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10 more violent anime


Over the years, horror anime has evolved from simple animations with gore to complex action scenes with fast attacks and movements. Last time we told you about 12 violent anime, but we promised to continue the list over time. Here are 10 more violent and bloody anime for slasher fans. Many of these titles are even more brutal than in the last top, so if you are too sensitive, this is definitely not the place for you.


Two warring ninja clans, Iga and Kuga fought for centuries until Hattori Hanzo the First concluded a treaty to end the feud between families. Many years later, the shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu resigns and plans to hand over the leadership to one of his sons. To choose his successor, he breaks the truce between the clans. Each of them sends 10 of their best fighters to fight to the death. The outcome of the battle will determine who of the two clan members becomes the next shogun.



By day, Saya Kisaragi is a regular teenager from high school. Baba has more to do at night than just housework. With her divine sword, donated by her priest father, Saya promised to kill all the monsters that pose a threat to her small village. However, there are more and more monsters, and many of her friends die. More and more often, she remembers things that she had long forgotten. One day she meets a little dog who asks her, is she sure that all her surroundings are true? It is after this that she will have to face something more than just a war with demons.



The plot takes place in an alternative world of the Middle Ages, where people are fighting with Youma - werewolves who devour entrails and can even disguise themselves as their prey. With the ability to become human-like, Youma is also able to recreate their memories and way of thinking. They are being fought by a secret organization that created the Claymores - half human, half Youma, to destroy monsters.


The plot is about Claire's claymore. She will save the boy Lucky, whose family was killed by the werewolves, and avenge them. Exiled after the death of the family, Lucky follows Claire on her way to destroy monsters.


Genocyber can be described as a Category B movie from the anime world. It also bears the title of the most controversial anime of the 90s. The story unfolds in a future where humanity comes together to form a single government. However, unity is simply impossible due to the many people and corporations hungry for profit and power over the whole world.


A company called the Kuryu Group is trying to create the most powerful weapon known as the Genocyber - a biological creature with powers such as regeneration, psychokinetic powers and incredible physical strength. As a result, this weapon is trying to destroy everything and everyone in this world. At the time, anime still couldn't afford to show the death of children, but Genocyber decided to break this trend.

Murder Princess

In the courtyard of 672, the Royal Palace of Forland was attacked by wild animals. The king of Forland is wounded and, with his last gasp, tells his only daughter Alita, the heiress of the kingdom, to flee through the forest to preserve her family. Alita escapes from the castle with the help of the guards, but in the forest she is attacked by another creature. The princess is saved by the bounty hunter Filas. As a result of the battle, they both fall from the cliff, and at this time change bodies. Now in the body of the princess of the kingdom lives one of the most cruel and dangerous assassins of that time.


Ninja Scroll

In one village, a plague epidemic breaks out, and the ninja of the Koga clan are sent there. There they are met by strange creatures that cut out almost everyone in the squad. The only survivor is the scout Kagero, who is rescued by the wandering samurai Jubei, who travels around the country in search of work. He draws his sword and kills the attackers.


But the mercenary did not know that he had killed one of the "Eight demons of Kimano" - a group of warriors with superhuman capabilities. Now he is an enemy for them and they are hunting for him.

Terra Formars

In the near future, six crew members from Earth are sent to Mars in order to begin terraforming there. However, their mission does not go according to plan, when giant mutated humanoid cockroaches devour them. Now, humanity is planning another mission with the sole purpose of eradicating these giant humanoid pests.


While there are plenty of bloody anime, no other series received as much censorship during its early episodes as Terra Formars. When the first episode first aired in Japan, it was censored to the point that it became distracting and annoying. Such an abundance of censorship is another reason to watch it for all fans of bloody anime. Of course, the version without it.

Violence Jack

The anime takes place in Kanto, after a strong earthquake comparable to the apocalypse. The region becomes cut off from the main world and turns into a haven for murderers and rapists. The main character is Jack, a kind of hermit who has fangs and extraordinary strength. He helps the weak for free, and kills all the bastards who attack defenseless people.



This is the beginning of the Edo era. Feudal lord Tokugawa Tadanaga holds a fighting tournament. However, unlike other duels, this one will use real iron swords rather than bokken [wooden swords]. The story revolves around the first match between the one-armed swordsman Fujiki Gennosuke and the blind samurai Irako Seigen, both of whom are students of Iwamoto Kogan, Japan's greatest swordsman.


Fans of the samurai genre should put Shigurui at the top of their to-do list as the series adapts the real-life samurai era.


Wormlike parasites fly to the ground. They sneak into human bodies and capture them, eating the host's head. One such parasite enters the body of an ordinary schoolboy Shinichi, but for some reason he cannot control it and is forced to live in his hand. He has to put up with this, because otherwise he will die. The parasite and the student have to work together to survive in a new world where people turn into monsters.


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