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Paranoia and Pursuit: Stalkers in TOP 11 Games


Killing opponents in games is pretty common for us. We eliminate the threat as it arrives, and then with a pure soul, and an almost empty clip, we move on. But from time to time we meet a threat that cannot be defeated. Stalker characters in video games are enemies that chase the hero in the game, and we cannot kill them, no matter how we want, the only way to escape is to run away from them while we have strength, hoping that we still don't have to fight them. They will pursue us until they kill us, or until we run away completely. In rare cases, we can only defeat them at the end of the game. This year we are waiting for the release of the Resident Evil 3 remake, where we will meet the cult stalker from the games - Nemesis. We decided to recall the characters of stalkers in games that haunted us.


Let's start with Nemesis. He is a real killing machine tasked with eliminating members of the STARS squad. His first victim was Jill Valentine, who was in Raccoon City. Nemesis cannot be simply taken and killed. He is the latest perfect Tyrant model from Umbrella, who not only possesses high intelligence and great speed, but also wields weapons. In the original game, he carried a grenade launcher in his hand, and in the remake, which will be released in April, the developers also equipped him with a flamethrower. Generally a fairy tale.


Also one of the arms of Nemesis is a tentacle, thanks to which he can not only grab his victims, but also climb tall objects. Nemesis is gigantic, disfigured and very powerful.

Mister X / Mister X


Tyrant Mr. X, although not as dangerous as Nemesis [he is, so to speak, an earlier version of the tyrant], but also deadly. He pursues Criss Redfield and Leon Kennedy at the Raccoon City Police Station in an attempt to kill anyone who knows of the virus leaking. Mister X is a bogey who wears a coat, hat and has an unhealthy gray stone face. He moves slowly, but at the same time the player clearly hears his heavy footsteps behind the wall and this is enough to start to get nervous. When I ran into him in the remake, the following thoughts often occurred to me: "I hope this creature does not know how to climb stairs or jump ... Oooh no, he may ... I'm finished." Most of all I didn’t want to run into him in Bosfayte and I did.

Pyramid head


The Pyramid Head from the second part of Silent Hill is the personal monster of the protagonist James, who haunts him throughout the game. The monster cannot be killed by word at all. He drags a huge sword with which he kills anyone. The bullets just bounce off him, which is even more terrifying. It gets worse when another pyramid head appears.

Dahaka / Dahaka

According to the plot of the second part of the Prince of Persia series, our hero is pursued by the Timekeeper Dahak, who is trying to kill him for breaking the course of time and changing his fate. In addition to the dumb black body that cannot be damaged, the tenacious, tentacle-like appendages erupting from Dahaka's belly are downright disgusting. The Time Keeper also sounds like a creature from hell.


Everything in Dahak - his voice, thunderous steps and brutality makes you feel that any mistake leads to death. It's amazing how such a powerful deity was defeated with an ordinary sword of water.


Hide and seek is supposed to be fun. It's child's play, at least until the scissor dwarf from Clock Tower is playing it. The Clock Tower serial killer is always eager to kill those who fall within its limits. You can hide from him, but Scissorman will find you. It bursts out from under the floor, emerges from the pool and almost always tries to cut you open with its ridiculously large scissors.


He also loves to dance, which gives him an already not normal image of creepiness. Scissorman really deserves the title of the best stalker in the pixel era games. When it appears, your brain shuts down, making it an extremely difficult opponent. Although, I think this can be said about everyone on this list.

The End


Of course, MGS 3's End isn't nearly as scary as everyone else on this list of game stalkers, and he's also older than your dad, but he's one of the paranoid opponents. If Snake loses his focus, he will be the victim of his bullet. Good luck to hide from one of the weirdest snipers in the gaming world. The



Fight or flight are two ways to confront enemies. But fighting the Amnesia Gatherers is difficult, as they make poor Daniel go mad to such an extent that he cannot even see them. Lack of weapons doesn't help either. The Collector follows Daniel to where he hides and continues to rip him apart.

The situation is only exacerbated by the emergence of the most common collector. With his mouth ripped open, sagging like a sack, waiting to be filled with bones. No amount of Botox can fix this gaping mouth.



Slender is an iconic character that emerged from creepypasta. A slim man with long arms stalks you as you try to collect notes in the forest. It is impossible to kill him, and you cannot do it either. Slender always knows where you are, so you must act as quickly as possible.

Songbird / Nightingale


Skyguard Elizabeth Nightingale from Bioshock Infinite is different from all the stalkers listed here. Luckily for you, you don't have to fight them, on the contrary, you can subdue the Nightingale and use it as a weapon. But before that, he will try to kidnap Elizabeth and return her to the tower, and he even succeeds. He almost kills you, but only thanks to his companion you stay alive. As soon as it seems to you that the situation is getting better, a nightingale appears and spoils everything. I am very glad that all his actions are scripted, and he is not endowed with his own AI

Christ Walker


Going to his investigation, the journalist and part-time protagonist of the first part of Outlast meets the madmen in an abandoned hospital, from whom he has to run away. But these are isolated cases, unlike Chris Walker, once a man, and now a big monster who will haunt you for a good part of the game. He wants to kill the main character and constantly affectionately calls him a pig. When you are hiding in the closet, and he goes to your door to open it, this is the moment when the bricks are pouring out of you.

Debilitas / Debilitas


Haunting Ground is the spiritual heir of Clock Tower and has its own stalker - Debilitas. He looks like the mentally retarded version of Chris Walker, who haunts you for no reason. Only closer to the end his motives will be revealed to you, and before that he will be a healthy, hulking carcass that rushes at you screaming while you explore the castle.


Majima Goro


And in the end, I want to remember the most unusual stalker I have ever met in games. In addition, this is the only game in my memory not in the horror genre [and in principle it stands out from the list], where there is a similar character - Majima Goro from Yakuza Kiwami. Majima is a crazy yakuza who is crazy about the main character of the game Kazuma Kiryu. Majima really enjoys fighting him and is trying to help him become a real "dragon". Therefore, he always provokes Kiryu to fight and chases him throughout the game, appearing literally out of nowhere. Each time it becomes more difficult to defeat him.

Only after playing Yakuza Kiwami will you realize what the phrase “Majima is everywhere” means. He can disguise himself as a police officer to stop you, catch you in storage of weapons and start a fight, hides in the crowd and waits for an opportunity to attack. Are you walking down the street? Majima will come out of the sewer. Doing a story mission? He will come to him specifically to fight. Have your adopted daughter stolen? Guess who did it and why. And who is this pretty blonde running towards you shouting "Kiryuyu chaaan!"? Well, you get the idea ....

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