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How can I see all the fonts installed on your computer?


Beautiful fonts aren't just for designers. Remember how many times have you chosen the right font for your graduation work or presentation?

We will tell you about the service with which you can see how the phrase you want looks like in all variants of the fonts installed on your computer, regardless of whether you have a PC or Mac.

WordMark.It Features is very easy to use. Enter text in the input field (it can be a single word, a phrase, or an entire paragraph) and press Enter to see how it will look in all variations of fonts on your computer.

Adobe Flash must be enabled for this site to work. Earlier we covered how to enable Flash in Chrome.

Photo Preview of the phrase in all font variants

Working with filters and saving fonts

Click on the fonts to select them, and then click on the Filter button if you want to narrow your selection.

Photo Select Fonts

When you have made your final selection, you can click the Save Image button to upload a PNG screenshot with the selected previews and font names. You can also quickly print this selection directly from the website.

If all you have to do is preview, filter, and save fonts, you can use all of these without creating an account. But if you want to categorize fonts using tags, then you can create an account on the site for free.

Photo Saving Fonts

Categorizing fonts with tags

To add tags, select all the fonts you want to tag and click Filter . A menu will appear above the fonts. Click the tag button and enter a tag name. allows you to add multiple tags to each font. After you start tagging fonts, a new button will appear in the upper right corner that allows you to filter fonts by tags.

Photo Create Font Tag

You can use tags to categorize fonts according to traditional classifications: Serif, Sans Serif, Calligraphic, etc. Or you can think of any other way to separate them, such as for commercial private use or birthday.

Why WordMark.It is useful for designers

This tool is extremely useful if you, as a designer, are trying to find what font is used in this project, and other methods have not yielded results.

You can quickly compare fonts to see which one is best for your job. Using the filter, you can immediately see how the fonts look in pairs.

The tagging system makes life very easy for designers if they really don't want to run into restrictions on the use of a font in a particular area, or if you don't want to inadvertently use a personal font for commercial purposes.

In our country, not all users, and sometimes designers, pay attention to font licenses and generally know that not all fonts are free and a license is purchased separately for the web, but separately for printed materials, for example.

Summary's clean interface, as well as the ability to preview fonts on white or dark backgrounds, make it one of the best font preview tools available.

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