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Top 20 Best TV Shows November: New Seasons


Winter is getting closer, it's getting colder on the street and battles on TV screens are getting hotter. Today we will talk about the new seasons of the series, which were on hiatus throughout the year and will start again in the last month of autumn. So, welcome to the top 20 best TV series in November according to KinoPoisk.

Be careful, because in our list the TV series are arranged not by release dates, but by the KinoPoisk rating, which is indicated immediately after the title of the multi-episode tape.

And the first in the list, oddly enough, is an animated series ...

1. Rick and Morty 8.9

Adult Swim Season 4 Sunday Nov 10

Old Rick and his granddaughter Morty are inspired in part by the Back to the Future franchise. Only here the old fart scientist is even more cunning and reckless, and his partner is even more cowardly and inhibited.

Old Man Rick, like the bird Talker from the well-known cartoon, is distinguished not only by his mind, but also by his quick wit. He is not only able to build all sorts of useful machines and gadgets from landfill, but he also knows how, where and what they are best used for.

For example, he already has a flying saucer with a time travel function and a device that opens a portal to parallel worlds. But, here's the bad luck, there are times when you cannot be saved by technical devices alone. And then his granddaughter Morty comes to the rescue.

Although, "comes" is not quite the right word. The old man does not even ask him, he just forcibly pulls with him that the granddaughter is not at all to his liking. Indeed, who likes it when your anus is used by your grandfather to smuggle alien plant seeds?

2. Shameless / Shameless 8.6

Showtime Season 10, Sunday November 10

Finally, a holiday has come on the street for the fans of "Shameless". And although actress Emmy Rossum, who performed the role of Fiona for 9 seasons in a row, refused to further participate in the project, the rest of the set of "Frank Gallagher kids" are still in business, and their problems have not disappeared from them.

This means that events will continue to unfold in an unpredictable scenario. And while the self-withdrawing Fiona is equipping her new life in a new place, the guys will try to turn themselves inside out to strengthen their positions in the “old life”.

As we have seen before, they have a hard time doing it. But afloat they, by some miracle, still keep. Will their raft sink this season?

The further fate of the project largely depends on what views the 10th season will have. Many "art connoisseurs" predict a frenzied audience churn due to Fiona's departure. We are all aware of the detrimental effect of the absence of one of the project's hatchliners on the series. Let's take, at least, the same "Walkers".

Therefore, we watch and enjoy. After all, this season can really be the last for the series.

3. Crown 8.2

Netflix Season 3, Sunday November 17th

Until now, Netflix has tried not to delve into the jungle of politics, history and the serious problems of the "global human man". But in this picture, he more than made up for all the lack of the above.


The synopsis indicates that the picture is only, literally: "about the years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain." But against the background of this, the viewer can trace all the vicissitudes of civilization that have fallen on the mortal head of mankind from the beginning of the Second World War to the present day.

Topics covered in the first and second seasons:

  • abdication of Edward VIII;
  • World War II;
  • The arrival of Winston Churchill and the victory of the Conservatives;
  • coronation in 1953;
  • first tests of a hydrogen bomb in the USSR;
  • Suez Crisis;
  • Olympics 1956;
  • decolonization of Africa;
  • assassination of John F. Kennedy;
  • The Profumo Case, etc.

In the third season, they promise to review everything that happened in the world from 1964 to 1976, including the World Cup in 1966, the tragedy at the mine in Aberfan, the first landing of American astronauts on the moon, etc.

It will probably be interesting.

4. Ray Donovan 7.8

Showtime Season 7, Sunday 17 November

"And who the Fixies are - a big-big secret", is sung in a song to the children's cartoon of the same name. But the adults know that a series has been shot about the Fixies for them too. This is the same "Ray Donovan", only here he is not "Fixik", but a real "Fixer", that is, in simple words, a problem solver.

For 6 seasons, Ray has been solving problems of famous people. In fact, he is a cleaner who cleans up not only traces of the physical plane behind the stars and other “money” personalities. He also cleans reputations and, in general, everything that can be cleaned or mopped up.

Only here is the personal life of Ray Donovan himself who would have cleaned up. And there is so much rubbish that they cannot take out for the seventh season in a row.

5. End of the ***** world 7.8

Channel 4, Season 2, Monday November 4

Next on our list of the best TV shows in November is the story of two teenagers with sawdust instead of brains and how they do their best to turn these sawdust into brain matter.


Although, “trying to transform” is not the correct wording. Rather, the sawdust itself gradually turns into such a substance as teenagers acquire communication skills that are different from the established "I am quietly talking to myself".

Cudgel James is an idiot, which is not enough. By poking, he came to the conclusion that he was a psycho, which is why he began to kill animals, hoping to soon switch to people. And he decided to start with Alice, a new student in the class, who, in fact, turned out to be also out of this world. Moreover, it is not yet known who will surpass whom in this sense.

By the end of the first season, the situation was tragic. I wonder who that final shot was meant for? We'll find out soon.

6. Atypical 7.6

Netflix Season 3 Friday November 1

The next member of our top of the best TV series in November is also out of this world. And most of all, he resembles Sheldon from the familiar “Big Bang Theory”.


Because of his frustration, mom and dad follow him all his life. But then one day our "atypical" protagonist Sam decides to finally start a new life, independent, in which no one else will court him.

He even decided to make friends with a girl. But the diagnosis of the only girl who did not run away from him at breakneck speed turned out to be not much better than him. And he, as it turned out, does not need a friend.

In general, you can build yourself out of yourself as "different from everyone" and "special" as much as you like, until your peers, piling up in a crowd, will reveal to you the real-total truth that, in their opinion, you are nothing more than "goofs" and an idiot. ”

What to do then?

7. Dragon Prince 7.6

Netflix Season 3 Friday 22 November

Another place in our top of the best TV series in November is given to an animated multi-part film about a fantasy world in which another war is about to take place.


The fact is that once people managed to destroy the dragon king, which made the elven brotherhood very, very angry. And now the confrontation between people and elves has become so tense that it would seem that hostilities cannot be avoided.

And at this time a couple of small offspring of royal blood from among people find a dragon egg, from which the next prince of dragons must hatch. In order to prevent the impending catastrophe, they decide to take this egg to the dragon widow, and an elf guide is sent to accompany them, a master in the plan to kick someone's ass.

In general, another revised version of The Fellowship of the Ring from Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. But it will be interesting to watch. Especially for anime lovers. Although this, as fans of the genre will immediately scream, and not anime at all, because it comes from America, and the eyes of people here are not half a head in size.

8. Medici: Lords of Florence 7.5

RAI Season 1, 3, Tuesday 12 November

The head of the Medici family chose a bad time to die. Or rather, the killers chose an excellent time to poison him.

War is approaching. The Pope ordered to live long. And the new Pope may no longer need the services of the Medici Bank. But by universal suffrage, his son Cosimo was chosen to succeed Giovanni Medici as head of the Florentine Republic.

And not only the competitors of the Medici house were dissatisfied. Someone closer is trying to make every effort to remove Cosimo from this warm place. Moreover, not to move down the career ladder, but to the next world.

9. Mother Goose IMDb 7.5

Discovery Season 4 Thursday November 7th

Next on our list of the best TV shows in November is a Swedish project that will teach men how not to engage in drug trafficking, and women how to deal with dirty things so as to get bogged down in them.


The main character of the series was left alone with three children after her husband became involved in the dark affairs of local drug dealers. They simply shot him without even figuring out whether he was involved in the problem or not.

Her husband, along with two accomplices, just grew weed and just sold it on the sly. He personally had enough for life. But this was not enough for one of the Korefans. Alone, he tracked down the courier of local drug dealers and, after shooting the escorts, drove the van with cocaine to a secluded spot.

But the mafia, as they say, has eyes everywhere. So let them shoot all the lads. And the husband of the future "Mother Goose" - including. Now what do you order the poor widowed mother to do? Really revenge?

10. Carbonaro Effect IMDb: 7.4

TruTV Season 5, Thursday 7 November

Many people like such show programs as, for example, "Naked and Funny", where artists play random people and shoot the whole thing on a hidden camera. What would you say if a real professional magician organized the draws in such a show?

I do not argue, some jokes are too naive. But, as you saw from the provided video, flattening dogs and storing them in a plate form is also perceived "with a bang" by some.

But there will be more!

11. Crazy About You 7.4

NBC Season 8, Saturday 30 November

The project continues our top best November TV series, which was reopened by NBC exactly 20 years after it was closed. At the end of that century, the series remained at the peak of popularity for as many as 7 seasons, after which it became problematic to keep Paul Raiser and Helen Hunt in the project.


Yes, and nothing new the series, it seems, could not offer the viewer. But now, after a fifth of a century, our stars are back in the new season to show how much they were able to recover from an overabundance of their neuroticism.

How was the family life of documentary filmmaker Paul and Jamie striving for spiritual freedom during a twenty-year break, and what funny twists of fate await them now? Many will be interested to know about this.

12. The Man in the High Castle 7.3

Amazon Season 4 Friday 15 November

The series, which was originally based on the novel of the same name by science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, has stepped far beyond the original source. It didn't make him smarter, but definitely more watchable.

Although, in vain, of course, the project was stretched for 4 whole seasons. From this he lost more than he gained. But showrunners of such multi-part films always stand for extending the project for the next seasons in order to save jobs, an established schedule, and cut more money.

But then the people began to cool down towards the project, which was evident from how they lost the series in views in season 3. That is why they decided on Amazon that it was time to quit this story.

Kritz Kritz, parallel worlds - parallel worlds, and no one wants to leave.

For those not in the know, recall that the series describes an alternative historical version of a parallel universe, in which non-allies won the Second World War, and in which the United States was occupied by the Nazis.

13. Jack Ryan 7.3

Amazon Season 2 Friday November 1

Jack Ryan is a simple analyst in the CIA's finance department. His job is to analyze transactions of one of the Central Asian "sections" of the banking network, where he noticed a couple of suspicious transfers.

All of them led to a mysterious personality - Suleiman. At first, Jack, who reported his findings to his superiors, came across a complete misunderstanding, but then, when a couple of suspects were taken on the spot, the case was given the green light, and analyst Jack Ryan was somehow imperceptibly transferred to the category of operatives.

Yes, earlier he had experience serving in the Marine Corps, but then he became the accidental culprit of the explosion of the turntable, in which only he survived from the entire crew and passengers. How is his service going now?

After all, not only the life of the president and the country, but the world as a whole is at stake!

14. Star Survival with Bear Grylls 7.3

NBC Season 5, Tuesday November 5

The famous traveler Bear Grylls (apparently a derivative of the "Grizzly bear", that is - "Grizzly bear") has been inviting various celebrities for 4 seasons in a row with him on a delightful trip across countries and continents.

But they turn out to be "entertaining" only for those who are watching the action sitting in a cozy apartment on the couch, with their legs raised and drinking tea with cookies. For the participants, these "hikes" are given with great difficulty. Desert, jungle, rocks, mountains, stormy streams, knee-deep snowdrifts, this is exactly what you can count on for the next guest who agreed to take part in the filming of the next episode.

Over the years, the following took part in the show:

  • Kate Winslet
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Michael B. Jordan
  • Courtney Cox
  • Shaquille O'Neill
  • Julia Roberts
  • Lena Headey
  • Keri Russell
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt and others

At the end of the first season, Barack Obama himself became the hero of one of the episodes. What else could be a better advertisement for the show than the participation of the President of the United States?

15. Shi-Ra and the Invincible Princesses 7.2

Netflix Season 4, Tuesday November 5

We continue our top of the best TV series of November, in which there is again an animated multi-part tape on the list. And she is a re-version of the popular in 1985 TV series "Invincible Princess Shi-Ra".


The action takes place on a planet called Etheria. As in Avatar, here we are talking about a deserter from “ours” to “yours”, whereby “yours” suddenly become “ours” and “ours” become “yours”. And the defector himself is the captain of the horde's unit Adora, who has become skilled in martial arts in five minutes. Accidentally finding a miraculous sword in the ruins, she suddenly becomes a great heroine Shi-Roi, who, according to legends, has to save all the “good” people of the planet from Hordak (her former “supreme commander”). It is already clear that in the end ours, who used to be yours, albeit with great difficulty (season 4 has already started), will win!

By the way, you can always draw a new antagonist instead of Hordak, right? The main thing is that the ratings of the project are at the level!

16. Britain 6.4

Amazon Season 2, Thursday November 7th

This time, the Amazon TV channel decided to dig deeper into the past of Great Britain. You will have to return to the times when the continent was inhabited by the Celtic tribes who came to conquer the Romans who thought of themselves a lot.

From the very beginning, a familiar mug catches the eye. Having slightly stirred the convolutions, we immediately understand who the local Aulus Plautius reminds us. Well, this is the Governor of The Walkers. Yes, in fact, this is the unintelligible David Morrisi, who was entrusted with one of the main roles in this project.

His army will have a hard time on the shores of Foggy Albion. But even here there will be traitors who are not averse to going brother to brother and concluding a treacherous deal with foreigners.

17. Hidden IMDb 6.4

S4C Season 2 Sunday November 17th

After meeting face to face with a mysterious assassin in a hood, Jonas discovers superpowers that anyone can only dream of.


Who was he before? Some kind of sniffy construction worker suffering from constant headaches. And now? He is now a freelance assistant to a former crime investigator, who is still investigating a bygone case involving a string of mysterious ritual murders.

Will they kick the teeth into a tight-knit, special-purpose duo? Let's see.

18. Open Sea 6.2

Netflix Season 2 Friday 22 November

Continuing our top best TV series in November, a Spanish project filmed under the "generous distribution" of the streaming service Netflix.


We are talking about the passengers of a ship carrying on board those who want to escape the horrors of the just flaring up World War II. The ship is sailing from Europe to distant Brazil, so there will be more than enough time to "play around" on board.

In the center of the plot are a couple of sisters who, secretly from the eyes of people and, most importantly, from the guards, dragged a stowaway aboard the ship, which subsequently caused a lot of problems.

To top it all off, everyone on this ship hides secrets in their "dusty closet" that, no, no, and will spill over to those around them and their wearer.

From the very first day on board the ship began malicious murders. And our brave sisters, together with one of the retired officers, will have to take up their investigation.

19. Shadows 6.2

HBO Europe Season 3 Wednesday 20 November

In a different way, the series could be called: "Everyday life of a modern collector." After all, the main character named Relu is a real collector, only working not for banks and other credit persons and organizations, but for one of the local mafiosi.


What is typical, he leads a life that is not standard for other collectors. In normal life, if you work for a bandit, then you are a bandit yourself, and your life is a bandit. But our hero's "collection" is something akin to a side job. He himself leads the life of a respectable and law-abiding citizen and family man, who has both a wife and two children - everything is as expected. Moreover, neither his wife, nor children, nor other of his friends and relatives even suspect about his "collection".

But shit is shit in Africa. According to the laws of physics, it always strives to float to the surface and, in the end, float out, just stumble once.

And Relu, as it should be according to the laws of the genre, once stumbles ...

20. Nothing Happens 6.1

CBS Season 3 Thursday 21 November

Our roundup of the best TV shows in November concludes with a sequel to the comedy series about a couple of police officers specializing in spying on suspects.

They sit in ambush for hours on end (mostly in the car) and talk about painful topics that not everyone will be able to listen to. Sometimes dispatchers, toying with idleness, interfere in their discussion.

Who is interested in such a "stand-up" - welcome to watch!


That's all. We are looking forward to the onset of November, and with it - the holiday dedicated to the Day of National Unity and the start of the listed seasons of significant projects. Next week we will review the top 10 best TV series - premieres. In the meantime - all the best to you, good mood and more cool films and TV series!

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