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Top 10 Cyberpunk Games to Play Before Cyberpunk 2077 Release


After the re-announcement of Cyberpunk 2077, Polish studio CD Project has once again attracted the attention of the gaming industry, and the spectacular trailer has been viewed over 13 million times in just a month. But until the release date of Cyberpunk 2077 has been announced, we decided to recall other cyberpunk games that should be played by all gamers who are not indifferent to the utopian and cruel romance of the future held under the motto of "High Tech, Low Life".

10. Hard Reset

This game is a clear example of what happens if an adrenaline-fueled shooter in the spirit of "Painkiller" is modernized and transferred from Hell to a cyberpunk setting based on the traditions of the works of William Gibson. Former developers from the studio People Can Fly have remained true to their concept of dynamic shooters and offer gamers to test their reflexes, and at the same time pacify the rebellious artificial intelligence.

You shouldn't expect revelations from the plot of the Hard Reset, moreover, it is most often served in short videos between missions. However, the typical dirty and rainy 80s cyberpunk setting is a great excuse to beat the game. Separately, we note that in 2016 Hard Reset Redux was released, which significantly improves the picture and, thanks to the addition of a katana, makes the process of shredding mad robots even more fun and additive.

9. Syndicate

In Electronic Arts' suitcase, you can find many interesting game series, among which there is even the cult cyberpunk TV series Syndicate. The entire series can be divided into two periods: strategic (1993-1996) and shooter (2012). Since the original strategies are already outdated, we still recommend focusing on the 2012 shooter from Starbreeze, but note that the restart in terms of the depth of the script is inferior to the original games.

But as for the shooter mechanics, adrenaline battles and colorful locations, here the latest Syndicate can pleasantly surprise. Especially today, when storyline FPSs are on the brink of extinction.

8. Remember Me

Developers from the French studio Dontnod have established themselves as true masters of everything related to the plot or visual of the game, but the gameplay is not so smooth. This is especially evident in the example of the studio's debut project - Remember Me. The game stood out for the aesthetics of cyberpunk Paris and the plot, where the main character after amnesia had to restore her memory piece by piece, and at the same time her personality.

One of the main features of the cyberpunk game is the ability to change people's memories. In a dystopian Paris, you can never know if your memories actually existed or if they were integrated by hackers, which makes people live in conditions of total paranoia and distrust of each other. In general, everything is in the best traditions of cyberpunk.

7. EYE Divine Cybermancy

The French from Streum on Studio are clearly not looking for easy ways, otherwise why release a deus ex-like game a few months before the release of Deus Ex Human Revolution? One way or another, the developers paid dearly for such a step, and their cyberpunk creation EYE remained in the shadow of its iminite competitor.

So, we propose to completely correct this misunderstanding and install EYE Divine Cybermancy as soon as possible. Yes, the game looked ugly even at the time of release, and now it was even more so, but the gameplay is what really matters. The game with the zeal of an excellent student copies the gameplay formula of Warren Spector and offers to go through almost every situation in the game in several ways. EYE Divine Cybermancy is a great solution for anyone who misses the sandboxes in the Immersive sim genre.

6. Transistor

Taking a cursory look at Transistor, the most important thing is not to be deceived. Under the cover of a budget isometric action game hides one of the most melancholic and emotional stories in cyberpunk games. The unfriendly city of Cloudbank has connected the fates of two extraordinary characters: the singer Red, who literally lost her voice, and a two-handed transistor sword, which is just as alive thanks to the ability to absorb the minds of other people.

The story is also notable for a light touch of philosophy, a pleasant aftertaste, which can only be compared with the ending of Blade Runner 1982. Agree, it already sounds like a worthy reason to download Transistor, but besides this, the game is ready to offer tactical battles and a picture in which combined high-tech style with abstract painting of the era of early modernism.

5. Shadowrun Returns

The resurrection of the popular RPG series was only possible thanks to fan funding on Kickstarter. The developers promised to create an old-school RPG and threatened to write a story combining traditional noir cyberpunk with a fantasy setting.

The Harebrained Schemes studio did not cope with all the elements perfectly, for example, the open world was absolutely lifeless and uninteresting, and excessively hardcore gameplay could cause prolonged bouts of rage, but ... The visual style and plot fully compensated for the failure of the game design, The assimilation editor will help you create an endless number of your own scenarios for cyberpunk games.

4. Observer

Horror with detective elements Observer is a game from true fans of the cyberpunk genre. Widespread retrofuturism, VHS filters, and references to dystopian classics are enough to grab the attention of fans of the setting, but what about Ruttger Hauer, who voiced the main character? Isn't that enough to buy an Observer?

Okay, then perhaps you will be interested in the gameplay, where, like Remember Me, we will have to invade the minds of criminals in order to find out the information we need. But instead of structured travel from the Dontnod project, in the Observer we will go to the psychedelic world of the subconscious and irrational fears, where it is already a feat not to become a victim of madness yourself.

3. Omikron: The Nomad soul

Best Unknown Cyberpunk Game is the best description for David Cage's debut game. Of course, in Detroit Become Human, the talented game designer and screenwriter revisited the cyberpunk setting, but Omikron: The Nomad soul remains Cage's main work to this day.

For the start-up project of the young studio Omikron was truly a titanic work, because in one game a fighting game, a quest, a first-person shooter, an abundance of role-playing elements and even an open 3D world with controlled cars, released earlier than the cult GTA 3, were talented. nevertheless, the main thing is the plot, because cyberpunk scenery was used to tell a mystical and philosophical story, where the role of one of the characters was played by the "man from the future" himself - David Bowie.

2. System Shock 2

It's time to get to the real and well-known classics of the gaming industry. System Shock 2 is usually praised for its gameplay, striking variety of actions and an atmosphere that scares worse than any "Outlast". The game periodically makes its way to the leading positions in the tops of the best games in general, but it is rarely referred to as cyberpunk.

But it is in System Shock 2 that the scenario about a raving artificial intelligence, which has become an integral part of numerous cyberpunk works, is best revealed. The brutal and always logical SHODAN AI will become your personal nightmare even after beating the game, we guarantee it.

1. Deus Ex Human Revolution

Admit it, you probably knew even before the opening of the top what game will be under the leading position? The Deus Ex series perfectly reveals all the problems that arise in cyberpunk works: the power of corporations, poverty and discord of human society against the background of progressive achievements of science, cybercrime, stratification of society into augmented and ordinary people, and much more.

We'll honestly point out that in terms of variability, Human Revolution is no match for the original 2000 Deus Ex. But it is precisely because of the harmonious blend of all things like story, music, graphic design and story that Human Revolution feels like the most complex part of the series. Before the release of Cyberpunk 2077, Deus Ex Human Revolution was by far the best cyberpunk game ever.

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Author: Jake Pinkman