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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the Disappointment of the Year. Spoiler alert: loot boxes are to blame


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is not only one of the most anticipated releases of the fall, but also turns out to be the biggest disappointment for the gaming industry in 2017.

It seemed that all the secrets of success were in place: the franchise with a multi-million audience of fans, the wizards from DICE were involved in the development of the multiplayer part of the game, and the single-player company was entrusted to a separate studio under the supervision of Jade Raymond, who is known for leading the development of the Assassins Creed series.

Why did things go wrong? Spoiler: EA's greed and the lootbox system are to blame. And there were such hopes.

Reddit scandal

Spoler: Darth Vader was responsible for this

A week before the release of the project in the EA Access service, you could play the trial version of the project. One of the first was a user of the popular American Reddit forum under the nickname TheHotterPotatto, who spoke negatively about the loot box system in the game.

According to him, the system of crediting has changed, with which you can unlock new heroes, weapons and other bonuses. Now, electronic currency was credited not depending on the skill of the gamer during the match, but on the amount of time spent in the game.

Darth Vader destroyed not only the Jedi order, but also sales Battlefront
Photo of Darth Vader - destroyed not only the Jedi Order, but also the Battlefront sales

According to a Reddit user, it will take over 40 hours of play to unlock Darth Vader and other popular characters. And this is taking into account the fact that it is necessary to save credits without wasting them on any other purchases. Of course, the game provides various challenges, for the completion of which credits are awarded.

EA listened to the fans, but in its own way. The price of heroes was reduced by 75%, but at the same time they reduced the reward for missions and introduced a limit on the credits received per day

But the number of tests is limited, and even if you pass them all, you can earn only about 30,000 credits, which is equal to half the cost of expensive characters. Moreover, TheHotterPotatto noted that in total, it can take hundreds of hours to complete all the tests, and some of them cannot be completed without characters that can only be bought with the help of a long grind.

In the first hours after the publication of the post, a whole wave of indignation from gamers hit EA. The main reason for the claims is the need to pay $ 60 for the game and at the same time spend extra money to fight on equal terms with users who pour additional money into the game. This method of monetization would be suitable for projects with the Free To Play system, but not for games that are sold at full price.

EA's Answer: A prime example of the proverb “my tongue is my enemy”

EA's PR manager was quick to reassure that the company continues to tweak the credit accumulation system and the need for a long grind is due to the fact that players should feel "challenging and satisfied" from the multiplayer part of the project.

675,000 dislak is a reddit record
A photo of 675,000 dislacks is a reddit record

Of course, such a message was not positively received by the gaming community, but only added problems to the publisher. In the first hours after publication, the post received more than 675,000 dislikes, which is a real record on the Reddit website.

The resonance was so great that the moderators even closed the topic, tk. In the direction of EA, more and more threats of reprisals against company employees and their families were heard. Previously, the most negative was the post in which the person himself asked for dislikes, which collected "only" 24 thousand marks.

Honest player description of Battlefront 2
Photo Honest player description of Battlefront 2

The scandal went beyond the gaming forums and got into the major world media, and the players began to accuse Disney of promoting gambling. Such a blow to reputation is difficult to ignore, and EA assured that it reduced the cost of purchases of in-game items by 75%, and later announced that it was completely abandoning the system of buying crystals for real money.

Even Blizzard couldn't resist poking EA's loot boxes.

However, with one caveat: they refuse for an indefinite period until they make certain adjustments to the microtransaction system. Nobody knows what the adjustments are. But we can say with confidence that at this stage the victory is for the gaming community.

Star Wars Battlefront 2's failure of the year?

Despite the scandal with loot boxes, the game can hardly be called bad, it is a worthy project from which you can get a fair amount of pleasure, albeit with some reservations.

In Brief

  • Grafon was delivered
  • The plot was not delivered

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At the beginning, it should be said about the main advantages: the graphic component and the canonical company, which will delight fans of the franchise with a meeting with their favorite characters. If you are crazy about the Star Wars universe, then buying a new Battlefront will be the best cash investment.

Cruel spoilers will follow

In the story, you play as a fighter of the Empire's elite troops named Eden Versio and will be able to take part in a story telling about the events after the explosion of the second Death Star.

Destruction of the second death star
Photo Destruction of the Second Death Star

The main surprise is that little attention is paid to the story of the Empire. Most of the time, you will play as your favorite characters from the original film trilogy, and you will also be able to participate in significant events, such as the Battle of Naboo. At its core, the campaign is a solid fan service, and quite high quality, which will be appreciated by Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer

Federation in Battlefront 2 is one big humiliation right now
Photography Federation in Battlefront 2 is one big humiliation right now

As for the multiplayer part, the main trouble here is the completely destroyed balance. The simplest example: Separatist ships are significantly inferior to the clone technique in all characteristics, which is why the team playing for the droids needs to try hard to win the next game session.

Well, the main problem is the development system. Each of the characters or starships has three slots in which you can place cards that give passive bonuses. In fact, these are perks from the familiar to many COD MW 2, only in the new EA project bonuses for cards are simply astronomical, and to craft at least one card you need to play tens of hours.

Should you buy?

Battlefront 2 ratings seem to hint that it is not worth it to piss off fans
Photo Ratings of Battlefront 2, as it were, hints that you shouldn't make fans angry

If you are a fan of the Star Wars universe, you certainly should. Since in the game you will find a lot of interesting fan services especially for you.

If you are not a fan, but just want to play an AAA + class shooter, then this is not the game you are looking for. The company is extremely small and consists of plot blunders more than completely. And the multiplayer is now so unbalanced that you can hardly get real pleasure from it.

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