bethesda-weary player under the nickname Vault101manguy decided to entertain himself and created his own "Minotaur Labyrinth". He built a one-story building, and then lured the Deathclaw there. He himself decorated his building in festive colors, dressed his character in a purple terry robe, slippers and a stupid top hat.

In this appearance, he walked along the near road and called other players behind him with friendly gestures. People followed him, and he invited them to enter his building. When the poor guys entered there, Vault101manguy slammed the door behind them, climbed onto the platforms located above his trap, and watched the players being torn apart by the Deathclaw.

But the guy went further. He, like a true American psychopath, decided to create other traps in the game, and his next creation was "The Church of the Murders." He built a gray temple, dressed in occult clothing, and slowly paced beside it, inviting oncoming players to enter. As they entered his church, he activated a lever. After that, the door was closed, and the passage to it was blocked by flamethrowers, which were turned on while the deceived travelers moved back. Vault101manguy himself took out a sickle and walked slowly to meet his victims. They had only two options: throw themselves into the fire or wait for them to be stabbed to death. Like this ...


Like the cannibal society, other Fallout 76 players also try to entertain themselves by playing different roles.

Users create informal settlements that people come to to participate in a role-playing quest. For example, one of the most popular quests invented by players is "The Cult of the Mothman". Montmanks are such rare powerful creatures that look like moth people. Players team up to find them and fight them. We can say that this is such a society of amateur zoologists in the game.

There are gamers who play the role of itinerant cooks. They walk all over the map, collect various rare products and feed those in need. Other players get jobs at an amusement park in Caden Park, where they need to help robots function so that they can service it.

And there are good guys who decided to become mentors for new players. Usually these are rocking users who are looking for beginners, give them supplies and help them get used to it.

Collecting Bears

Another favorite entertainment for Fallout 76 fans is collecting junk. However, the most interesting thing is to collect the teddy bears that are scattered throughout the wasteland. People create shelves in their shelters on which they display this soft collection.



No matter how bad the game is, the Fallout 76 community is really trying to somehow dilute the gameplay. Over time, it became so friendly that often a collective trip turns into gatherings around the fire and hounding jokes.

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Author: Jake Pinkman