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Scientists have come up with a flexible battery for the same gadgets


The world of electronic technology is gradually conquering foldable gadgets, and a number of manufacturers have already created a smartphone with a flexible screen as an alternative to the usual design of a mobile device. The market for flexible gadgets is just beginning to emerge, and as smartphones and other technology of this form factor develop further, they will need a reliable battery.

Solution for flexible gadgets

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used as a power source and are used in modern electronics. And while these batteries cannot be bent, Swiss scientists seem to have figured out what to do with it. Their new development is a battery that can withstand repeated bending.

Specialists of the Zurich Institute of Technology have created a flexible battery that can twist, stretch and bend without interruption in the supply of energy. The invention is still a prototype, which in the future can turn into a working model for commercial use.


What's the secret

The battery contacts are a flexible polymer based on electrically conductive carbon. It is also the outer shell of the development. The internal structure of the battery includes silver plates, which, like tiles, overlap one another. This tight design prevents the contacts between the battery components from breaking, even if the battery is bent or twisted.


The main feature of the battery that every flexible smartphone can be equipped with in the future is its electrolyte. It is a special gel containing high concentration of lithium salts. This helps the flow of ions not only to move freely between the poles of the battery, additionally protect it from electrochemical decomposition, but also reduces its toxicity and the risk of spontaneous combustion. In addition to everything, the authors of the project talk about the environmental friendliness of the gel in comparison with analogues that are present in standard batteries.

Further development of the project

As the authors of the invention explain, the next stage of work on the project before its commercial release will be to optimize the battery with a number of additions to its device. To do this, it is necessary to conduct a number of studies, but for now the battery is considered a prototype of the future finished product. First of all, scientists want to find out how much capacity can be increased and how long the battery can hold a charge while remaining flexible.


A number of nuances remain unclear, so another smartphone with a flexible screen, which theoretically could appear on the market in the near future, while receiving a standard battery. The developers want to find the optimal combination of all battery components, its ideal thickness, in order to prepare a functional product that is completely ready for mass production.

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Author: Jake Pinkman