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The main Easter eggs in Marvel's Avengers


Marvel's Avengers is a comic book game, so it is filled with tons of Easter eggs and references to the superhero Marvel universe. Today we will analyze the most important Easter eggs in Marvel's Avengers, which were noticed by the keen eye of fans.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel

Despite the fact that Carol Danvers herself, aka Captain Marvel, does not appear in the game, she is an important character for her, at least because, focusing on her, Kamala Khan chooses the superhero pseudonym Ms. Marvel after she exposed to the Mists of Terrigen. After this, it's not surprising why there are hints of her everywhere.


Kamala wears a Captain Marvel T-shirt in the intro, and later uses a cell phone case with her emblem. Eagle-eyed players will notice how one of the many arcade machines depicts the modern look of Captain Marvel in the blue and red suit that has become her trademark.


Captain America also mentions Carol with the statement that she is currently "out of the world." Later, players can see two posters of Danvers in Kamala's room - one depicting the character in her standard form, and the other showing her very similar in-game model waiting to appear.

Avengers Artifacts

In the "Find Olympia" story mission, players enter the old Avengers building, and its secret section contains a museum-like room with many surprises and Easter eggs for Marvel comics under glass bells. Here players can find items that belonged to Stark, presumably for the prototype of the Iron Man suit, a giant goblet of wood and Scandinavian metals undoubtedly belonging to Thor, and the first Captain America shield, which he used when he was just a symbol during World War II. These are just a few examples, as this area teems with Easter eggs.


Shuri has invented Captain America's new shield

It's cool to see multiple versions of Cap's shield in-game, but you know which one is even cooler? Realize that Princess Shuri of Wakanda invented the one that Steve uses in the game, as suggested by the exhibition description in the mission A-Day. Crystal Dynamics has confirmed that Black Panther will eventually join the playable heroes in the future - and Wakanda is also mentioned as a real area to explore, but so far the only reference to it has been in the A-Day mission. It would be great to see Shuri in the future, especially if she is playable.


Daily Bugle

Let's just say that John Jameson himself aka "I need a photo of Spider-Man" is not in the game, but the Daily Bugle news channel has flashed in the game more than once. The Daily Bugle's headquarters are also located on the streets of the city, although it is impossible to enter the building.


Phil Sheldon

Players may spot Phil Sheldon at the start of one of the missions during an interview with Nick Fury. Sheldon made his debut in the iconic Avengers comic series, written by Kurt Busick and Alex Ross, which chronicled his exploits as a reporter chronicling Marvel's Silver Age heroes.


As in the comics, Sheldon is a reporter for the Daily Bugle in Crystal Dynamics. Only this time, he seems to have absorbed the inclinations of Jay John Jameson.

Phil was injured during the events of A-Day and is essentially acting as AIM's mouthpiece.

Legendary Agents of SHIELD

Nick Fury is not the only SHIELD hero, as there are many agents living in his shadow, but they have enough amazing features in appearance to remember them. While they are not as prominently represented in the game, there are subtle references to them. So, some confirm the existence of Jimmy Wu in the game. The character was reimagined as an FBI agent in Ant-Man and the Wasp and played admirably by Randall Park, but in the game he returned to his roots as a SHIELD agent.


Marvel's Avengers also featured Maria Hill in a supporting role, and Nick Fury also mentions Doom Doom Dugan, a famous Howling Commando bowler hat with a bigger sweater and an even bigger mustache.

Hawkeye is missing

At the time of the events of the game, Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, he is the weakest Avenger [sorry, Hawkeye fans] is absent from history. Even before the game was released, it was announced that he would be the first post-release hero with his own storyline.


When Kamala comes to the lair of the Avengers, she can find on the wall a general photo of the heroes without their costumes, and it depicts an archer known to us. That is, in the Crystal Dynamics universe, he was with the Avengers from the very beginning, but at the start of the game he is still absent. This makes us wonder: What happened to Hawkeye?



Another character seemingly ready to join the Avengers as a playable hero, James “Rhodey” Rhodes [aka Warmaster] gets a minor mention in one of the game's collectibles - a message sent to him by Tony Stark after A-Day.

Tony thanks his friend for interceding for him at the hearing, alludes to the Warmaster's armor and mentions a couple of names, one of which, as you might guess, is Thaddeus Ross, a military general you may know from such comics like The Incredible Hulk.

He may even appear in the future as a post-release hero.

Red room

After rescuing Kamala from Monica from her secret AIM prison, Black Widow returns to the Avengers and mounts the Chimera. Her room is full of interesting things, but we are interested in an important Easter.

So, you can find mention of the Red Room, the Soviet assassin academy that trained Natasha before she switched to the SHIELD side.

Go to the room table and you can interact with the ballerina's music box. The widow mentions something about her past, but the connection is clear. Each Widow agent has been given false memories to better conceal their cover, and Natasha's past revolves around professional ballet. The Hulk Woman In Marvel's Avengers, there is an easter egg that briefly refers us to the She-Hulk.

The game contains a poster for the movie Rumbler, starring James David as the main antagonist in the She Hulk comic series.


Mjolnir in Cap's hands

Many remember the famous Avengers party scene from Age of Ultron, where the heroes take turns trying to pick up Thor's hammer, and only when Captain America grabs it does he manage to move it, which scares Thor.

There is a similar easter egg in the game. On the Chimera, every avenger can enter Thor's room to pick up the hammer, but fail. Captain America is also trying to lift Mjolnir, and just like in the movie, he even manages to move it a little bit.

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