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Final Fantasy XV - Five Must-Play Reasons


After a long wait, Final Fantasy XV is out on the PC, with numerous improvements and significantly improved graphics. Despite the fact that this series already has 15 numbered parts and even more spin-offs, it is practically unknown to players on personal computers.

In this article, we decided to tell you what is special about Final Fantasy XV, and also why fans of good games should never miss it.

Emotional plot with spectacular cutscenes

Japanese RPGs always focus on a story that is not only well written, but also beautifully presented in numerous videos. Final Fantasy XV in this regard has become a good continuation of the JRPG tradition. The plot of the plot is pretty simple, but nevertheless logical. The main character, together with his friends, goes to his hometown to marry his beloved, but upon arrival at the wedding he sees the following picture: instead of a house there are continuous ruins, the father is killed and the bride is stolen.

Yes, in the outset, and in the plot itself there is nothing new, but the way it is presented is admirable. Each cutscene in Final Fantasy 15 is directed by Japanese director and project manager Hejima Tabata, so well that in epic moments you never stop pressing the PrintScreen key, and in emotional and tragic scenes it is very difficult to resist not letting a mean male tear.

Final Fantasy XV emotions

Addictive gameplay

The game can be divided into two parts: the first half of the plot takes place in the open world, and the second is more linear, rich in cutscenes and a few stealth elements. Unfortunately, the developers did not really succeed in the linear part, so we advise you not to run swiftly through the plot, but to catch the pleasure of passing the segment in Final Fantasy XV in the first half of the game.

And there will be something to do: fight huge bosses, hunt local Pokemon, sincerely communicate with the characters in a camping camp in the shining of the stars, cook, fish, travel the world by car, boats and huge chickens. It is worth noting that Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition partially lost some of the jambs of the console version, like not the most convenient controls and a camera that chooses inconvenient angles in battle.

Final Fantasy XV camera

Unique and entertaining combat system

In Final Fantasy XV, the Japanese decided to abandon the turn-based combat familiar to the series in favor of real-time battles, but not at the expense of tactics. The combat system is a slasher where you can beat the enemy with weapons, special attacks, magic, and even call local titans to help. The main feature of the combat is partners, with the help of which you can carry out whole combinations of effective attacks and quickly deal with even high-level mobs.

By the way, Final Fantasy XV for Windows adds the ability to switch between characters in combat, which adds more variability to battles.

Final Fantasy XV battles

Great graphics

The world of the Eos game, even on consoles, was striking visually: excellent animation, realistic global lighting, clear textures and an abundance of special effects, which made the game look like an expensive CGI film that is not ashamed to be shown in cinemas. But on personal computers, FFXV looks even better thanks to support for 4K resolution, the use of normal anti-aliasing instead of jagged blurring of the picture and a huge number of additional effects for owners of Nvidia graphics cards.

Just keep in mind that for users of outdated PCs, the high system requirements of Final Fantasy XV can cause deterioration, panic attacks and even depression, if you did not plan to upgrade in the near future.

Final Fantasy XV upgrades

New in the version for personal computers

Of course, FF 15 is not an ideal game, and many fans of the series even called it the worst part among all Fianaloks, but the developers did not drink sake all the time and, guided by the feedback from the players, released a large number of patches that fix numerous problems of the game. Additionally, the Japanese decided to add several innovations to the PC version of the project, which will be a good reason to return to the game even for those gamers who have previously played the game on consoles.

So, in Final Fantasy XV on PC, the developers added the following bonuses: prettier graphics, the ability to drive a car off-road, a first-person game mode, switching between characters in battle, the whole set of released additions and patches, as well as support for mods.

Final Fantasy XV mods

The release of large JRPGs is not a frequent occurrence on the PC, so if you want to see even more suitable Japanese projects on the most popular gaming platform in USA, we recommend not pirating the game, but downloading Final Fantasy XV in incentive. By the way, FFXV is just one of the major game releases on PC in March 2018, so if you want to see the full list, we recommend reading our Top Major Games of March .

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