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IFixIt named Galaxy Note 9 maintainability rating


The specialists of the iFixIt portal could not miss the appearance of such a major novelty as the Galaxy Note 9. Having bought it immediately after it went on sale, they looked inside.

Thanks to a review like this , device owners can understand what to expect in the event of a breakdown and how difficult it is to repair modern mobile devices. Usually, you shouldn't even try, it is better to contact the specialists.

In terms of design, the Galaxy Note 9 is not too different from last year's Galaxy Note 8. The battery size has grown, the S Pen stylus has been updated to support the Bluetooth Low Energy standard. A larger heat pipe has been added to reduce the temperature of the processor under high loads, including during long games.

The researchers were not too lazy to disassemble the stylus. There they found a system on a Dialog Semiconductor Bluetooth Smart chip and a Seiko Instruments supercapacitor. This supercapacitor is responsible for powering the stylus's built-in modem. The rest of the functionality does not require a power supply. Thus, you can draw and write with a discharged stylus, as before. A coil is located near the tip, which is responsible for wireless charging from a smartphone.

Early reviewers and smartphone owners claim that Samsung has done an excellent job. The already excellent line of smartphones just got better.

The Galaxy Note 9 scored 4 out of 10 for maintainability. This is a rather weak result, but not the worst among modern devices. Although a modular approach to components is adopted to facilitate replacement in the event of failure, the large amount of adhesive makes it difficult to remove these components from the device. In particular, it is very difficult to remove the battery. To get to it, you first need to remove the back cover, which won't be easy either.

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Author: Jake Pinkman